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Unusual and Amazing Trash Art


Art ware from Trash

You may call it an art form that redefine trashed articles. You may group them into any classification Weird Art, Amazing Art, Recycled Art or Artistic items made from Waste and whatever. This unusual art is our hidden ability to see goodness in everything.

In this article I will tell you about this Art Form computer-parts-art-rd_181and some tricks to help you create your own amazing articles from the Lamp from DVD & CDreusable waste you have in your home.

Emerging Wonderful Art Form

All over the world another very rare form of artistic expression is catching up fast. This format contains every element: surprise, awe and unique originality. The artists who indulge in it, create Art forms from virtually nothing.

Recycle Art, Enviro Art or Eco Art and Bioneers ?

These are several activists behind such extensive diversification of art forms. They call it Recyle Art,  Eco Art, Bioneer Arts and broadly Enviro Art. To know more about these issues visit here Link-1 and Link-2

Recyled Art Such artists may make articles from the used parts of virtually anything, it may be a lamp from some wasted DVD & CDs (shown above), may be a nonfunctional mouse turned into an awful insect (top picture) powerful enough to frighten a kid.

You may use wasted kitchenware, parts of some rejected electrical appliances like ceiling fan blade, junk springs, empty containers or all sorts, heating cylinders and door knobs to make these types of creatures. (Just above here)

Alternatively you may find new inspiration from waste and unused wires and may turn them into artistic masterpieces shown here.

wired-toys4 wired-toys6

If you are visionary enough then you might be able to convert computer key boards, rubber balls of mouse and with a little imagination produce some other decorative articles. Here  are some examples below where using a DVD and function keys a clock was made. (ofcourse the mechanical part was purchase and afixed on the back), two different types of mouse converted to design a cute tiny helicopter and some defecteive RAMs used with an inside out key board to develop a fantistic wind mill. Even bottle caps, used tooth brushes and hairclips are worth an artistic reuse.

computer-parts-art-d_26 computer-parts-art-simple-cd-dvd-clock

computer-parts-art-d_28 computer-parts-art-simple-windmillcomputer-ants1computer-parts-art-simple-plane

Here are four Capacitor People shown below who were made from a pile of discarded computers, radios, televisions, VCRS, and all of the other outdated technology gadgets that would otherwise clutter our basements, closets and landfills. You may know more about such articles made from waste here.


Although you may made such stuff from your own collected waste material, computer parts and other stuff but alternatively you may buy them as well. And beware ! they are costly!! Here are some recycled art forms that sell at $1500 t $4000 a piece.

computer-parts-bike-complex-bike computer-parts-art-moonwalker

computer-parts-pet-complicated-bird computer-parts-pet-complicated-owl

Profitable Business of Future

If you want to learn the tricks of the trade or have fresh ideas to start your profitable business then please visit these sites. Link-1, Link-2, Link-3, Link-4, Link-5, Link-7, Link-8, Link-9, and Link-10 . Here are some books. and more Link-11 and Link-12

Amazing Horse of waste automobile TYRES

How about the horse made from waste tyres. Such art form may gets you anything from $25000 to $40000 yes it’s true!

Lastly, There are several websites which market such stuff. Some other art forms that consume waste, discarded and useless things I have not discussed here because I dont find them very attractive but you may like to check them as well. One such art form is using junk advertisements, boxes, mailers and papers.


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  1. WOOW! u do it again..great article sir… thank u so much …am going to try it….

  2. Mubashir Ahmed,
    These comments that came from a gifted author, made my day. And thanks you for recommending my Snow and Ice one to Vicky. He mentioned it briefly without giving me name but when I checked it out on his website/@ one, then I realized it were you, my favourite one!

  3. Sharma ji!!!
    I wonder what other surprises you have up ur sleeve!

    I really wasn’t concentrating when I logged into the site.. So I didn’t recognise the mouse in the spider in the first picture and thought that a new author had come to write on insects!

    But these are great! I have so many unwanted CDs/DVDs.. I guess I can put them to good use in my holidays!

    Thank you……