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Types of Intelligence-Part II

There are eight types of intelligence according to Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence- Linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, visual-spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic. Some psychologists have added one more to the list- Existential intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence

Children with linguistic intelligence love words. They are attracted to books and enjoy reading stories and poems. They love buying new books and adding to their collection. Often kids with linguistic intelligence are not very fond of subjects like Mathematics and Chemistry. Some other pointers of linguistic intelligence are:


•Good at reading, writing and spelling
•Loves activities like word search, crosswords
•Uses language efficiently to express himself
•Good listener
•Good memory
•Likes to learn new words and add to his vocabulary
asks or searches for the meaning of new words and phrases he comes across anywhere.
• Good sense of humour
• Writes stories, poems etc.
• Likes activities like debates, recitation, drama etc.
• Picks up new language easily

Career choices:

People with high linguistic intelligence may opt for careers like Journalism, media, teaching, writing, freelancing, law, interpreters, politics, tourist guides.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Children with logical-mathematical intelligence find mathematics easy. They enjoy mental mathematics and understand mathematical operations easily. They are good at analyzing problems.


• Maths and science are favourite subjects
• Find language and arts subjects boring
• Good at reasoning and recognizing patterns
• Good problem solving skills
• Interested in scientific discoveries
• Enjoy puzzles that require logical thinking
• Likes to measure, weigh things and make lists
• Is mostly organized
• Looks for logical explanations
• Likes conducting scientific experiments

Career choices:

Scientist, mathematician, engineer, computer programmer, Accountant, Business, Financial analyst, Economist, Robotics.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Children with high bodily-kinesthetic intelligence are good at activities involving active body movements and motor control. They enjoy activities involving performing actions.


• Likes dance, drama and sports
• Good hand-eye coordination and dexterity
• Good physical control
• Likes to learn school poems with actions
• Uses hands and body more when talking and expressing
• Likes activities involving more use of hands like cooking, sculpting, craft etc.
• Doesn’t like sitting still for long
• Like to learn by practically doing rather than by reading, seeing or hearing

Career choices:

Sports, dance, builder, art, Actor

Musical Intelligence

Kids with high musical intelligence have a sharp ear for different types of sound and liking for music and rhythm.


• Enjoys listening to songs and music
• Copies tunes correctly
• Likes to sing and keeps humming often
• Recognizes musical patterns and tones
• Can catch an off beat note
• Remembers songs and melodies
• Plays a musical instrument
• Likes to learn poems by singing them

Career choices:

Musically inclined persons can opt for the Media and music industry in the capacity of singer, composer, musician etc. People with mathematical and musical intelligence can combine computer skills in media to create new effects and sounds.

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

People with Visual-spatial intelligence have good visual and spatial judgement like road sense, giving directions, interpreting maps etc.


• Good at visualizing things
• Like books with lot of illustrations
• Easily understand charts, graph, maps
• Enjoy jigsaw puzzle
• Can find their way easily in new places
• Prefer geometry to algebra
• Keep scrapbooks
• Like making posters, drawing, painting, visual arts
• Enjoy reading and writing

Career choices:

Artist, Architect, Engineer, Travel Consultants/organizers, event managers

Interpersonal Intelligence

Interpersonal intelligence is about relations with people. People with good interpersonal intelligence are good at interacting, understanding and relating to other people.


• Friendly and social
• Has many friends
• Good at communicating verbally as well as no verbally
• Enjoys group activities and team sports
• Likes to talk about and discuss problems of self and others
• Likes to help others
• Can easily understand other’s feeling
• Tries to resolve conflicts and cheer up people around

Career choices:

Human resources, psychologist, counselor, philosopher, teacher, marketing and sales

Intrapersonal Intelligence
Intrapersonal intelligence is somewhat opposite of interpersonal intelligence. The person prefers to have few friends, but is well aware of her own strengths and weaknesses.


• Self reflective- Analyzes, aware and in control of ones emotions and feelings. Motivates oneself to achieve something and sorts out problems
• Likes to study on her own
• Likes to sit alone and observe, think, analyze or write ideas, theories, concepts
• Has a favourite corner in the house where she loves to spend time alone
• Is independent and strong willed

Career choices:

Philosopher, artist, scientist, writer, entrepreneur

Naturalist Intelligence

Love of nature and natural things and a desire to protect them is the main pointer of naturalist intelligence. Such people are interested in nurturing and exploring the environment and learning about other species. They notice the slightest changes in their natural surroundings like climate, some new plants, insects etc.


• Love camping, trekking, traveling
• Loves gardening
• Interested in exploring mountains, caves, beaches
• Tends to plants and animals around and tries to understand theirbehaviour
• Likes to visit mountains, rivers, forests, sea etc
• Can identify plants, birds, insects easily
• Good at catagorising and cataloging information

Career choices:

Environmentalist, anthropologist, geologist, meteorologist, doctor, Vet, scientist, biologist, conservationist, farmer, gardener.

Existential Intelligence

Existential intelligence refers to spiritual intelligence which is found in varying degrees in different people. People with high existential intelligence are believe in the supernatural power, the infinite universe and seek answers about life, afterlife, purpose of life and the world etc. They have a strong instinct and are generally kind and humble.

Career choices:

Philosopher, preist, cosmologist, scientist, astrologer.


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