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The Divine Beginning – You’re a true Yoga Student Now Physically and Mentally

The method, in which Lord Krishna imparted instructions to Arjuna, indicates how a perfect management technique was used by Him to bolster the morale of a dejected warrior. Here a careful distinction needs to be made about the limitations of mastering the various yoga asanas (postures) and physical improvement techniques, without tuning the mind appropriately. Such an individual will always remain an incomplete personality, suffering from maladjustments in life in one form or the other. Instructions for any asana and its perfect adaptation and execution, are in the ultimate analysis, physical level trainings. One uses the body for performance and the mind for understanding the technique. But the wise masters of Yoga proclaim that each asana has something divine to contribute to the overall growth of an individual.

At the conclusion of each chapter of Bhagavad-Gita, a term that is invariably mentioned is worth noticing. “Yogashastre Shri Krishnarjuna Sanvade.” It is repeated eighteen times. This means, the conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjuna relates to aphorisms of Yoga. The text, therefore, is a Yoga treatise. Through the initial eleven long chapters Lord Krishna reveals the theoretical aspect of Yoga, with all the power of reasoning at his command, and yet Arjuna remains confused. Such a situation is anticipated by the Lord. So, in the eleventh Chapter Lord Krishna decides that the time has come for the final act—to make Arjuna transcend his mind barrier. He blesses him with the Third Eye (Divine Vision) with which Arjuna will have the glimpse of the divinity within him, and of which he is not aware until then. The Lord changes his role for the time being from Arjuna’s charioteer to his Perfect Master.

The result is instant as the Lord’s act is now decisively divine. On being blessed with such Supreme Knowledge what is Arjuna’s experience? I quote from Gita,

Divi suryasahasrasya bhavedhyugpadutthita,

Yadi bha sadrashi saa syaddhyasasthasya mahatmana(11:12)

In short, he experiences the Light within, and its splendor is equivalent to light of thousands of suns. This is the beginning of true knowledge.

What I have been trying to emphasize though my initial articles on yoga published in the Indian Bloggers is, the ultimate purpose of all yoga asanas is to transcend the mind. Any secular procedures like telling the beads etc. will never lead to direct experiencing. Mechanical style of chanting or repeating any words or sentences will not lead to fructifying results. Saint Kabir(1) says the final words on the subject.

Sadguru aisa keejiye pare nishane chot,

Sumiran aisa keejiye jeebh hile na hoth.

Seek that Perfect Master who has the divine strength to make you experience the Lord in your breath. And then contemplate. Yoga asanas practiced after this experiencing will be strength- giving both physically as well as for your inner being.

…..Yes, I have experienced the grace of such a Perfect Master. Write to me through the columns of Indian Blogger and I will provide you the information. This is no stunt; no publicity; no admission fees are involved. I do not have any hidden agenda. Reject me, if what I say is incorrect. It is your birthright to know the truth. Only you need to have the true inquisitiveness to know and pursue the path of yoga in its truest sense.

In the articles to follow, we move to yoga postures and their benefits for the body and the inner world of an individual.

(1)   Saint Kabir (1398-1518 AD.) was a Realized Saint and a great mystic poet.


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24 Responses

  1. Srimanji Aapka nibadh padha.aapnai yoga ka ytharth roup ka digdarsan nam hi samta ka samta Arthat sukh dukh ,labh hani, jay prajay, sab main saman sithiti. sabhi ka sambandh prga sa hi .sithtprga manv yogi hota hi .sithprga bannai ka lai ek acha guru evam unake dwara diya gaya divya jyan ki anivaryta hoti hi .vartman mai yah kam djjs avam sarv sri A maharaj ji ki kripa hasttalai ho raha hai .aaj ka yougpravartk sam hi hai.sadhnyavad.

    • Priya Doctor Vijay Saheb,

      Aap ke vichar padke anandit hoon. Dhanyawad! Aap ne maharaj ji ka bare me batakar kratharth kiya. sukh aur dukh jeevan ke angh hai aur inko sahi vakth par sahi samadhan dhood kar jina, asli jindagi hai.

      Aapne jindigi ko sahi arth par samja hai, guru ki kriopa hai–matlab aap ke paas sab kuch hai!


  2. I too hold the view that yoga does not simply mean to practise certain asanas to strengthen our physical bodies. Instead, in its literal sense (as mentioned in our scriptures), it means union with the soul, the divine Lord within oneself. The article will really help in making people understand the term to a deeper extent.

    • Dear Paramjeet Kaur,

      Thank you for your keen observations. Asana in the clinical sense, is a nursery as compared to the divine college of self-education, where one transcends the mind. Thank you for telling the readers the truth about yoga, its limitations as well as possibilities.

  3. “I Have been practicing yoga postures for many years now and I have also been bestowed upon with “Braham Gyan” the ultimate ‘Yoga’ by divine Grace of my Perfect Master His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. I personally feel that each is incomplete without other. To lead a balance and a complete life you need to practice both. Yoga postures keep our body healthy and Braham Gyan keeps our mind and soul intact. By practicing both regularly we achieve physical strength and power of discrimination or divine wisdom which is essential in contemporary world to stand out and work for benefit of society”.

    • Dear Prem Arora,

      Thank you very much for your discriminative comments. One who understands the importance of both and leads the balanced life, is blessed indeed!

      Many thanks again.

  4. To my mind Lord Krishna and his divine actions cannot be bottled into a “yug/time period”. His benign grace is ageless and timeless. I vouch for what has been written in the article.

  5. I would also like to mention that I say the research should be taken scientifically, as with the divine grace of my perfect master I have discovered that the process of knowing and connecting the divine existing within all of us is purely scientific, still owes its origination to our holy scriptures.

  6. Here another point of consideration is there are several organisations that sell commercial yoga and now even the celebs are contributing to this expanding business market. But the actual existence of the contemporary sputnik era is justified only if based on the modern science, we undertake a neutral research in the arena and discover a perfect master for ourselves. Because it is only then we can connect to the divine object within us during yoga kriyas and fulfil the real objective of this human garb.

    • Dear Geetanjali Atri,

      Your understanding about yoga is clear and amazing. I do hope the younger generation will take lessons from your observations. Corruption and commercialiazation is the worst thing, that can happen in the area of yoga and spirituality. The grace and guidance from the Perfect Master is the only answer. I wish you well and thank you for your comments.

  7. “Yoga” meaning ‘judhna’ (Being connected), but the question is whom to get connected with..the article very well gives an answer to this. Interestingly the facts about yoga unfolded by Lord Krishna in Gita are very much in sync with what Patanjali has written. If one goes into the allegorical meaning of Gita, then each character and his/ her action imbibes an important sutra of Yoga.

    With the divine grace of Shri Ashutosh Maharajji, I got initiated into that eternal science of Self Realization “Brahm Gyan”. It was only then I understood what real Yoga is- it is not just some breathing exercises, with some physical postures, it is the true science of knowing thyself.

    • Dear Aditi Mehandiratta,

      Saluations! The way you have explained the true meaning of yoga, that it must contribute to the inner growth, is truly great because it is authentic. That you have been blessed with Brahm Gyan by your Perfect Master, seals the issue. Go ahead, Aditi, sky is the limit for your spiritual progression!

  8. I agree that yoga asanas do serve an important purpose and their benefits are justified scientifically; however, as you have written, the ultimate purpose is to transcend the fickle mind, which is oftentimes the breeding ground for maladies that seep into the physical body. Also agree to your point that the divine Yoga Treatise is a testimony to the ancient guru-disciple tradition, in which the guru is the charioteer, commanding the reins of his disciple’s life, and the disciple is the surrendered soul who has realized via perfected vision that his charioteer is the mirror image of God, who can do no wrong. Thanks for your articles on the importance of realizing the true way to grow from within.

    • Dear Divya,

      Thank you for your comments. You have articulated the issue very correctly, with a better understanding than what I have attempted in the article.

      May your Guru continue to guide you. Be blessed.

      Chandrakant Mallya

  9. very well written.I have also realised these facts with the grace of my perfect SAD GURU.

    • Dear Sushma,

      Thank you for the short, crisp comment. You are lucky to be blessed with the benign grace of your Sadguru.

      Chandrakant Mallya

  10. respected mallya ji,
    by the Grace of Shri Krishna i’ve been initiated into “Brahm Gyan” by my Perfect Master SadGuru Shri Ashutosh Maharaji. and exactly as you have quoted in the blog the Verse form The Gita (11.12) i have experienced the Light within which is like a thousand Sun. For all this i never had to pay anything in cash or kind except my dedication towards God and my Guru.
    Saint Kabir says,’koti naam sansar me tate mukt na hoi. aadi naam jo gupt jape virla buje koi.’ thus there is an ‘aadi naam which is a secret. that which is going on inside us. but we are unaware of that secret naam. god’s name is above the alphabets of our languages. these alphabets will be destroyed but that name of the akshar-brahm is within us. we need a Perfect Master to makes us aware of that. there is a life-force that conducts our life. that very life-force is that holy name. that’s saint Kabir says,’sumiran aisa kijiye jeebh hile na hoth’. My Sad Gurji Shri Ahutosh Maharaji has not only made me experience the lord in my breath but he has also made me experience his light form within me. Swami Vivekanandji had asked Shri Ramkrishna Parmhansaji whether he has seen God and whether he can make him see God. My Sad Guru has done exactly that. His Divine mission of ‘ Self awakening to world Peace’ through his Divya Jyoti Jagarati Sansthan has led to 25 lakh grithast sishiya’s been initiated into ‘Bhram Gyan’ which means the True Knowledge that which gives us the practical experience of light form of God within us. After being initiated we practice ‘sadhana’-sumiran’ that is meditation, at home, attend ‘satsangs’ and offer our selfless servicei.e. ‘seva’ towards the downtrodden and needy in the society as we have all realised that God is not only within me but in every being and thing in this universe.
    this ‘divine knowledge’ not only opens our third Eye but also heals our body and mind. we experience Real Freedom as we our not the slaves of our mind.

    • Dear Kalpana Sharmaji,

      I react in three words on your observations-perfect, perfect and perfect !! You are blessed indeed to tread the right path shown to you by the benign grace of your Perfect Master,Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. May you be the instrument to kindle that Divine Light in those who are fortunate to come in contact with you.

      With best wishes,

      Chandrakant Mallya

  11. What i understand is (Sadguru aisa kije, pare nishane chot.). Imperfection is the seeker but he has only the choice to make a master who could mould him. Normally the tendency is that we hide our weaknesses but these are transparent to the realised. Guru will peg on the same thing until the disciple surrenders that this is his weakness. Thus the disciple will surreneder his weakness and a part of his ego. The funny thing is after this between the master and disciple it is not a weakness but a fact that needs to be set straight which is easier because both are now bonding.
    “Sumiran Aisa kijiye Jeeb hale na hooth”. Sumiran means to remember the lord through all the things life has to throw. Penance is a form of Sumiran. Just as in a penance the Yogi starts verbally with sylables…but ultimately what resounds inside is what he gets tuned to and verbal sylable looses its significance. Similarly the poet has agreed that we need do pray just as this Sumiran which need not be aloud. That is also the masters secret and as a disciple this is what you need to do besides being with the master.

    • Dear Praksah,

      Chot nishne me par gayi! Your interpretation and understanding is perfect!

      Chandrakant Mallya

  12. Warrior One is such a popular pose, but not everybody does it correctly. There are ways to make hands-on adjustments so everyone can succeed in this pose. I found Leeann Carey has a free yoga video on exactly how to do this. Thought your readers might want to check it out:

    • Dear Anjeanette,

      Here the discussion is more about the ‘poise’ of the mind, than the ‘pose’. In my subsequent articles, I will elaborate, how each pose is connected to the inner world of an individual.

      Thanks anyway.

      Chandrakant Mallya