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What Gives You a Headache

Loud noise, strong perfume smell, passive smoking, there are many things that can lead to a headache or a migraine. Read the list below to know some known and some not so known causes of headaches and migraines.


Warm weather may most likely cause a headache in few people. Scieitist have recently found out that if there is a 9 degree F rise in temperature the chances of getting a headache increase by 7.5 percent. That means too much sun may be bad for your head!


Whenever I am in company of someone wearing a strong perfume or even a room with a strong scent, I start getting migraines. It seems there are many who feel like me with their headaches getting triggered by strong scents – even nice ones. Scientists believe that the odor and the chemicals present in perfumes, paints, adhesives etc. may be the culprit for these headaches. Since my migraines are not triggered by natural smells like flower scents it might definitely be something to do with the artificial chemicals like acetone and how they attack the nervous system causing a headache.

Hair Bands

All kinds of hair accessories like bands, clips etc. strain the connective tissue in the scalp leading to headaches. This kind of aches can be simply avoided by tying the hair loose or letting the hair down literally. Understandably, because an Indian style of pleated hair does not need tying with a band at the top, it may provide relief from hair band headaches and also let your hair look neat rather than a tangled mess of loose hair.


Poor posture may lead to migraines very easily as pressure is build on the head and the neck muscles. The most common posture problems are slouching the shoulders, sitting on a chair without a lower back rest, straining the neck to look at something for too long or even holding the phone between the neck and shoulders while speaking. If you have frequent headache at work, it may not be due to work pressure but the sitting area which is not right for you and leads to a bad posture for too long.

Strenuous Exercise

Physical strain causes the blood vessels of the neck, head and scalp to swell that might lead to a building pressure inside the head. This leads to headache after a strenuous physical exercise like running, climbing stairs for long etc.


You may find this surprising but more aged the cheese, more chances of your getting a headache. Be it mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan or swiss, cheese contains a substance called tyramine, which is formed when protein is broken down. Old cheeses have more of tyramine than fresh and if you are a lover of vintage cheese, you might have to bear the headache with the classic taste.

Red Wine

Wine contains tyramine too, and because alcohol increases blood flow to the brain, the headache caused by red wine may be more intense than cheese.


A symptom of a hungry stomach may sometimes be a headache that starts even before you get the familiar grumbling sound in your tummy. This is caused because the blood sugar dips. But instead of a sugary sweet or a chocolate, it is better to stop such kind of hunger headaches by eating a fruit. Any sweet substance can immediately increase the blood sugar level and then dip it all the more low resulting in a headache again.


Smoking is bad cause of headaches not just for the smoker but the non-smoker in his vicinity as well. It is because of nicotine that causes the blood vessels in the brain to narrow, resulting in more pressure on them.


Tea and Coffee are mostly known to be given as headache medications and they do infact help. But too much of the drinks can lead to headaches when the caffeine acts wrongly inside the blood vessels. Moderation is the key even for drinking tea and coffee.

Your Boss

Last but definitely not the least, your boss or any person/situation that leads to increased stress may trigger headaches. Stress attacks the nerve vessels inside the brain that triggers the formation of chemicals. These chemicals then alter the blood vessel dilation and cause migraines. Best relief from such situations is to practice mind calming exercise, yoga and meditation that helps you remain relaxed even in stressful situations.

Thus, migraines or headaches may come from what you eat, what you think or even what you wear on your head. Take note of the cause and avoid it to avoid headaches.

Image by madmolecule and like_the_grand_canyon via cc Flickr


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