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Teenage pregnancy – A grave issue in India

Teenage pregnancy is an alarming feature in a traditional country like India. Though we have made several striking embellishments in many areas, there are certain things that pull us down, one of which is certainly teenage pregnancy. We already have a lot of reasons for the same like child marriage, rape and lack of proper sex education. But today child marriages are low, though not completely eradicated and modern teens believe that they have more than enough information regarding sex. Then why does this happen?

The major reasons that lead to teenage pregnancy

  • Teens of the present day live in a magical world where they have access to whatever they want.
  • They are easily carried away by the modern trends and find it no problem to have sex at an early age.
  • They adore movie celebrities and what they do on screen and imitating them is considered ‘kool’.
  • Dating is emerging to be an obligatory custom and having sex is regarded as the crucial part of it.
  • It has been observed that most of the boys develop unwanted behaviors like smoking, drinking and drug abuse at their teenage, which prompt them to navigate unknown paths.
  • Family conflicts, peer pressure, internal conflicts as a result of stress, depression, anxiety and deviated behavior are also strong reasons that ultimately lead to teenage pregnancy.

But the strongest reason is yet to come. It is financial crisis.

Some teenage girls feel that sexual intercourse is a good solution to meet all their financial constraints.

But due to the lack of adequate sex education they end up in trouble. They may be well aware that unprotected sex can make them pregnant but they simply think nothing would happen.  The worst thing is that sometimes the girl won’t even know that she is pregnant, until during the later stages of pregnancy.

The aftereffects

Teenage pregnancy gives rise to a bunch of annoying problems of which the most critical is the attitude of the society towards the teen mother and her family. A society which is conservative can never approve of such complications. This added with the neglect and scorn of the family creates a lot of physical and emotional troubles in the teen mother.   The resultant isolation combined with guilt feeling can instill low self esteem and depression, not to mention the chronic emotional trauma.

Furthermore the girls who become mothers at an early age will have to face a multitude of health issues and several other difficulties related to pregnancy and delivery like anemia, genital infections that may be the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases, high blood pressure and premature delivery. Prenatal risk is also very high in teen mothers. The babies born are also prone to premature birth, trauma, infections and inappropriate body weight.

Preventive measures

Repeated contraceptive counseling is a recommended solution. This would help a great deal to put a check on unwanted pregnancy since it makes them aware of contraceptive measures during sexual intercourse. But still the most important way to handle the situation is adequate sex education so that they themselves can sense the magnitude of the predicament and take steps to refrain from it.

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7 Responses

  1. well anita, teenage pregnancy is of course a matter of concern. Even if you look at it from an angle other than the conservative attitude of our society, it is an undesirable phenomenon. It might be common all over the world, but i dont think it is quite right. Domestic violence, assault and rapes are also common all over the world but do you think it is ok, just because it is common? curbing teen instincts is not fair, but it is important to guide them through these instincts so that they can avoid pitfalls.

    • Thanks. I do agree that teenage pregnancy should be avoided. But I dont agree that sex should be avoided completely by teenage girls. They should take care. But if pregnancy happens, society, parents should not ridicule the girls, and force her for abortion, if she wants to carry the child. They should be considerate and take full care of her just like they care for married daughters.

      • thanks for the reply anita…..for this one i totally agree with you. teens should take utmost care and parents should never isolate them for this reason.

        • Thanks Laxmiji, In fact me and my friend are two different examples of teenage pregnancies. We conceived when we were 16/17. My parents treated me as if their married daughter is expecting. they performed all functions, never letting me feel any guilt. I continued my friendship and we got married when I turned 18. On the contrary, my friend was humiliated by her parents and brother, sister and she ended her life. Since that day, I have decided to help for the cause of such teenage pregnant girls in our society.

          • im really proud of you anita..i really mean it…..let god bless you in that you can do for sincere prayers and heart-felt wishes…plz do keep in touch.

  2. In these days it is not a big issue. It is common world over. Only our conservative society, ridicules the girl for answering to their natural calls of sex at the right age. In Australis and other countries, it is a very common, and we see girls of even 14-15 go to school with their kid. Parents support them, school give permission to bring kids, and there are facilities to take of kids in school, and kid mothers are allowed to feed the child at intervals. Let us learn to live with nature and not curb the teenage instincts, if it happens.

    • Mrs. Anita you are a brave woman and an example for many other girls… i sincerly respect you madam.. i have given my life to Jesus and taken an oath to help anyone i need.. you are an inspiration to me madam… may the havenly father be with you always…