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Top 10 Free BlackBerry Torch Apps

Blackberry Torch phone has proved to be a big hit and the phone, indeed, is very useful. However, with some apps, you can customize your phone and make it more useful to match you lifestyle and work requirements. So, let’s go ahead and discuss the Top 10 Blackberry Torch apps, which will turn your phone into a multi-purpose, must-have gadget.

  1. Evernote: Evernote has already proved its utility on iPhone platform. Evernote makes it easier for you to recordyourthoughts while on the go. Now, the app is available for Blackberry Torch users too. You can take text and audio notes with this app. It also lets you append pictures to your notes.
  2. Capture It: This app lets you take screen shots and stores them in your picture library. All you have to do is to access this utility using your menu and point and shoot the screen capture. It stores your screenshot in .png format.
  3. Plug It In: Although BB comes with a native low-battery indicator utility, however the feature is not customizable. Now, you have help in the form of ‘Plug It In’ app. You can customize this app to send you alerts when your battery crosses set threshold such as 30 percent or 10 percent.
  4. Bit.lify: In today’s world, brevity is the king and the same applies to URLs too. This utility is arguably one of the best utilities for shortening the URLs of the websites you want to share. You can access any site by using BB browser and then use this utility for shortening the URL. You can text or e-mail the shortened URL or may copy it.
  5. Google Maps: Google Maps for Blackberry is one jam-packed utility. It has neat and easy user interface, which is very intuitive. It offers various features such as layering and latitude. It has different view mode. Oh yea, and you can also find directions using this app.
  6. Foursquare: With this app, you can explore your area and by checking in at various place, you can earn badges and points. You can also let your friends know about your current location. Similarly, you can check your friends’ location too. There is a large number of businesses which offer special deals through this app.
  7. Flight Mode: Flight Mode is a very useful app when you are concerned about your data usage. Under this mode, all you emails will be condensed which will ensure faster download and lesser load on wireless network. You can turn this app off and on according to your requirement.
  8. FlashOn: This app uses Torch’s built in lights such as the front LED , video camera light and the screen and lets you customized flashlight for the purpose of taking photos or videos. You can set the color of the screen as well as of the front LED.
  9. QuickPull: QuickPull is a free utility with an intuitive user interface. This app lets you schedule automatic QuickPulls. The app is also integrated with Twitter and thus you can easily twitter what you are doing on QuickPull.
  10. Twixtreme: One of the most fun Twitter clients for BlackBerry Torch. The app is free and does not contain any annoying    ads. It lets you re-tweet and upload pictures. Apart from this, you can also send and receive direct messages.

So go ahead and download these apps on your BlackBerry Torch and rock on!


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