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The Natural Way to Kill Fleas

Most of the people encounter the trouble due to the fleas. However, you will be quite happy to note that there are many natural repellant available and you will definitely find out that these pesticides can be very dangerous for the pets. The natural way to kill fleas is definitely quite interesting and you will need some materials for this purpose. Some of the products are lemon, lavender oil, sweet almond oil, cedar wood oil, tea tree oil, salt, dog shampoo, rosemary, garlic, geranium oil, eucalyptus oil, citronella and apple cedar vinegar. You can get all these products quite easily and some of the products like apple cedar vinegar can be made at home also.

You will find out that the natural flea spray can be made out of the lemons as well as the oranges. For this, you will have to take the lemons and cut them into various thin slices. After cutting, you will have to place it in the jug or the jar. After that cover those slices with the lid and then leave it to steep throughout the night. The spray thus formed is ready and now you need to pour it into the bottle, which you can spray over the dog’s body and not forget to spray behind the ears as well as head, tail’s base and under the armpits.

The natural way to kill fleasThe natural way to kill fleas is quite interesting and you can make the flea collar just by rubbing tea tree oil over the ordinary webbing as well as rope collar. You need to do this weekly and you will soon see the difference. You can also use the citronella, lavender and the geranium. You should wash the beddings of your dog regularly and for this, you will have to use the hot cycle of the washing machine. You can add the eucalyptus oil during the rinse cycle and thus you will get rid of the house dust mites. This is not just a fake message and in fact, it has been found after an extensive research.

The natural way to kill fleas is an important aspect and you need to know all those tricks, as they are quite better as compared to the chemicals, which can be quite dangerous for the dog and for you as well. You must have the carpet in your home and if you have the dog then the fleas must infect it. If you want to get rid of it then there is a healthy tip. You can add some of the salt over it and then leave it as it is for few days before you start using the vacuum cleaner. This will definitely kill the fleas as well as the eggs and hence solve all your problems.

While bathing your dog, you should use the dog shampoo along with that you can use a couple of drops of the tea tree oil and the lavender oil. This will be very helpful for your dog and thus you will be able to get rid of the fleas quite easily.


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  1. Good article. However you forgot to mention that to be able to get rid of fleasout of the home, it’s a must to keep your pet confined in one space, preferably outside. . Wash all pet bedding, any other washable furniture such as covers, rugs, pillows and your bedding. Vacuum all carpeting thoroughly and then make sure you throw the vacuum bag away immediately.