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Top 5 Free Windows Mobile Apps

Windows Mobile may not have been as popular as iOS or Android, but the mobile operating system has good following. The operating system also has a wide selection of apps available, which can enhance its utility even more. We will list our Top 5 free apps for Windows Mobile. These apps are able to handle your requirement and have proved their mettle over the time.

Dashwire: This is a very neat utility which enables you to back up the data content on your phone including your contacts, media and text online. Such data can then be accessed via any PC. The app also enables wireless transfer of photos and videos to various sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. This app is particularly handy if you are changing your phone or require data back up to meet any eventuality.

PocketRAR: Pocket RAR is the mobile version of WinRAR, the utility which lets you compress your big and bulky files for easy storage and transfer. Now, the utility is available for your mobile unit too. You can use this utility to compress and decompress your files. You do not even need access to your computer for doing this. The app’s intuitive interface smoothly navigates you through the process. This is a one must-have app on your Windows Mobile phone.

Magic Button: This utility is a task manager. There are plenty of task manager apps around, but this app stands out due to its sleek design. The app in itself is efficient and is not overcomplicated, therefore the learning curve is not very steep. The task goes in the hidden mode while not in use, thereby freeing the screen real estate for other important tasks.  The app requires Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0.

Skyfire: Skyfire is a mobile web browser. Skyfire closely replicates PC browsing and thus enhances your mobile browsing experience. This app supports both touchscreen as well as non-touchscreen phones. It requires Windows Mobile version 5.0 or above. The browser is able to stream audio and video. It also is capable of displaying Flash and Silverlight content. You can also watch Windows Media videos using this app. The app is available free of charge for download.

PDF Scanner: Your phone is most likely to be equipped with a camera and you can use this camera for scanning documents. PDF Scanner is a free utility which helps you in this task. What else, it also enables you to send Fax using your phone. You can now just capture any magazine or photo using your phone camera and this utility will convert that media into a PDF file. This app also let you transfer these files via email. You can also add annotations on pages before your document are converted to PDF. The free app may display watermarks on your conversions.

These apps will sure make your life easier and possibly help you in saving time as well as money. Do let us know your views about our Top 5 Free Apps. Feel free to tell us about your favorite apps.

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