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Wake up to Exercise

Most people know that keeping your body physically active is essential to remain fit and healthy but most people also just can’t manage to include the workout routine into their lives. It seems like an added task to an already overfilled work diary. The result, added calories, added fat, added kilos, added worries, added health problems.

Theoretically speaking a half an hour exercise schedule should not be difficult to fit in into every person’s life. It can happen in the evenings, noons or mornings but because our lives are not that sorted out the whole day with emergency meeting, get-togethers, shopping etc. happening at the spur of the moment, it just seems a good idea to get the exercise done and over with in the morning, after you wake up.

A typical day for every person begins with some set morning routines.  These are done nonchalantly without even a thought given to the sipping of the tea, the brushing, bath etc. It is actually that part of the day when our mind is the freshest, our body is well rested, and there are not many things related to work occupying our mind. It is therefore an ideal time to get some exercise.

The advantages of morning exercise for the modern workaholics are,

  1. You set the pace for the whole day, feeling more charged up and energized.
  2. Your mind is at rest for the day knowing that you have already spent some quality time looking after your body.
  3. There are more chances of you sticking to the exercise habit every day.
  4. The entire day there can be hundreds of distractions happening that can tempt you to cancel or postpone the workout. With mornings and in the pace of the things that you are already doing to get ready, exercise can easily blend in.

Some researchers have actually proven that though exercise can be done at any time, morning exercise routines are more beneficial.  Here is why,

  • Better Sleep – People who exercise in the evenings, have more trouble falling asleep. This may be due to the fact that the body’s metabolism rate is heightened due to exercise and therefore it does not want to get into the relaxation mood that soon. With morning exercise the sleep happen earlier in the night and better.
  • Weight Loss – With better sleep the weight loss is also greater according to some researchers who have surveyed overweight people who exercised in the morning and evenings.  They have found that because morning exercise leads to better sleep it also leads to weight loss. The reason may be the appetite hormones. It is known that if you sleep less then certain hormones that control appetite are triggered and you feel hungry more often. But if the sleep is good, the hormones are also in control.
  • Higher Metabolism Rate- With morning exercise your body gets a higher metabolism rate earlier in the day and therefore can burn more calories throughout the day. This advantage can only be possible with morning workouts and aid in further weight loss.
  • Better Body system – When you make the morning exercise a habit, your body too gets used to the idea. Slowly you may notice that you wake up everday at the same time automatically without feeling tired or with lack of sleep. The body systems like the endocrine system and the body clock are adjusted to the  fitter routine and become more disciplined.
  • Better Mind – Many people who have a set morning time for exercise find it is the best time for their minds too. It is a secluded 30 or 60 minutes when you are already feeling good about yourself because you are doing a good thing for your body. Because your mind is at peace, you think clearly and can even plan the different things you need to do for the day in a more organized and logical fashion. The mental relaxation that exercise provides at the start of the day can help immensely the whole day. Because exercise improves mental activity, it only seems a good idea to do it in the morning rather than evening when you mind acuity will be properly used.
  • Sense of Accomplishment – Morning exercise habit is easy to follow and when it start happening in a regular basis you will automatically feel and see the difference in your physical and mental shape. This will trigger all the happy hormones in the body and make you feel more cheery, self confident and successful in life.

So become an early riser from today, and wake up to exercise.


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