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What are Google SMS Channels?

Google SMS channel is a free service of sending SMS and receiving information from Google and its associated partners. I am sure, you will experience real fun of sending SMS text messages in form of birthday and festival’s wishes and many more. Through Google SMS service, which is the product of Google smsGoogle India, you can subscribe to blog, blog updates, news alerts from different services, information about stocks, horoscope, cricket scores and jokes everything by SMS messages.

Simple Steps to Subscribe Google SMS Channels

While using Google SMS channel you are not supposed to spend even a penny to receive and send SMS messages. First of all you are required to create a channel for you to send and receive the SMS. You have to send this SMS CREATE <channel name> <description> to 9870807070.

Remember that channel name should have minimum 8 characters. You can also make modification in your channel; there is a command which could be used for this purpose. I think you would surly like the option of “private”. Only those people or friends would be able to subscribe whom you want to join. To make your channel private, just send MODIFY <channel name> PRI to 9870807070.

If you do not want to put any restriction and throw your channel for all people, send MODIFY <channel name> PUB to 9870807070.

You can also search different channel on Google SMS channels, send the SMS SEARCH <keyword(s)> to simply the following number 9870807070. After you have sent the SMS, you will receive 3 channels’ name matching your keywords. If you are not satisfied with your search, you can send another SMS MORE <keyword(s)>to 9870807070.

If you already know any particular channel and you want to subscribe, you can do it by sending SMS ON <channel name> to 9870807070.

If you are not interested in services provided from Google SMS channels, you can send SMS OFF <channel name> to 9870807070.

Benefits of Google SMS channels

Once you subscribe Google SMS channels, you will realize its benefits which include:

On one hand you will receive blog RSS feed through SMS and on another hand you will receive weather information and new alerts services from Google SMS on your phone.

The interesting point of Google SMS channel is that you do not need to have a mobile to send free SMS to your friends, colleagues and groups as this is possible through the web itself. This option is compatible to compose and forward SMS messages in different languages like Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and English.

For the time being, only Indian subscribers can enjoy this facility because this service is available only on Indian mobiles. But, I think in near future, they will provide this service globally or to some parts of the world.

So, I am sure with this service, you will be ahead of other people in knowing latest information about anything you want. You can enjoy sending wishes and congratulations to anyone you want without sending even one penny.


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