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Vroooom Into Future!!

As promised in my blog on futuristic devices, its now time to plunge into the future again. But unlike last time this time we would specifically look into some of mind-boggling vehicles of immense technical sophistication. So lets vroom into the future!!

masdar-prt-car-photo1. The futuristic Pod-Car – The people-mover: This is an unusual transport vehicle. This unique creature of vehicular world is to be found in the rich country of Abu-Dhabi’s Masdar city. These driver-less electric taxis are part of the PRT i.e. personal rapid transport. In this city which would be free of any automobile, a network of these compact electric taxis will provide clean and quiet transportation to the city’s residents, as well as commuters. The first PRT cars are set to begin running later this year. The PRT vehicles will travel at speeds of approximately 7 meters per second. It will be a combo of a mass transportation vehicle giving you a feel of personal car. The idea seems interesting. It is actually going to operate like a rail, but the experience would be quite amazing. To know how Masdar city is planning it out visit the following link.

2. Separate the bike from the biker if you can: This is a futuristic design for a bike which is given the name noah_fcssh_58“Noah:Biker and Rider’s unison”. It is again an amazing bike design which leaves you wondering where it will take us in future in terms of creative bike designs. It is built around the theme where future vehicles are tried to be designed in a compact and ergonomic manner, keeping a tab on the eco-friendly nature of the vehicle. The designer of this electric bike aims to control the machine with the human psychomotor system.What that essentially means is that there would be no buttons, no pads and the movement of the driver is going to control the speed and direction of the bike. You might have noticed unicycle atleast in the circus stunts. This one looks similar. All the features are jammed in and around the twin tires of the bike. The electric engine, the battery, charger and similar paraphernalia are all located in a minimalist design with the biker at its center. Sure its amazing and is gonna turn heads. I think I am game about it. What do you think? Check out the detail design here.

3. Amphibious Hybrid with thinking wheels: Amphibious hybrid is a concept which emerged as a result of an industrial project. As I said in the title, it has thinking wheels. Why?? Because the tires can change its shape based on the kind of terrain on which it is running. Amazing isn’t it? And this happens automatically. Like when it is running in normal roads the tires remain normal, when it moves into snow they open up a bit and when it runs on water it starts acting as a propeller by opening up completely. Apart from that the cool design makes it a real prized possession. Is someone saying costly? Yeah that might be true!! But then these are not just any plain vanilla car. amphibious-hybrid-concept-future-vehicle2.

4. White Falcon – It sure does fly, I guess GHOSTS can!! This piece of aerodynamic wonder is unique in its design. It is designed based on the falcon, but it derives its name, “GHOST”, from the “Ghost-Rider”. If you really need speed and style in life, this one seems to be the answer. Any passionate biker would love to lay his hand on this baby and take it for a ride. A
sure thing to crave for!! The design is excellent in terms of representation of the spirit of youth and freewill. It seems to have everything one looks for, just need to see whether it sees the light of the day. It seems I can hear sounds of engine grumbling already.


This last one surely makes me fascinate. It is really cool!! Just imagine it zooming through, at full steam, on the jet black pitched roads with green cover on both sides. It will spit fire and caution will be thrown to the winds. It would definitely be a thrilling drive. Aha!! Anyways! Lets stop here before I end up wondering too much about these beauties. I will be back with more such cracking designs from innovative minds. Till then keep drive safely!!


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  1. AWESOME !!!

  2. the future,
    still tied to a machine?
    the near one I suppose

  3. kash i get to own one of these soon ;)


  4. A nice peek into the future traveling. I appreciate the style, matter and content. You have writtent it very excellently.

  5. Very techie and futuristic article also well composed.