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Top 10 Music Apps for iPhone

There are several apps which could easily be installed on iPhones and iPhones can help you to do what you want with them. Music apps have been an obsession among music lovers and different people prefer different apps. After doing a lot of deep research on internet I found top 10 music apps which most of the people like to install and I hope that once you look at them, you will fall in love with them. So get ready to turn your iPhone into a rock music theatre or a powerhouse spreading different sound of musical instruments.

Pandora App: It has wonderful features like it is very easy to use, to acquire all the information you can create your own station from the existing artist or song and plug the album art and station could be emailed to your friends and spouse. Moreover, you can also purchase your selected tracks from iTunes, bookmark your favourite artists and songs. If you want to see different landscapes just rotate your iPhone and have a nice view.

PocketGuitar App: This is a fantastic app for guitar lovers as they can transform iPhones into a real guitar. With the help of PocketGuitar, you will be able to play virtually your iPhone into real one. It sounds unbelievable but you can press strings and feel real experience of sound. You have wide range of choice to select which instrument you like to play, for example there are electric bass, classic guitar, electric guitar and much more.

Ocarina App: If you love to play flute this is a superb app which has the capability of transforming your iPod and iPhones into real flute which could be played with your finger tips. Are you wondering! Yes, you can do so by blowing into mic and tapping 4 virtual holes appearing on the screen. If you don’t like to hold a long real flute of wood, and still want to play, you can enjoy digital pocket flute with Ocarina app.

Bloom App: This app is an innovative music machine where you can compose your own music, you do not need to be a music composer, just touch and tap on the screen and see how you want your music. There is a superb combination of instrument and artwork, which appears on colourful screen of your iPhone.

Shazam App: This is an amazing app which can help you find out everything about any song, its singer, song title and the album which you do not know while listening the music. What you have to do is very simple; just get your iPhone close to the speakers which are playing that music. Shazam app can easily identify that song for you and even for free.

Slacker App: You will have unlimited freedom to enjoy free music and songs on your iPhone. This is so simple and easy and can stream number of songs from thousands of artists and albums in its library. This is a also a plus point, you can enjoy more than 100 radio expert programmes and if you are still not satisfied create your own customized station.

Pianist App: You can turn your iPhone into a beautiful piano which has numerous features like composing and recording for a playback song, if you want to take a look at complex piano features, you can zoom into the keyboard.

Pocket Shaker App: This is an incredible app which can turn your iPhone into different instruments like Bass Drum, Conga, Cowbell, Rattle, Tambourine, Shaker and many more. You can download it for free and shake it the way you want to change the instrument beating.

Tuner Internet Radio: This is a very magnificent app which can give you direct contact to more than 1500 radio stations from all over the globe, where you can enjoy what you want. So what are you waiting for? Just bookmark your desired radio station and make your own streams to have fun and pleasure.

Lyrical App: This is good for those who have more passion and enthusiasm to find lyrics of any song. This allows you to find out the lyrics of the song which is being played by you. Searching for song lyrics was not so easy before but now you can do it.


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  1. I have used several of these music apps and they really work great. I can not wait to try out the other ones. Do you know of any good music apps for the Droid?