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Top 10 iPhone Apps

The iPhone has evolved a lot since its introduction. The interface is fast and is brilliantly designed. It is impressive that a lot of awesome applications are available on the new OS. In this article, I shall briefly describe some of the best iPhone Apps (3G and 3GS apps).

Top 10 iPhone Apps of All Time

  1. Google Mobile – This app enables you to make a quick and easy search of data within your iPhone as well as searching the web for any piece of information. It scans your phone to find the data for you. The app even supports Gmail, YouTube, Picasa and Google Docs.
  2. InstaPaper – For frequent blog site visitors, this is a must have app. It enables you to save blogs and stories you read online for reading it during your free time. The only prerequisite is that you must be a registered member of
  3. Shozu – This is an useful and very handy app if you frequently upload videos and images on the web because this app enables you to upload stuff on fifty websites like Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Photobucket, MySpace etc. at a time.
  4. Pandora - Pandora radio creates for you, customised radio stations to listen t o your favourite songs and singers without changing the station every time.
  5. Around Me – AroundMe is a top class application for people who roam a lot because this app provides information about services available in your surroundings or nearby areas like petrol stations, bars, restaurants, movie theatres, hospitals, coffee shops, banks etc.
  6. Jott – This app saves your voice memos in the form of text. All that you need to do is tap on the record button and start talking. Transcription automatically starts and data can be saved for further use. This iPhone app is especially used for saving contacts and addresses.
  7. Meebo – This app is designed so that you continuously stay connected to your family and friends and chat with them by instant messaging on Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN, and AIM. This is an efficient way of communicating because it cuts down SMS costs.
  8. Facebook – No one can survive today without having this app. With this free app, you can chat, check your wall and be online continuously on your profile. You can be social 24×7. You can even upload videos and photos.
  9. Shazam – Hats off to its developers for innovation! The function of this app is simple. If you hold your iPhone to any source of music; literally any source, be it a stereo, a TV, it doesn’t matter. This app will tell you all the details of the song- the name, artist and where to buy it. If you are a forgetful person who doesn’t remember the songs played, this is the best iPhone app for you.
  10. WritingPad – This app is intended for users who regularly send emails and type text frequently. While using this application, all that needs to be done is dragging fingers along the letters and spell the words. Initially the app is very difficult to use, but gradually becomes a child’s play. A super iPhone app!


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  1. I find that everyone’s Top 10 iPhone apps are always different from one another :) I guess it depends on what you mainly use your iPhone for

  2. superb