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Stock Market Astrology

Maharshi Parasara (approx.3200 B.C.) is hailed as the father of Indian Astrology. Recordings on astrology earlier to his period are not available.   He is the author of the greatest book on astrology – “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra,” currently available in 2 big volumes, aggregating to 1200 pages of texts. This is the fundamental book on astrology.

Whether the science of astrology is true or false? The arguments among the contending forces go on. But let us understand one basic fact. Maharshi Parasara was a Realized Soul. He had no vested interests to record any false issues related to astrology. He had no particular interest in any portfolio of stocks or the mutual fund. He had no intention to become an individual like Warren Buffet. Realized Souls reveal, they do not write. They have transcended the mind barrier and ravel in the area of bliss and truth. They have no compulsions to tell a lie and mislead the readers. So, all that is recorded in the above book is nothing but truth. With our limited mental faculties, we fail to appreciate and understand. Didn’t the fox say that the ‘grapes are sour,’ when it could not reach up to the dangling bunch?

Some of the ‘big elephants’ of the share market have availed the astrological counsel for their trades. W D Gann was one of them. He is reported to have gained more than 50 million dollars from the stock market. His theory is based on Cycles which repeat themselves! According to him, Share Market movements are based on mathematics, and astrology is nothing but pure mathematics. It is the ultimate science, with no scope for confusion or errors. 2+2 is always four, in any part of the world and under all conditions!

The Cyclical Pattern or the Law of Periodicity

The theory is simple—if recession comes, boom has to follow. This is known as the Law of Bipolarity in Nature. Pleasure & pain, birth & death, happiness & sorrow etc Similar is the nature of gain and loss in the stock market.

According to those who practice Stock Market Astrology, Planetary Cycles influence Economic Cycles. For example, the transit of the Planet governing finance Jupiter does influence the economy of a Nation. In US horoscope adverse Jupiter is responsible for the fall in DOW. For India, Jupiter is in a favorable position, the lunar fifth, and we find the stock market boom here, whereas America is down with recession.

Financial astrology is also known as economic astrology, astro- economics or business astrology. Right or wrong, this business is thriving. Astrology in its pure form is nothing but truth, as stated earlier. Astrology as it is practiced by quacks and half-baked pundits is a social nuisance, and the investors should not be guided by their predictions. If they claim to make accurate predictions and help one to earn in millions as they claim, why should they practice astrology?  They should enter stock market to do trade on the basis of their own calculations.

According to astrology, the movement of celestial bodies impacts the events in financial markets. The scientific community dismisses this proposition. Astrologers, who have perfected the practice of forecasting on the basis of the movement of the celestial bodies, and other astrological factors related to a particular investor, generally offer advice in the following areas:

  1. Predict important economic trends relating to a particular cycle of the planets.
  2. Pinpoint the state of a particular industry by current standards, on the basis of planetary configurations.
  3. Identification of the suitable stocks for current investments. Which one to buy and to sell.
  4. Calculate the ideal time to trade a particular share.
  5. Forecast the day trading movements.

Bejan Daruwala, the famous Indian astrologer, makes day to day predictions about the stock market trends. Read about his today’s prediction (December 22, 2010)

“Moon is in the Aardra Nakshatra of the sign Gemini, today. Market will be up from the period between 9:15 to 10:20.From 13:25 till the end of the trading day, like an earthquake, there will be some aftershocks in the market, confusing you about the direction in which to go to. Do not trade, unless you have the skill to sail through…” (Bejan Daruwala)

Billionaire J. P. Morgan consulted his astrologer Evangeline Adams in timing some of his most important business and investment moves. Morgan once said, “Millionaires don’t use astrology; billionaires do!”


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