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Top 10 Android Apps

Android Operating system is gaining much popularity and its app store is also growing by leaps and bounds. On the basis of sheer numbers, the Android Market Place may have lesser apps than Apple App Store, but there is no dearth of very useful apps in the Android Market Place. Just with a little search, you can find an app that suits your requirements. Below is the list of our favorite TOP 10 Android apps:

App Protector Pro: This app is one of the best apps around which you can use for maintaining and protecting your privacy. This app lets you add password protection for virtually any app on your Android phone. Now you can go ahead and add passwords to your SMS, photo gallery, Gmail or your calendar. Put an end to snooping with this app.

Titanium Back Up: The importance of backing up your data, whether it is on your computer or your phone, cannot be over-emphasized. Titanium Back Up solution not only helps you in creating back up but it can also restore all your apps. It also backs up phone settings as well as the protected apps.

Places Directory: This app lets you find services and shops near your location. It is also integrated with Google Local and hence lets you access business information. You can search for surrounding theaters, restaurants or even the taxis. The information provided by this app is accurate and thus reliable.

Dropbox: Dropbox is a cloud based service that not only creates a cloud based copy of your files but also allows you to sync your files across various computers and platforms. You can use this service to sync your files on computers running on Linux, Windows or Mac. This app makes the service compatible with Android operating system.

Billminder: If like everyone else, you hate keeping track of your bills, then this is the app for you. This app keeps a record of all your bills on your phone. It also keeps the info regarding these bills up to date. You can access your account info for various bills and can see total bill payments you have to make. The app also reminds you about upcoming bill payment due date.

Google Sky Map: Do you like star gazing, if yes, then this is the app for you. With Google Sky Map, you can discover the new depths of night sky. All you have to do is to point your phone towards the sky. This app makes use of your phone’s orientation sensor and helps you explore planets and stars.

TED Mobile: If you are a fan of TED conventions then this is the app for you. This app brings lecture series and videos to your Android phone. This app is freely available and you can listen to the thought provoking speeches on the go.

Google Goggles: This fun app is used for visual searching. You just need to take a picture of something and the app will provide with more info about that product. The app is limited in its scope but it certainly has big potentials for the future.

Bump: You can use this app for sharing information between two phones. However, both the phones should be equipped with accelerometer. All you have to do is to bump the phones together.

Foursquare: This app is about letting you explore your city in new ways. It allows you to check in and earn points and badges. The interface is easy and fun to follow.

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