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The best ways to exercise at home

Keeping fit is one of your vital necessities. It is hard for you to find time for physical exercises. In the hurly-burly of living, you feel that your profession demands every iota of your energy and it is as if you are sucked out of your entire stamina, while coming back home. The sad news is it is true. You are incredibly stressed in your professional life. Unconsciously, you put weight and fight to catch breath while you walk. Gradually you become afraid to take risk. Once your adrenalin stops flowing, you have more mood-swings, which is very harmful for health and career. As you advance in age, diseases catch up. Diseases are relatives. Suppose today you have diabetes, be sure within five years, it will sap up faculties of your heart, brain and kidney.

How to formulate an exercise regimen? It is true that you have always tried for physical work-out in your busy schedule of career, but invariably you have dropped out of it due to something or other. It is hardest task for you to form a regimen for exercise.

But the good news is that it is easy with one or two simple steps.

First step is to get a Calendar- You might have seen calendar given by companies on the eve of new-years. Those come with big prints of dates and days and usually there is space around the numeric letters. Just get one and paste it on the wall of the room, which has enough space for your work-out.

Next is create an index- Next task is create an index of exercises, that you have decided to do. For instance, suppose you know one of the exercises, which is stand-by jogging or jogging –in-place, then mention “jogging” as one of the things you are going to do within a 40 minute work-out. In the similar way, just list out the five or at best ten exercises, you can comfortably do.

Remember your limit, never overdo- It is natural that you feel fatigued by working out for sometime. But there is another important thing. Human psychology is intricately intertwined with an exercise regimen. Once you begin doing exercises, your mind which was earlier resisting accepting exercises, will definitely demand more. This will go on until you burden your daily routine with excess work-out and finally drop out of it. So maintain a record of every-day exercises.

Maintain the record properly- Suppose you have done today jogging, push-ups and leg-lifts, just put a circle around the date of that day and write “J” ,”PU” and “LL”. Remember you have become physically misfit due to a habit mechanism and if you need to come out of that, create a different habit mechanism, just to come out of it.

How to battle your personal unwillingness for a work-out in the morning?

It is natural that you always think to incorporate an exercise regimen in your daily life but somehow you miss it when you wake up in the morning. The reason is in the morning you feel too much reluctance for a work-out.
So begin your morning work-out with an easy breathing exercise. In “Yoga”, we call it “Rechan” meaning intense breathing.

  • So the first exercise is “Rechan” or “Intense breathing”- Just to free your body from the rest of Carbon Dioxide from last night’s sleep, practice a little of breathing exercise. Either stand at one place or sit on the floor with eyes closed. If you do not have blood-pressure or cardiac problem, then breathe fast in and out for ninety times. Pull in fresh oxygen and throw out the entire Carbon Dioxide from your body. If you are having blood pressure or cardiac problem, do breathing slowly. Inhale deeply and exhale long. Sit for one minute and keep your eyes closed. You will feel your resisting mind is slowly getting calm and energy flowing in your entire body.
  • Practice “Jumping Jack” exercise- For warming up, practice jumping exercise. Close your fists and join them but raise your arms by bending them and keep on your heart and jump up. You might have been familiar with this during your childhood. This is very helpful for your heart.
  • Do Jogging in place- Jogging is another very good exercise for your heart. Jog slowly standing at one place. Do it up to three to five minutes and then increase time slowly. Gradually this will reduce your weight and bring your body back to shape.
  • Push-ups- Push-ups is very common but effective exercise for over-all body fitness. But while you do it, avoid doing it with one hand. Accept the style that suits you the most. You can do it on knees in stead of doing it on legs. You can also do it by standing up against a wall. This will add to your arms’ strength and shape up muscles in your chest area.
  • Squats- Squats are effective for shaping up your buttocks, thighs and legs. If you find them too difficult, you can make those easier by changing the ways of doing it. You can use a simple chair, just by sitting and standing on it.
  • Dancing- Dancing is again an effective exercise as stress-buster and it relaxes your body to a great extent, when you do it rhythmically with music. It can enhance your spirit and boosts up your confidence. It gives benefits to your heart.
  • Leg Lifts- This exercise gives great strength to your legs and their muscles. If you find to keep the legs straight, you can slightly bend them.
  • Crunches- This is useful for building up abdominal muscles. If you are starting newly, then do not feel embarrassed if you can not lift your head completely up. Begin slowly and give pressure to your abdominal muscles .Gradually you will get the benefit.
  • Light weight lifting-. Weight lifting shapes up muscles of your arms. But begin with the dumbbells, which are smaller with less weight.
  • Walking- Walking on a walker (instrument) is very helpful for your heart. As an alternative, you can use your stair-case, just to climb it fully and come down a few times. Walking gives strength to the muscles of your legs. You can also walk around your house if you do not have a staircase.
  • Cycling- Cycling on the cycle instrument gives strength to your legs’ muscles and builds up stamina. You can also do it by lying on your back and then by raising and bending your legs and then moving them in cyclical movement in clock-wise and anti-clockwise motions.This will shape up your abdominal muscles.


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3 Responses

  1. Thank you sir,
    Nice to hear from you after so many days
    with deep regards
    Srikant Mohanty

  2. Well done Srikant. Very useful article.
    I would like to add that skipping or replacing break-fast with early lunch and drinking a lot of luke warm water also helps a lot. One of my close friend and a famous Orthopedic these days Dr. Manoj Mittal was very fat and shed almost 50 kilos after adopting to an altered food regimen. I know several other medics who regulate and manage weight with the help of diet management as well. Another friend of mine, a successful Pediatrician Dr. AK Agarwal, has not only managed a constant weight of 57 kilos, he was successful to avert a cardiac problem.
    Well done. Keep writing.

  3. one thing i Can add is the Art of living techniques, which i have found to work in many.The sudarshana kriya yoga and padma sadhana is a complete package and contains all that is required.
    One can also do 12 suryanamaskars a day.A long brisk walk shall be the best supplement to this.