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What winners do to win?

The mighty mountain remains under the feet of the conqueror. Winning, is not the level of one’s achievements in life. It is the process of living—how boldly one meets the challenges. No individual is a failure unless one admits defeat! One should not try to escape responsibilities in the various stages of life; meet them squarely. Just as happiness is part of life, view suffering as also part of life.  To the winners, difficulties are kindergarten stuff; they sport with them to overcome adversaries.  Life is not to be measured in terms victory or defeat; what is important is permanent effort!

Normally two feet wide space is sufficient for one to walk—but can one walk on two feet wide bridge if a turbulent river gushes below and the water level almost touches the bridge? Obviously, some other factors affect the attempt to walk. You have the ability to walk, but fear prevents from crossing the river. To win, one needs to be fearless!  Just observe how orderly yet fearless the Nature is and how precise are the movements of the celestial bodies–the changing seasons, the growth of the saplings, the blossoming of flowers, the timings of sun-rise and sun-set etc. Punctuality and precision are the hallmarks of the functioning of the cosmos! Everything works as it should! Lapses are never seen. The right things happen at the right time. Our understanding of the functioning of Nature can be faulty, but Nature is faultless. The conclusion is, discipline, dedication and punctuality are the hallmarks of a winner.

What are the important qualities of a winning individual? Some of them are:

  1. He is the owner of well-targeted activities; not the one who carries the load of mind-level luggage with a bundle of confusing ideas.
  2. Success is to be measured not by the position that an individual has reached in life but by the obstacles which one has overcome in trying to win. He knows it well.
  3. A winner’s disposition to any issue is practical application of spiritual principles. He has the ability to carry on with injustice without feeling the need for revenge.
  4. He is willing to learn from experience. Own experience and also from the experience of others. What is theory after all? It is the other man’s experience.
  5. He completes the job that he started, surmounts all obstacles, and takes it to the winning post. Needs no supervision for the work.
  6. He has the fine sense of anticipation; is aware of the future perspectives and has the ability to see down the road.
  7. He doesn’t spend just because he has the money in his pocket. He is articulate in planning his budget.
  8. He is willing to accept blame, when his plans go haywire. He is unafraid to censure himself and take remedial measures.

What is it to win?

This five-word question can be answered in three words: Absence of failure!

To win is the most cherished goal of every human being.  Make honest appraisals at different stages of life about the winning program. These appraisals must lead to final decision as for the goal in life, corrections if necessary and the methods that one is going to employ to achieve them. He is the real winner who also guides others towards the winning path.  Some children possess extraordinary innate talents in music, literature, sports, etc. Such divine-blessed ones should be coached intensively to polish their skills and encouraged to upgrade their talents and take professional degrees. The suffixes after one’s name do help in improving the prospects in career goals.

Nicki Joy in her book, “What Winners Do To Win: The 7 Minutes a Day That Can Change Your Life”, writes, “Well to me, winning is playing it—playing it in such a way that your life is comfortable, happy, enjoyable, positive, rewarding, and fun.”( p. xi)  For a river, merger with the ocean is the final destination and till such time, its existence is incomplete. Similarly, the winner sees the fulfillment in life when he reaches the final destination as planned by him. Until then, he feels that his life is incomplete.


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