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The Essence of Vegetarianism

A vegetarian is a person who lives absolutely on a vegetarian diet and vegetarianism refers to the manner of living solely on vegetables, fruits, cereals and nuts. Vegetarianism is not a simply a style of eating, but a mode of living, in the absolute sense. Followers of vegetarianism undoubtedly say that being a vegetarian is a unique experience. It is a way of looking at life from a fresher, better and more constructive angle. Vegetarianism can promote an enhanced harmony of mind, body and spirit.

Why should a person become a vegetarian?

There are several reasons for an individual to become a vegetarian. You can become a vegetarian if you want to be healthy. You can be a vegetarian if you are against animal torture and killing. Vegetarianism also has dimensions that can make a person religiously and spiritually sound. More than anything else it makes a person close to nature.

Benefits of being a vegetarian

Being a vegetarian has numerous benefits of which the most important is of course related to health.

Health benefits – It has been scientifically proved that a vegetarian diet promotes good health. It boosts our immunity and makes us less vulnerable to ailments. It also increases the life span of a person extraordinarily. Vegetarians never experience the problem of obesity as fruits and vegetables work effectively against putting on weight. A diet that consists of a considerable amount of fruits and vegetables can fight diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart problems. Moreover, a vegetarian diet can promote better functioning of kidneys. Fruits, vegetables and cereals make blood thinner and endorse smoother circulation all over the body which means reduced heart risks.

Nutritional benefits – A vegetarian diet is rich in all essential nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are high sources of fiber, vitamins and beta carotene. The antioxidants in fruits greatly help to eliminate body toxins and free radicals. It also prevents cell damage and fights diseases.

Religious and spiritual benefits – It is beyond doubt that vegetarianism brings about a better spiritual and religious outlook. There are many religions that firmly believe in vegetarianism. A vegetarian way of living helps us to view everything broadly with more intimacy. In short, it fosters a new beginning.

Kinds of vegetarians

There are different kinds of vegetarians world wide. Though basically all are same, there are some features that make one group different from the other and each group is considered unique. The different vegetarian groups are-

  • Lacto vegetarianism- where diet excludes meat, fish or eggs but includes milk and milk products.
  • Ovo vegetarianism- where milk products are excluded along with meat, fish and poultry but eats eggs and honey.
  • Lacto-ovo vegetarianism- in which meat, fish and poultry are omitted but honey, eggs and milk products are added.
  • Veganism- where diet excludes all the above mentioned products. They also omit products like belts and shoes made of animal skin.
  • Raw vegetarianism- where in only raw fruits and vegetables are used.
  • Semi-vegetarianism- here diet includes sea food and a limited supply of meat products.

So realize the essence of vegetarianism and embark on a new life.

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