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Universal Laws of Super Success

Often people ask me, about the secret of my success of working with all the high and mighty without fail. Nobody ever asked me about my failures. They think in fact I still fail and commit mistakes, but people tend to ignore it. Remember the proverb ‘nothing succeeds like success.’ In this blog I am sharing the principles I followed and invariably got the desired results, which gave me friends, supporters and credibility.

First Law: Never Fear Failures – As a matter fact every failure is a very expensive but mostly it’s a kind teacher. The only exception is those failures that take some ones’ life. So the thumb rule is that you should survive after such failure. All you have to do is at least protect your life and the lives of your dependents. Beyond this every failure is a great awakening.

Second Law: Never Take anyone for granted – During my entire life so far, I found that we so often fathom someone’s gestures, smile, attitude, responses, reactions, assurances and statements either overly serious or measure them a little less or more than the actuality. At times this is fatal. You should never evaluate or estimate any person in first meeting, by one’s gestures and assurances and probabilities YOU feel.

In professional world invariably every outcome is a product of well laid rules.Some of my friends may argue that they know some stupids who succeeded and I would gladly okay them to follow those exceptions. The only risk is that such unexplained stupendous successes invariably die early and never ever succeeded in the long run.

“The great successful men of the world have used their imagination? they think ahead and create their mental picture in all its details, filling in here, adding a little there, altering this a bit and that a bit, but steadily building – steady building” – Robert Collier

Third Law : Respect Your Schedule – If I ask you, what would you do, if everyday you start getting $ 86,400 with a condition that you would not deposit it anywhere and if you fail to invest, utilize or consume that money each day, the proceeds stand forfeited. Whenever I asked this question, everytime I got almost identical responses of purchasing investing in high yield shares, premium properties, throwing parties and so on. Great!

Everyday the God Almighty grants us the the SIMILAR amount in the form of 86,400 precious seconds. Every human being gets these many seconds each day.It’s up to you to either enjoy, spend or invest the money in a planned manner. In simple words it’s time management. Remember you should never waste time on worthless issues. Its always better to make your own daily time table and religiously follow it. Remember what Lord Buddha said:

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours and can not be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.” – Buddha

Fourth Law : Delegate Authority to Build Team – Recently I re-written a best selling book authored by RM Lala, titled ‘The Joy of Achievement: Coversations with JRD Tata’, for a leading publisher of India. The book contained an incident when Mother Teresa asked JRD Tata, how he succeeded in life? His answer was very crisp: ‘I helped others to succeed. They all made me succesful’. JRD’s life philosophy was simple, delegate responsibility to your friends and team and you would surely get amazing results. Yes, it’s true. Try it.

Fifth Law : Never Discuss Your Boss – Whatever you speak, contains information. And remember, all sorts of informations are potential weapon. Even if you praise your boss that he offered you a cup of coffee and praised your ‘that’ job; this harmless info may easily be re-engineered into a suicidal statement by you. It’s specially dangerous if you discuss whatever is told to you in privacy.

Sixth Law : Never Stop Learning – Try to learn whatever you don’t know. Keep your eyes open. Adopt the newer practical ideas. Accept critism in good spirit. Try to rectify your shortcomings.

Seventh Law : Accomodate Your Publics, Colleagues and Loyalists – This is what leaders do all the time and get those results which amaze the professional managers. Basically practicing this makes a team of your deserving loyalists, and they know that if they fail, they too are doomed.

Eighth Law: Extend Help Happily, Say No with a Smile – If someone helps us or offers us a helping hand without asking, we start admiring the person. Remember courtsy is the greatest magician, it earns you respect and credibility.

“Opportunity? often it comes in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.” – Napoleon Hill

Ninth Law: Never Waste Opportunities – You would find it written in all motivational and self-help books. It’s like you are waiting for an A/C transport tp carry you to your destination, that never shows up and you ignore all the regular means of moving ahead. Remember, opportunity knocks your door only once. Its your job to identify and use that for your own betterment.

Tenth Law: Remain Humble and Courteous – Do I need to say more on it. You know it. You realise it. You value it. You like it. So, always behave the way you want it for yourself.


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