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Why Vote..?

why-voteWhy should Indians vote..?

Is there any other reason apart from the reason that it’s a holiday that day and we have nothing else to do..?

Given the fact that the people whom we are voting for have no relationship with us, no physical, emotional or economic bonding with us, why should we vote for anybody..?

Unemployment is a figure for the people whom we vote. For us it is a reality. Price-rise is a number for the people whom we vote. For us it is a biting fact of life. Corruption is a problem of the system for the people whom we vote. For us it is a hindrance in our day to day life. Economic development or Poverty is a story for the people whom we vote. For us, they could be the screenplay of our life.

We have nothing to identify or gain from voting anybody. So why should we vote..?

Politics often looks like the cosmos. Too far off to disturb us, except that we see it in our skies, our television screens daily. The political leaders are the stars. With all their loaded questions and views, designed to amplify one star or another (or to amplify themselves), the media has become the atmosphere of our life.

What is in for us in cosmos, stars or the atmosphere..? We can neither stop the rain nor the shine. We need to find our own shelters and our own ways to escape the fury or benevolence of these elements. These elements are far beyond any common man. They do what they do, irrespective of what people think of them.

So why should we vote..?

In this way, astrology and politics are same. The fundamental belief in it is that, if we want it or not, stars and planetary positions are going to affect us. What exactly is the effect can be predicted, but with a probability and depends on the believer.

But then, in politics we can choose our stars. Our selection may be wrong, but then we can decide to be wrong about it. In astrology, we cannot!

Think about it. There is an option to go wrong by our own choice. There is another option to go wrong without any choice. Is not choosing the option of going wrong by our own choice better in a way..?

So it seems better to vote and fail rather than simply fail.

But for whom..? We are unable to identify with any of the politicians or candidates. We have no economic or emotional relationship with most of these politicians and candidates. So whom do we vote for..?

Have you seen the ants pulling in a piece of food ? Observe them carefully.

All of them will not be pulling in the same direction. Different ants will push the food in different directions. The resultant movement is not exactly in the path desired by ants. So they push and pull again. By trial and error, they try to keep track of the path they need to arrive at their destination.

It is the same way in democracy. The push and pulls will not effect the desired result. But then by trial and error, democracy takes the path closest to the desired, ideal path.

So, vote for a person whom do you think is the best to reach your own objectives in life.

It could be even based on Caste, Religion, Ideology, principles, charisma, emotional appeal or even skin color. No problem. Vote for whom you think would best represent you.

And observe them failing.

Next time, you will have much more inputs to decide the candidate of your choice.

When ants with their little brain can find their way over a long struggle, why not humans with a bigger brain find their way ?

And so Vote!



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6 Responses

  1. Its great thought I like your utilitarian Approach on Indian voting

  2. Dear Archi,

    Thanks for ur comments.

    Probably as the brain grows bigger, the conscience to retain life and evolution at any cost grows bigger. Hence humans work on convenience.

    But what is convenient now may not be convenient tomorrow.

    If one sees it, then that is the real big picture.


  3. the bigger brain of humans is what hampers.

    They calim to see the whole picture, but they take decisions based on convenience, rather than those based towards collective achievement.

  4. Dear Mubashir,

    Thanks for ur comments and compliments.

    But don’t vote in some other’s name.


  5. The logic is simple, the write-up smooth.
    I agree with u when u said “Vote for whom you think would best represent you”. And in my case it is the ideology and charisma!
    Of course, it’s a different story that they didn’t include me in the voters’ list!