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Yoga – one gets what one deserves!

Physical fitness is the part of Yoga, but not Yoga in the complete sense of the term. If physical fitness is alone the criteria, all the giants of World Wrestling Federation (WWF), should have been adherents of Yoga. The birthplace of Yoga is in the mind and the final goal of Yoga is to transcend the mind. The fullest experiencing of life is possible through such transcendence. Mind is the ficklest of the creation of the human faculties and to tame it is not an easy task.  Sages mediated for Ages, wise men wrote millions of pages on the subject of mind, but the owner of the mind alone knows how difficult it is to control it.

It is by now known that “Efficiency in work is Yoga” (Yoga karmasu kausalam) (see article ‘Introduction to Yoga.’) The word work is a great political divider. The perspective of work as per the capitalist society and the communist philosophy vary vertically. The reward aspect is non-negotiable for the worker in the communist system. In a capitalist society it is an issue between the trade unions and the managements in the background of productivity. As for Yoga the work culture aspect is different. Let us try to understand this concept scientifically in the light of action-reaction theory.

The work (action) culture as per yoga, is — do your work, and do not ask for the reward— rather one has no right to seek the reward. How will the modern, rational, combustible younger generation accept this offer? If one works, one must get the reward in proportion to the quantum of work and that must be paid within the mutually agreed upon period between the two parties.

Now, let us analyze this situation scientifically. Every action has the reaction and the intensity of the reaction is in proportion to the intensity of the action. Over this, no dispute exists between the scientists and the spiritualists. One of the rare agreements amongst the two contending, opposing forces and  the forces that do not see eye to eye with each other, normally.

Let us move to next point. If I ask you what your father’s name is, you will say it instantly. You will also perhaps remember your grandfather’s name. But if I ask you what is your great-grand- father’s, uncle’s, father-in-law’s name you won’t know it. A simple question as what you had for your breakfast seven Sundays ago is beyond your memory. This means, human mind has limitations. One breathes 22,000 to 23,000 thousand times in a day and every breath is an action and it has the reaction as agreed upon by you in the previous paragraph. Now who will keep an account of all these actions and reactions, rewards and punishments and tally the balance sheet of life of an individual? Nature doesn’t function in chaos; it is orderly. There must be an extraordinary power, before which the most advanced supercomputer is kindergarten stuff. That power is hailed as Omniscient, Omnipotent, and All-pervading etc

Yoga aims at such great heights. Once the action-reaction theory is understood in its proper perspective, the next step is to perform all actions without the motivated desires. For, you are bound to get what you deserve! Having realized this, you are on the right track to pursue yoga.


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  1. Very thoughtful and very well written too.
    I thought I knew whats Yoga before I read this article!