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The Best Free Personal Firewalls for Windows

Having a good, reliable firewall is essential to maintaining privacy and performance in a computer. Without a firewall viruses can easily enter your computer and harm your files. Even though firewalls are so vital and conducive to a solid computer many PC owners don’t have a firewall. The main reason for this is that most PC users can’t find good, free firewall software. Firewalls are often expensive but there are very good free firewalls available. Here are the top five best free firewalls for windows.

Windows Built in Firewall – Not many people use what’s all ready on their computer. Windows firewall is efficient and reliable. It does everything a firewall should do. Why is it number one on this list? Because there is no hassle of installing it. For those computer owners who aren’t quite tech savvy just use Windows firewall. It can be accessed by going into control panel then system security. Here the settings can be edited and customized to the owners liking. Computer owners looking for a quick, no hassle firewall should stick to Windows firewall.

Comodo Firewall – Comodo would be number one on this list if it was pre-installed on computers. It is by far the most advanced firewall on this list. Comodo gives users the most customizable options. Even the most picky computer owners can get exactly what they want out of Comodo. It is easy to use for beginners while still providing many, many options. Aside from all the customizable options Comdo gets the job done. Comodo has been tested and proven to be one of the best virus preventing firewalls. Comodo is no bread and butter firewall. It goes above and beyond and is right up to par with even the most expensive firewalls.

ZoneAlarm – ZoneAlarm is the best virus fighting firewall on this list. ZoneAlarm anti-virus software has become well known because of it’s firewall. ZoneAlarm’s firewall is it’s trademark feature. What makes this firewall better than the rest? ZoneAlarm is the only program which includes both an inbound and outbound firewall. That means in the extremely rare case a virus does get inside of your computer; ZoneAlarm will quarantine the virus and prevent it from spreading to any of your other files. It also prevents information the virus took from your hard drive to be sent back to the virus creator. Although security is great in ZoneAlarm the user friendliness is not as good as other firewall software. It is not very easy to change settings in ZoneAlarm and like with all firewalls certain settings must be changed. Users willing to sacrifice navigation simplicity for top notch security should go with ZoneAlarm.

Ashampoo – Ashampoo is basically the opposite of ZoneAlarm as users will have to sacrifice top notch security in exchange for navigation simplicity. Ashampoo is extremely easy to use and is for the most part hassle free. Ashampoo does not offer the same type of advanced security features as the other firewalls on this list. Security will be the bare minimum.

Eset Smart Security Firewall – Eset Smart Security firewall comes loaded with many useful features. You will get very good protection out of this program. Why is it number five on this list? It is way more difficult to install than the other firewalls on this list. However once installed Eset Smart Security firewall is a solid firewall and is definitely above average. Users who have the patience to get past the difficult installation process will be satisfied with Eset Smart Security firewall.


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