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Yoga – the knowledge of the spirit

The emphasis of yoga is on the spirit and not on the body as commonly believed.  The pleasures of the body are secular and hence they are fleeting and impermanent. The strongest of the body-builder, the champion amongst the champions, has to face the old age. Human spirit is ageless and deathless. The commercial angle of yoga attracts the layman, especially the younger generation.

Physical postures, serve as initial attraction, but an authentic yoga teacher does not lose track of the final goal towards which he has to lead his students. Spiritual knowledge and its actual experiencing destroy the miseries of a human being forever.   Any other knowledge is time-related. Yoga is the highest science and therefore to surrender at the feet of the perfect yoga teacher is the highest service one can render for oneself. This surrender is not the surrender of the weak and the helpless. It is the dynamic surrender. You surrender to a teacher, who deserves that honor.

With the able guidance such a Perfect Master, one treads the path of yoga for perfection and truth. It is a relentless pursuit carried out with the highest vigil. Distractions and negative attractions on the path are many for the divine goal of spiritual quintessence set by yoga.  Remember each yoga asana has an aura ingrained in it and to be aware of that aura is important for the performing individual, along with physical perfection in executing it.

Do you experience joy in executing a particular asana? Does it touch your nerve centre? This is the moot question. Clinical perfection for executing an asana can be achieved with some practice rounds, but the spiritual aspect of it relates to one’s evolutionary process as a whole, and therefore it is a steady process.  The joy of life is in the process of striving for perfection.

All the physical exercises are called the outer exercises. (Bahiranga Sadhana) The same applies to Yoga Sadhana as well. The sole purpose of fine-tuning the body is to fine-tune the mind, (Antaranga Sadhana) to cross the mind-barrier. The details may be different, but the ultimate goal is the same. The process of inner exercises needs to move in tandem with the outer exercises. Just as a train needs two parallel tracks for its movement, the spiritual and the secular need to move together for achieving the true objective of life. Therefore, strengthen the muscles and along with it sharpen the brain.

A true aspirant of yoga knows the importance of developing a discriminative system of thinking and all his actions fall into a disciplined pattern, with nothing confusing and haphazard about approach to life-situations. He is constantly aware of the dangers of falling into the trap of impermanent glitter of the multiplicity and develops his faculty to grasp the Immutable Truth. This is possible with subtlety of the intellect. The teacher does the job of a torch, which shows the way through the darkness. Through the light provided, the yoga seeker carefully avoids the pitfalls and walks on the correct path to reach the ultimate goal by working and applying incessantly.


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  1. Dear Dr Senthil Kumar S,

    Thank you Doctor. I think, you are a great doctor who understands the pain and the mind of the patients. The treatment is bound to be perfect.

    Thanks once again.

    Chandrakant Mallya