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Unemployment and Alternative Careers in India

The myth about unemployment and poverty in India

India had a glorious past of trading commodities across various nations. Our ancestors set off business trips to many nations with ships full of goods. There is enough material in History to tell us that land was known as golden India for its prosperity in trade and commerce. But there followed dark ages of foreign invasions. India fell from its mighty position due to our failure to defend its sovereignty. Although we had enough potential to take a position in the world, successive plundering of our riches broke our backbone. The land once renowned for its opulence gradually became poor and people lost the independent mentality that once their forefathers had and for which their motherland was so rich and prosperous.

But surprisingly our nature retained its generosity; we continued to donate despite our miseries. We are still very religious and known for our instincts to solve the riddles; instances are aplenty about the prodigies who stun the world by their brilliance. But an observing Indian making a soul-search can know that we have apparently lost two valuable qualities of our heritage; the first is valor to fight for our motherland and taking a challenge with a scientific bent of mind.

As a consequence we have become parasites and lived under the shelters of age-old superstitions, burdened by poverty.

India was never a poor nation; it was rich in spirit and richer in material riches.

Unemployment and poverty are the consequences of our lack of will to face challenges, rise above the bourgeois attitudes and maintain pace with Science with the rest of the world.

We are duped in living a borrowed life from the West by forgetting our own inventiveness and remained slavish to their impositions from time to time. Our land has emerged as a nation, teeming with millions unemployed, rotting in the corrupt bureaucracy and unbearable miseries. The gripping tales of farmers committing suicides every year, young girls’ deaths because of their financial incapacity to bring dowries in marriage, pupils leaving studies in the middle of schooling and the increasing specter of terrorism looming on the horizon are enough evidences of our incorrigible attitudes to change for better.

The fact is simple. Indians can change their tastes in clothing by wearing outlandish outfits, in changing mobile handsets twice in a year and adopting a more westernized life-style but they can not give up their unwillingness to work in new professions with determination to succeed We have nurtured the famous crab attitude to pull the legs of other guy down, while all of us are steeped in a hard struggle to climb higher in prosperity by working with determination.

But it is high time we all wake up and give up all such things. The instances of people failing in various careers in India are increasing and have even spread to people of all age groups. Our intellectual fertility has to now be put to use that how the career options shall increase other than the income modes like chain marketing handed down to us by the Western nations. How our unemployed can take up suitable professions so that they can live happily.

Can our tradition and heritage bail us out?

Yes, those can. We are completely absorbed in patterns of studies by the Western nations and moreover following careers as per those. But how many of us have got time to find out that that our semi-literate saints have successfully marketed Yoga and our Ayurveda is famous world wide. Our basic ignorance that our tradition and heritage can give us many career options has made us poorer. We can take up any education but still at large to develop our own resources and skills to be marketed worldwide.

Can we sell our food items to other developed nations

Indian culinary is known throughout the world but only by ten percent. The famous south Indian breakfast known by the names of Dosha and Idli and north Indian delicacies in vegetarian segment like Puri and sabji and the mouth watering Bengali dishes in non-vegetarian segment like Chicken curry are sold throughout the world. But in India there are innumerable food items, which can even be formidable challenge to all the food items of West. In India every women’s’ magazine publishes writings of women about new Cookery.

Why has it not struck us so far that such inventions of our women should be put to research that whether we can market those in other countries?  Especially the dry food items in sweet and salty segments are worth marketing outside our country. Few foreigners who visited our land were once served water-mixed rice known as Pakhal and fish fry. In eastern India freshly cooked rice is kept in water and eaten with other tasty supplements like curry, pieces of onion and fish and vegetable fries. The foreigners were so satisfied that one of them wrote about it in his memoirs after many years.

We have not thought so far that we can sell our cookery and food items to the entire world. The so-called five-star hotels have kept themselves confined to serving western foods a la carte to their foreign clientele. The so-called institutions catering knowledge in Hotel management and food and nutrition only make cheap imitations of western culinary.

The moot point here is development of our attitudes in this to be on our own. Although the outsiders are very cautious about the heath point in food, there are many tasty Indian food items that can be cooked as per the prescribed standard of advanced nations and get sold in many countries.

It is high time we take up research work in this arena. Food preparation can be a potential career option for people.

Our genius in handicraft items

One very shameful thing is Chinese are selling the idols of God Ganesha like anything in India. How many of us have seen that on a single piece of rice, a complete love message can be inscribed. Our quintessential craftsmanship is capable of this. It is good to see that there is increasing exports of our handicrafts items. But our achievement is only selling it to the foreigners; we have failed to preserve many such delicate artistic things and those artisans have resorted to begging in the streets. The famous Jagganth Puri famed for the Car festival in the entire world has in its proximity an area namely Pipli. This place is famous throughout the world for its indigenous wall-hangings known as Chandua. One artisan revealed during a talk that he started this business with a capital investment of twenty-five paisa, but his business and exports have grown to ten million rupees. One can just imagine the potential in such kind of business. The murals and paintings, done in such backward state of India have brought appreciation from throughout the world. Regrettably our young painters are more interested in western paintings. The designs of gold jewellery from Rajasthan and inimitable craftsmanship in silver ornaments known as “Tarkasi” in Orissa have tremendous potential to be marketed in the world.

It is good to see that some local organizations have taken initiatives to popularize such products but we need more research and investment by the talented people. Such things can give very good profits to any organizations.

Our craftsmanship in handicraft items can give a very good career option to the people desperate for careers. Such art has to be incorporated in our curriculum of studies which can later help us in lucrative self –employment.

Naturopathy and alternative medicines

One person, who suffered from acute gastric and constipation and was frustrated with his intake of medicines and various treatments, finally accepted one day that his condition was incurable. In the wee hours of every day, he would wake up in the middle of acute pain in the stomach. The pain was so severe that he felt as if someone was pinching tightly inside his stomach. One day, he met a practitioner of Naturopathy and told the latter about his plight. The doctor asked him to get a bottle and gave him a bottleful of liquid to be taken in the early hours of morning. The patient drank it after waking up from the bed, just before going to toilet. After one month, he was cured. His bowels were cleaned very smoothly every morning after taking the liquid inside the bottle. He had to go to the doctor’s house to get the bottle filled up every night.

Finally one day, he asked the doctor that what medicine he gave him every day and how the decoction was so efficacious. The practitioner of naturopathy laughed and said it was plain water. Five to six glasses of water kept either in a bottle or in an earthen pot in the night can give you complete relief from all types of chronic stomach disorders.

Naturopathic treatments are extremely effective. The world has recognized such treatments given particularly by states like Kerala and Andhra Pradesh in India.

Naturopathy can be very good a career option for young people.

Yoga, Asanas, Mudra and Meditation

The practitioners of Allopathic medicines say that depressive psychosis, depression and the most commonly prevalent Schizophrenia are not curable especially if the victim starts suffering at an early age. But now it has been proven time and again that severe mental depression is curable by practicing breathing exercises in Yoga known as Pranayama and by doing meditation with the help of various mudras meaning poses. Exercises in Yoga known as asana can cure all the toxic from body very easily. It is very good for all stress related disorders. It is high time the youth should take up this as their profession.

Already experts in Yoga are in high demand by the private hospitals.

Astrology and prescription of astrological remedies

Now the Indian universities have begun post graduation degrees in Astrology. A boy in the rural areas of Orissa in India performs a kind of ritual, known as Homa. It is a kind of propitiation of the evil planets which wards off the evils from one’s life His clientele is unbelievable. He has clients from all the western countries and while performing the ritual for his clients in the far-off lands, he keeps the phone on, so that his clients can hear the Sanskrit chartings very well at the other ends. His clients have begun to believe that their welfare improved after such ritual.

Indian Astrology commonly known as Vedic astrology can be a very good career option for new generations.

It is said in one of the scriptures in India, when a human-being is facing serious problems in survival he should think about his foundations. Our foundations are deeply embedded in our glorious past and heritage. It is our duty to develop all that we have of our own on our land, which can give us succor in improving our earnings.

Very sadly we have become completely dependent on the professions only provided by the other nations.

Srikant Mohanty


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3 Responses

  1. thank you Sean, really true observations.

  2. i have read the post and am truly interested!!! i think that other forms of healing are they only way to go!!! here in the US you are told to go see a doctor when you are sick and all the doctor does is give you drugs that are supposed to help butt usually make things worse!!! Butt being of native american descent i know of different way’s of healing that are much more affective!!! healing the spiritual world will help in many way’s!!! the problem we constently face is with the western medicine god complex our hospitals and government continuosly look at people as being #’s or cattle that they can use to their benifit. Butt just because they swept are past under the rug does not mean that we have given up!!! we still practice our way’s of healing and our community is still strong. My point is!!! by spreading awareness about other way’s of healing we can assentially heal the earth and all the people!!! however still by far american greed will be the hardest to cure!!! lol sean o

  3. Well said Mr.Mohanty. People often have very stereotyped vision of a career or employment. If we step out of that box and understand the principle that the principle of education is to widen our thoughts and horizon and not narrow it, we will become more innovative and start thinking out of the box.