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Your Pet May Reveal Your Personality

A dog, a cat, a fish, a parrot whatever be the animal or bird you have in your home, any pet owner would tell that their pet mean their life to them. There are many loners who seem to share their innermost thoughts to their dogs, or wives who gossip with their pet pussy cat. But while you might not have ever given a thought to why you like a certain kind of pet at home than another, scientists have solved this puzzle and think that choice of pets are in fact a reflection of a person’s nature.

The difference in traits between a dog and a cat may also reflect the difference in traits in people who own these animals as pets. This has been revealed in an online survey conducted by scientists on 45,000 people. What is interesting to know is that even if you do not own any dog or cat as pet, personality traits which make people either a ‘cat’ or ‘dog’ person remain.

What the surveyors did was to compose a list of questions that were asked online to different people who owned either a cat or a dog. While people answered them honestly they were unaware that each question was based on five main personality types.

a)      Conscientious type Personality – Those who showed traits like being self disciplined, having a sense of duty and eager to follow a plan rather than show spontaneity.

b)      Extrovert Personality – Positive, energetic, talkative and eager people.

c)       Agreeable Personality – People with characteristics that incorporates trust, kindness, affection, generosity. They are also social.

d)      Open Personality – People with an open personality will show an appreciation for Arts. They will be creative, curious and will not be conventional in their thinking or behavior.

e)      Neurotic Personality – These people tend to be easily stressed and worried.

The result showed that 46%, people acknowledged themselves as dog people compared to 12% cat people. About 28% people said they had traits of both, whereas 15% could not identify themselves as either.

Dog people were more agreeable, conscientious and social than cat people whereas cat people were more of the open personality type.

How you can Figure out the Personality

Dog Person

There are many times when you might have heard people say ‘I am a dog person’. Earlier this statement only suggested that the person liked dogs. But after this research, if someone uses the statement, you can easily conclude that the person likes to socialize, has a very agreeable personality, and will be self disciplined, show traits of having a sense of duty and will plan before acting.

Cat Person

Someone who is in love with the feline might be a person with high self esteem according to the survey. Someone who is super confident and can make others obey their orders. People who love being appreciated, are very meticulous and clean. But scientists also find that they may be easily stressed or worried.

Word of Caution

While the survey opens an interesting way to judge a person’s personality just by asking whether they like dogs or cats, it is really not that simple. That is because a particular person may like both cats and dogs. Also if you think that a family owns a dog and is therefore very social, it might be untrue if the dog belongs to their landlord and not them!

A particular family may also have both dogs and cats as pets and while the parents might like the dog, the kids might be fond of the cat.

It is therefore very easy to jump into wrong conclusions just by categorizing people as dogs and cat lovers. What this survey might surely help is getting a general idea. It may perhaps help other way round when you wish to gift someone a pet. If you know that a person likes his/her privacy then you might go for the cat and if he is an agreeable soul, a dog as a pet would be a good idea.

Regardless of the survey though, anyone who has a place in their homes for a pet of any nature, has definitely lot of love to share in his/her heart and that is surely one lovable personality.

Image Rufus Sarsaparilla via Wikimedia commons


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