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Top 5 CPM Ad Networks

CPM ad network is the best place of business, to promote products and services. This is the business platform where advertisers and publishers have common interest to earn money. Advertisers have quick and fast access to the customers to sell products & services and publishers can easily make money from the website which is known as website monetization. CPM means cost per thousand views, which is the standard of online advertising industry. Below Are the Best 5 CPM Ad Networks.

There are hundreds of ad networks having different features in terms of money generation and high rankings. You can find these five ad networks better than others.

CPX Interactive

According to the online surveys, CPX Interactive has been growing very fast and considered one of the best Private American companies, which is also very popular and admired by webmasters. If you want high-traffic to your site to earn a good amount of money, this is the best option for you. There is a full guarantee that to generate extra income ads are professionally optimized.


There are very few proven business models which have the great combination of high technology and traditional advertising. The best companies, which are considered the master of networking the sellers and the buyers of web advertising, act like real brokers with web advertising networks. These networks have very important role to play in aggregating and gaining advertising inventory from each page of the websites so that they can trade them to online advertisers. AdAgency1 has the art of doing all these complication in simple way to promote the business for web publishers as well as the advertisers.

Tribal Fusion

A digital marketing solution company, which produces more than desired results in terms of revenue generation at all levels. Tribal Fusion has dedicated team of marketers and professionals who create online customized advertising solutions so that companies have more options and opportunities to take advantages at every level of business process. They have the ability to create awareness about how to drive immediate purchase by explicit targeting tools. If you are in search of greater results, Tribal Fusion has the magic to produce what you want. It has offices in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India and across US.

Banner Connect

Good thing about Banner Connect is there is no threshold for the publishers. It means publishers are not bound with minimum payout. Banner Connect is one of the best CPM ad network which pays CPM. In addition, you also have the freedom to discard the ads seem not fitting on your site. It requires around 100,000 page impression each month.

Gorilla Nation

Every single publisher is respected as a revered customer and publishers are well paid by Gorilla Nation. This is one of the best companies in CPM advertising networks. People who are associated with Gorilla Nation are bestowed an account manage having greatest dashboard in the industry so that blog tracking and earning could be seen without any problem. If you experience this ad network, you will see that more than 750, 000 page views require to be approved in advertising program. You will also have the facility of getting integrated ad management to build traffic and content.

There are other ad network companies which you can find on internet, but in terms of quality, business integrity and the best results, they are the best 5 CPM Ad Networks.


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  1. Thanks nice info…will look towards it..

  2. ALl these are for huge traffic.Which is the best CPM for small blogs?Thanks.

  3. Thanks for sharing this great info. ad network strategy is powerful to promote any kind of products or services. Good to have a list of new one to consider!

    • Thank you so much Lelia for reading the blog, here on indianblogger, we try to provide the best information to the readers.

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  5. Hi,

    I feel one more should be added to list which is also doing pretty good and it seems to working cool for Indians as it is India network, Just my views after some research nothing to hurt the network saying it only for INDIA.

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