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Strategies for Independent Living

What is the meaning of independence? Is it living in defiance of set norms of living? Do you mean to say independence is the stark opposite of the state of dependence on other people? The answer to all the above questions is a straight “NO”.

For independence is only the right to be treated as an equal among all. Independence does not entrust any kind of sense of superiority over others. Being a citizen of an independent nation, you deserve all the rights of a citizenship, which the constitution of the land has given you.

What is independent living?

You live independently only abiding by laws of your land and respecting freedom and rights of others. Generally speaking we mean independent living is independent attitudes of your mind. Unfortunately the citizens of independent nations are found to have very dependent attitudes towards machines and mechanistic living. Let’s see how you can formulate strategies for independent living.

  • Be regular and punctual- Punctuality is the first step towards independent living. It is because you would not be respected anywhere while giving excuses for delay. Regularity is another side of timeliness. Literally speaking punctuality and regularity are two sides of a coin. Perfect time management can help you to achieve perfection in regularity and punctuality.
  • Avoid spendthriftness- If you want to be independent financially then avoid spendthrifness. It is one of the important strategies to avoid depending financially on other people. For this, observe your attitude to spend and develop on alternatives to reduce spending money on useless things. Recently in India, there was a survey of use of cell phone handsets as per the income segments and demography of people. The result was quite surprising. It was found that the people belonging to highest income groups use very simple handsets but people of upper middle class like to spend more on costly handsets. So it is not justified to think that you can change your status by showing-off your spending on unnecessary items.
  • Examine your every need and analyze your thoughts- Economics say human wants are unlimited. Again by taking help of persuasive marketing and advertisement, marketers turn your wants into needs. The result is thoughts based on unnecessary needs create more miseries in you. To get rid of this examine your every thought vis-à-vis your need. Here by assessing your true needs you can prevent feeling helpless. Once you come out of the feeling of helplessness, you become truly independent.
  • Avoid bothering about past and future- Past is History. Future is mystery. But present is a gift. Learn how to invest in the present. Learn all the tricks to monetize time. Utilization of time makes you independent. It makes you resourceful.
  • Maintain your precious contacts and invaluable relationships- If you are qualified, well-settled in your life, it is because of your precious contacts and relationship with people. A country is independent because of the support of its defense forces. An organization is very financially independent and resourceful because of the support given by its clients and employees. So contacts with the clients and relationship with the employees have to be maintained. Similarly as an individual you are living an independent life for the sustenance given by your contact with the well-wishers and relationship with your relatives and family people. So to continue living an independent life, you must take care of your contacts and relationships.
  • Be realistic, optimistic and positive in every situation- Independent human beings never get carried away by the difficulty of the situations. There is a well said proverb that when going gets tough, tough gets going. It is cent percent a true strategy towards independence. If you see the things in the light of logic then you are realistic. Optimism and positivism ultimately create a winner out of you.
  • Know parasitic tendencies in people around you and avoid them- Avoid the people who are parasitic by nature and want to live ultimately by exploiting you. Keep a distance from such sweet tongued people.
  • Spend sometime in self observation- Every day, dedicate some time towards self observation. Know your urges. If you constructively guide your inner urges then that will bring self-fulfillment. Under the influence of imitating a modern living and set norms, you have always ignored what you really want to achieve. Consistently ignoring your inner urges, you make yourself dependent on the compulsion of outer world. A psychologist in India had described a very peculiar case to us of one of his patients. The patient reacted very sharply when he heard the modern songs and dances. His sons and daughters-in-laws had very good taste towards the new and newer genres of modern songs and dances, particularly with imitations from the western ones. He reacted so much that on one occasion he broke the television by shoving it off the rack. As the talk between the man and psychologist progressed, the latter got to know the man behaving very rashly actually had a very improved taste about music. He asked the elderly man to sing the songs of the maestros of Hindi songs and appreciated the quality of voice that he had. He told the man that particularly he did not have any grudge towards modern songs and music but his reaction was due to the fact that he always suppressed his natural urge for songs and music. Self-fulfillment lends independence to your character.
  • Ignore the offer of help from others, if it is not required- Be it any kind of help, say “no” to it if it is not strictly required. Accepting help from others gradually breaks your habit for self dependence.


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