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SRK man-handled..

shah_rukh_khan_wiki1Actually this is a news-scoop that is being planned to be published in tomorrow or day-after-tomorrow’s newspapers. Since I got it apriori, through unofficial channels,  I am bringing out a blog on it. SRK was man-handled during his interrogation at Newark Airport.

In fact SRK plans to write a book with special focus on this particular incident, which SRK thinks was the major insult heaped on him. Once it is out in front-page of newspapers, one can read more about this incident, including even some photos and youtube videos.

Everyone knows that when SRK was detained in Newark Airport, he was not allowed to smoke. In fact he was not even allowed a visit to the washroom alone. The air-conditioner temperature in the room was reduced as an American official wontedly claimed that it was too hot. But all these were known.

The worst part of racial profiling happened when the American officials questioned SRK. This was not properly reported. To begin with, the officials blatantly asked SRK his full name repeatedly. SRK was interrogated by a total of 4 officers and all the four officers repeatedly asked him his full name to be repeated like a parrot.

In fact SRK told them that he is the most popular young Hindi actor in the world. But you know what.  One of the contemptuous official remarked that he had not seen any ‘Hindi’ film.

It just does not stop with this. SRK even pleaded with them, that Obama was his fan. He wanted to make a call to Obama. But the officials who detained SRK refused to make the call saying that they did not want to call their President for routine detaining procedures.

In fact SRK atleast wanted to talk to Joe Biden or atleast Bobby Jindal. But the rogue American officials blocked all communications from SRK saying calls to Government officials from detainees is against their procedures.

But the choicest of the insults were heaped on SRK, when they decided to leave him out, after several calls from top Indian political leaders.

The Indian political leadership which could not be moved into action by Swine Flu Virus, Sky-rocketing rice and dhal prices,  Soaring unemployment swung into action, the moment it saw there was an issue of racial profiling and insult to Indians happening in foreign soil. They made two thousand calls in one hundred and twenty minutes to secure the release of SRK.

When SRK was about to leave, an American official took out a piece of paper and gave it to SRK. SRK thought that the official wants an autograph as usual and proceeded to sign in the paper

The really rogue American official dared to touch SRK and stopped SRK by holding his hand, half-way through. It was that SRK was almost man-handled. The American official told SRK “This is an interrogation form. Please read through carefully and sign. Do not sign it just like that.”.

If it became known in India that SRK was touched by an American official, there would have been riots in India. Hence this has not been reported much. Since enough time has elapsed now, tempers have cooled down and hence it is being brought out now.

But now NDTV, CNN-IBN, The Hindu, Indian Express, Times of India, Times Now, Hindustan Times all these media have obtained photographs and video shoots of the American official man-handling SRK. They are planning to bring out special editions on this part of the incident.

Remember to see all of these on TV and Newspapers. Remember to raise your voice and condemn such incidents, so that they can be prevented from happening again.

That is the only way we can forget our worries on price rise, unemployment and private companies looting our precious natural gas resources with the help of GOI.


Disclaimer:  The core incident reported in this story may be true or untrue.


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7 Responses

  1. SRK is the actor who, incash every incident of his life he took advantage of his stardom for this. Don’t forget the close link between bollywood and underworld. Most of the fundings for the movies has been provided by the underworld. And on the suspicion of underworld links he has been detained and interogated, unfortunately this should have happened in india with every actor, not only SRK.

  2. Good satire.

    But, you forgot to mention that in the UK he is escorted to the car, and the US officials added insult to injury by making him carry his own luggage to the car. They accompanied him to the car and demanded that the chauffeur inform of SRK every movement.

  3. SRK is great hero who has entertained people a lot, so, he should have been spared. We youths should be very much concerned about him, much more than price rise issues, he has helped us get so much fun in his films. So,I dont agree with THetHnkBig….

  4. Yes, now I got it, TBT. Actually your satire is so implicit that I missed it. Yes, you are correct. Most of us Indians tend to forget our real worries and spend the day singing glory and raising concerns about our celebrities. The satire was slightly difficult to catch for an average reader but it was greatly expressed. Thank you TBT!

  5. Dear Abhirup, Sabrina

    Either u people did not understand the satire in my writing or my writing is so poor.

    Read my article again. It just says that this SRK issue is simply a media creation and political ploy.

    Where was SRK manh-handled really in my article.


  6. This was not a slur on India by any means. Checking should be done for all people, whether it be SRK or Obama, regardless of nationality or race. India must also in same manner heighten security at airports. American system of security is must because this is the age of terrorism, so even SRK should be man-handled if required. I think we must forgo nationalist sentiments in the larger interest of global security.
    America’s fool-proof checking system is the reason why US has not suffered a single terrorist attack after 9/11 while India is having several every year.

  7. I do agree that this incident was an insult to India. But, don’t we Indians regularly allow ourselves to be insulted and humbled by the Americans? Indian youths to whom you are addressing these statements are adopting American culture and this has already degraded the pride of India long back. Then, Indian politicians lick the boots of US ministers quite often. You must be aware that when a lame under-secretary of state of US was allowed to meet the PM of India blindly when he visited India. Don’t all these highlight that India has already been hmbled long back?