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Super food for Sportspersons – A Modest Bowl of Dal

A perfect Indian meal never seems complete without a delectable bowl of dal. It is the indispensable component of our everyday menu, be it as a part of the virtuous thali or the unpretentious but fulfilling dal-chawal of North India  and sambhar-rice of the southern parts.

While we Indians have long known the pros of including lentils to our food, the western countries have only recently woken up to lentil as a source of protein other than the meat, fish or soy. But wasting no time in spreading the goodness of these pulses, a Canadian firm is all set to develop a lentil sports bar for sportsperson who need a quick bite to re-energise.

Scientists in Canada discovered that athletes who were given lentil dishes in their diet performed better and had better endurance than when they ate a pasta diet. Lentils are in fact a very high protein source. They contain 18 of the total 20 amino acids that make proteins and if they are sprouted, even those 2 lacking amino acids appear, making them a formidable source of an important nutrient required by our body for cell growth, wear and tear, muscle functioning and most importantly brain functioning and development.

As a sportsperson lentils can become your best friend especially when you want to build your energy level the natural way. Here are the advantages of eating lentils and pulses,

  • High source of protein.
  • Tryptophan, an amino acid found in lentils helps your body relax better and sleep better. Also a good cure for depression.
  • High in fibres and less in fat.
  • Help in the digestion process.
  • Have low glycemic index thus stabilising blood sugar levels and preventing diabetes.
  • Natural source of folic acid or vitamin B6
  • Contain magnesium in good amounts which in combination with the folic acid helps prevent heart problems.
  • Also source of other important minerals such as calcium, iron, manganese and phosphorus.
  • Are inexpensive compared to other food types and can be stored in bulk.

Hence, if you are one of those people who sneak away the bowl of dal from your plate, every time your wife or mom is not is not looking, surprise them by asking for a second helping from now on. Apart from making them happy, you will also make your body a lot happier, stronger and fitter. 

Image Credit rovingl via cc/Flickr


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2 Responses

  1. Perfectly you present this, i dont know about oher but myself without dal i could not eat a single rice

    • Dal is a staple in many Indian family meals and I do not suppose any Indian can do without a bowl of dal. That is why we are all known to be so smart around the world…:)