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Trial by media

Hope has a reason to smile, because now there is better hope for positive hope to turn into reality. I am talking about justice in our country. The police, the politicians and the judiciary had dragged the country down to a hopeless situation. We could neither trust the police for our protection, nor the politicians for some constructive development, nor the judiciary to hand out honest, timely judgments for victims. It was a grey hopeless situation indeed, leaving the simple common man helpless when in distress. Whom should they turn too? But hope never dies and some common citizens of the country mustered up the courage to raise a storm quietly; in the society, in the judicial system, in the political circle. As the common man took up the torch, the media bravely and aptly lapped up the opportunity to spread the fire. The same independent media, which was in the not so distant past just a mouthpiece of some political party and industrialist. Happily now it has now taken up a more honest, matured, responsible role of highlighting not the speeches and dreams of the political leaders and their parties, but the dreams and hopes and sufferings of the common man.

Without the media, the brutal khap killings of Haryana would have quietly continued in the future too as it had in the past. None of us had heard about the khap panchayat and khap killings before, although these had always existed. The fear of the khap and the patronage of police and politicians allowed this barbaric tradition to continue for long, till it came out in front of the world, put forth by the media.

Manu Sharma, the accused in the Jessica Lall case, tried to impose all his political and financial might, even hiring an ace criminal lawyer Ram Jethmalani, to defend his crime (not case). He almost succeeded but for the non-violent, patient campaign carried by the common people demanding justice for Jessica. Jessica’s sister ignited the torch, the flames of which went on spreading till the media turned it into a fire, forcing the judiciary to take the cause in right earnest. And today the judgment is a big win for the country, raising hopes for a better corruption free future.

The Ruchika Girhotra case too could reach to a deserving judgment because of the media. Shashi Tharoor was a catalyst in the IPL row. The extensive reports in the media brought out so many loopholes and dirty games in the show of a once gentlemen’s game called cricket. It was due to the efforts of the media that the greed and true colors of Modi (who considered himself a celebrity) was unearthed.

This is certainly a positive change for the media (which was otherwise going as low as showing the domestic fights of an old Hindi professor (Batuknath), his young beloved student, and legal wife!) It was the media which took up the responsibility of igniting patriotism during the colonial, pre-independence era. And now again it is a revolution of sorts, when again the media (particularly the national newspapers) have once again taken up the cause of the common people, truly becoming the voice of the masses and hope of the future! Keep it up!


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2 Responses

  1. I am bit surprise that you are not seeing the reality. Four pillars Lagislature, Judicery, Beurocracy and Media has tottaly become corrupt and they have fallen to the level of animal. Any kind of hope from them is useless. These few examples also expression of politics. Some where they are connected to politics. Four proffession have become bussiness Doctors, Engineers, Teachers and Religion. There is no hope from them too. Anormal person is surviving because of faith otherwise there would have been a revolution. Corruption, Crime, Inhumaity has become a norm of daily life.

    • While I agree with you that certain noble professions have unfortunately become business and newspapers too back some or the other political parties, still, the cases I have cited could reach to a conclusion due to the added pressure from the print media.Not all journalist’s are corrupt!People are slowly mustering up courage to voice their opinion against the powerful politicians and judiciary.