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Why the Hell You Wish to Live for 100 years – asks the Doctor!

A man has the ardent desire to live the full life for one hundred years. What could be the perfect lifestyle, to achieve this goal? He decides to consult a well-known medical practitioner. These are some of the questions put by the Doctor.

What is your present age?

‘Thirty years’.

What are your habits, I mean how many cigars you smoke in a day?

‘I am a non-smoker. I can’t even bear passive smoking and intensely hate the smoke coils’.

Do you drink daily? If so, how many pegs?

‘Doctor, I haven’t taken a drop of beer also’

Are you fond of chicken? What other non-veg. delicacies you prefer?

‘Doctor, I am a strict vegetarian. No onion and garlic for me!’

How often you entertain your girl friends? I mean, how many you have?

‘Sorry Doctor, you have misunderstood me. I don’t look into the eyes of a girl straight’.

The frustrated Doctor asked, then why the hell you wish to live for one hundred years!

Who doesn’t wish to live long?  Just observe how regular the nature is. The timings of sun and moon rise can be calculated to the accuracy of the fraction of a second. The Railways have a time-table though they often run late! The Air-lines have a time table though the flights are often delayed.  Children at the school have a time-table. A human being somehow doesn’t have a time-table for the day-the daily discipline! If the gentleman follows some of the tips given below, he need not consult a Doctor for living a long life. These disciplines are simple; we make the life complicated with wrong lifestyles.

Live as much in closeness to Nature as is possible. This is the top secret of life. Body needs food and servicing just like a vehicle needs fuel and regular maintenance.

  • Every part of the body is important; maintain it. If you have some skin problems, do not be under the impression that the problem is related to the skin only. The body as a whole is expressing its problems through the skin. You need to examine each aspect of your living? Put some questions to yourself. What is the reason for this skin irritation? Climate? Wrong food? Wrong medication? Wrong cosmetics? You will probably find the answer by such a probe.
  • Food, nutritious diet, regular exercise need to be part of your daily time table. Select 3-4 yoga asanas suitable to you and do them regularly. Done over a period of 6 months, you will find the difference in your stamina.
  • Every individual has innumerable anxieties. Every anxiety has a remedy. Instead of getting confused and overwhelmed by anxieties, segregate them and take care of them one by one.
  • Health and beauty cannot be bought in a jar. You have to work for it. The problems of every individual are varied and only the concerned individual can find solutions for them.
  • Have a sensible approach to your problems; avoid panic and distress. That which affects your mind adversely affects the body as well.
  • Diseases are born in the mind; they show their presence through different parts of the body.
  • Your body is your aesthetic appeal. Maintain it well. Neck and the eyes move towards premature aging if you neglect to take care of them. The wrinkles in the neck, give an aged look to a person. The advancing wrinkles can be halted through yoga exercises and massaging.
  • Overweight is an open advertisement inviting old age. Heavy hips and flabby bottom also come in the same category. Exercise is the only issue with them and they will soon respond well to your request for a firm, proportionate figure.  When your friends remark that ‘you look young,’ it means that you have conquered the march of the old age.
  • Exercise regularly, I repeat exercise regularly. Yoga asana, dancing, walking, jogging, play tennis, cycling and swimming– Do it regularly.
  • As soon as you get up in the morning, drink a glassful of warm water.

The source that gives permission for birth and death is Divinity. No one has control over them. What we can control is our lifestyle. With disciplined lifestyle, the expectation to hit a century is reasonable!


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