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Wiki Leaks – When it will really leak..?

The whole world is going gaga over wikileaks. For that matter there are reports that there are calls for assassination of Julian assange by an aide of Canadian Prime Minister.

To be fair to wikileaks, they have really NOT divulged anything really confidential. Though they have been possession of lot of dark secrets, they have taken care not to divulge all of them and have shown restraint.

When Hillary Clinton cabled ‘India is a self-appointed front-runner to UNSC permanent membership’, let’s understand she is speaking the plain truth.

India in fact is a ‘self-appointed’ front-runner. India has NO REAL credentials to be a UNSC member. It lacks any military might or economic might that would justify UNSC permanent membership. We are a quagmire of social, economic, educational inequalities. We have a loong way to go..

MOST IMPORTANT, India lacks the future roadmap with which it can claim some might or supremacy even in a distant future. It lacks visionary leaders and people.

When US diplomats cabled “Pakistan would not stop assisting terror groups”, it is not a revelation. It was well known to everyone that Pakistan indeed uses terrorism as a weapon to keep India in check. The only difference in the post-soviet afghanistan scenario was that it used the same weapon against the Americans to keep them focussed on Pakistan.

Without terrorism against the Europe and US, these countries will take their eye off Pakistan and in the new world order, Pakistan will be left to fend for itself against India.

When the ruler of Bahrain and other Arab leaders pressed the Americans covertly to bomb Iran, it is not a surprise. It was well known that these rulers who do not have their feet in land, but are hung in power by American hamstrings, envy Iran very much.

I suspect it is not just because of Shia-Sunni schism. Western diplomats and journalists may simplify their Iran-Arab relationship as shia-sunni religious schism or Arabic-Persian tribal schism. But I understand it is not at all that.

Whatever we say, in the whole of the Arab region, why in the whole of the ‘Islamic’ world, Iran is the only country that has a democracy. The democracy of Iran may be faulty. The way the power is structured in Iran, may be the Clergy has lot of say in final decisions. May be there is a lot of ‘gag’ by the rulers of Iran in the press. May be the Supreme Cleric has the last say in several things. But even western diplomats agree that Khameni does not run day to day policies in Iran.

Iran is the ONLY islamic country, where rulers get changed peacefully through elections. It has seen several rulers get thrown out by people peacefully in elections.

The closest associate of the Americans in the Arab world, Egypt does not have that democracy. Egyptians can never manage to change their rulers, who run with American support and trample democracy in that country. Jordanians, Saudis, Kuwaitis name any one in the region (except Iraq), where people have the right to change the rulers.

Not only Iran has some kind of democracy where people vote. It has an independent foreign policy compared to any other nation of the gulf. It has acquired very good military might. Now it is in the process of acquiring nuclear capabilities too, which no nation in the gulf could achieve for.

Naturally, for the poor masses of the gulf, Iran is an Islamic pride, irrespective of the ‘religious’ or ‘tribal’ schism. Iran is an anathema only to the rulers of gulf nations.

So the rulers of other Gulf Nations are ‘afraid’ of Iran, as they are really ‘afraid’ of their own people.  There is nothing new in wiki-leaks in this respect also.

When US diplomats called Putin and Medvedev Robin and Batman, there is nothing new in it. When the cables spoke of suspected  link between Organized crime and rulers of Russia, there is nothing surprising even in it, as this was the talk at several levels anyway.

So till now, there is nothing NEW that wiki-leaks provided.

I hope there are going to be cables from Saudi Arabin US diplomats, which should speak of the Saudi Arabian clandestine assistance to Taliban and Al-Qaeda, through the Pakistani channels.

If US diplomats have not sensed the role of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan->Taliban->Alqaeda, either they are dumb or have been bought off.

In fact one of the reason Pakistan will not stop assisting terror groups is the money pressure from the Saudi Arabia to keep supporting terrorism. Here Pakistan and Saudi Arabia share a common interest. The rulers of these countries want Americans to keep propping them up as rulers in their countries. These rulers would rule till the American might is at their back. The moment it moves off, the rulers of these countries would fall flat. Hence they have a need to create enemies of Americans in such a way that Americans keep supporting them.

I also expect that wiki-leaks will provide us something on India in the leaks to come. We are the nation that badly needs wiki-leaks.

In particular the way US and Europeans planned the sabotage of  Chinese equipments (in telecom) in India, opinions of diplomats about the spectrum scam and the money that was invested in Dubai, opinions of diplomats about the link between our politicians and various other international governments (for eg SriLankan Government/LTTE and Tamil politicians, US and Indian ‘intellectual’ politicians,   Chinese and ‘people’ politicians, our ‘senior’ politicians leaking state decisions to US diplomats etc), opinions of US diplomats on Bhopal Gas tragedy/Anderson exit, opinions of US diplomats on the decision making structures in Congress government and party, Link between Big Businesses, money laundering and terrorist fundings in Indian Stock Market etc.

Again there will be nothing new in all these. But yet, when they get released, it will be treated as ‘new’ and we will all talk about it for sometime.

May be some heads will roll temporarily, before they contest elections and come back victoriously to power!



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2 Responses

  1. Thanks Pavani.

    I hope atleast some tidbits are leaked on Saudi Arabia, Indo US Nuclear deal time transactions between Indian politicians, Big Business houses and American Congress Members.


  2. Very nice article!! It is indeed true that we need wiki leaks to find out more on what’s happening in our country. We would have atleast known about the hypocrites in Indian media and Industry :-) (Ref: 2G scam)