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Yoga Pose – Mandukasana

In my previous article on Tadasana, I’ve explained few common instructions applicable to all the asanas. “Manduka” in Sanskrit language means Frog. Needless to add, in the final pose of the asana, the body takes the shape of a frog. Unanimous agreement prevails among yoga/health experts that this asana is a masterstroke against diabetes. If practiced regularly, and by taking other precautionary measures, the ailment will beat the retreat as the asana goes to the root cause of the ailment to tackle it effectively.  Therefore, practice Mandukasana (Frog Pose), and stay healthy and fit.

Method/Technique of Mandukasana

  1. Sit in Vajrasana. Head, Neck, and Back are in a straight line.
  2. Cover the navel with the left palm and keep the right palm on the left palm. Now press the abdomen with pressure of both the palms that are one upon another.
  3. The hands continue to press the abdomen as you exhale, bend and take your head forward; make efforts to touch the forehead to the ground, gradually  it must touch the ground( the same may not be possible in the initial stage of the practice)
  4. Remain in the position to your comfort level. Initially, may it be for not less than 15 seconds.
  5. Inhale, and revert to the Vajrasana.  Repeat this asana six to seven times initially. May increase the rounds to the comfort level of the practitioner.

Physical/Therapeutic Benefits

  • Good exercise for pancreases and assured cure for diabetes as this asana increases the secretion of natural insulin by the pancreas. Conducive to better digestion removes constipation and initiates better regulation of blood sugar levels.
  • An excellent exercise for the heart.
  • One good issue leads to the other; just as the aliments are interlinked the recovery process is also interlinked. As the abdominal section receives pressure on an ongoing basis, gastric and constipation complaints find solutions for the better.
  • Stimulates all organs of the body.
  • Improves the mobility of the knee and ankle joints and gain in flexibility.
  • Tones up muscles of abdomen and shoulders especially.
  • Reduces excess fat in the thigh and hip regions. Muscles turn shapely.
  • For cure of diabetes on a permanent footing, some other asanas are recommended along with Mandukasana. They are Bhujangasana, which assists the process of metabolism and digestion, Dhanurasana and Naukasana. Back turns supple and insulin secretion is augmented.

Spiritual Benefits

  1. The diabetes patient has the inherent fear that the disease is incurable. Those who have practiced Mandukasana know that this assertion is false; conducive to stress-free life.
  2. One is able to concentrate and meditate better in the absence of gastric troubles and relief from constipation; the feeling of uneasiness is not there.


  1. That this is a sure-shot “treatment” for diabetes doesn’t mean that one should stop medication immediately on commencing the practice. Any yoga asana is to assist the body to function better, but it takes time, which varies from individual to individual, depending on the acuteness of the disease. Study the readings of glucometer, at least once in three months.
  2. Heart patients should not practice this asana. So also those with ulcer, those who have undergone abdominal surgery and severe back pain must not attempt this.


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