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Vaastu for Commercial Buildings

The ancient principles of vaastu shastra can be fully applied in construction of commercial complexes like that of dwelling houses. For popularity and successful business. The vaastu shastra rules for commercial buildings are as follows:

  • Enough open space should be left around the complex.
  • Leave more space on East and North than south & west.
  • Lawn and parking should be made in North-East direction.
  • North-East of the complex should be sloppy.
  • Tall and thick trees should not be there in the main building they should be at a distance.
  • Water sources, like boar well, underground tank should be made in east-north direction.
  • Overhead tanks for storing water should be in North-west.
  • Rain water and drain out water should flow in North or East.
  • Main gate in east or north is auspicious.
  • The height of the main door should be more than other doors.
  • The Sun-light and air should reach in each room & office of the building.
  • Upper story house should be little lesser than that of lower story
  • Toilet should be in south-west direction.
  • Office store should also be in south –west direction.
  • stairs in North-East are not auspicious


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One Response

  1. Vastu is about management of space. Space includes air/wind, water, roads, terrain, solar path. Indian Vastu is very bookish as I find written above.
    Vastu rules changes from every lattitude/longitude. What applies in Australia will not apply for London or Moscow. Even in India, what applies to Chennai, will not apply to Delhi.
    Articles as above or just bookish.