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Slapping can be dangerous

slappingCertain events that occur in the childhood days remain fresh in minds for the entire life. And these very impressions together decide the nature and personality of a child. Therefore understanding child psychology is very important for parents and school teachers alike.

Parents are the primary role models, whose behavior is very important for a child. But teachers are equally important, as the child spends a considerable amount of time in school. Often for children up to the age of 7-8 years, the ‘ma’am’ (teacher) is only next to mamma. They expect motherly behavior from their teachers. So do the parents who hand over their dear ones to the care of teachers.

And thus comes the importance of dealing with the child. Physical punishments are not much heard of in good schools, as teachers are well read. But unfortunately, slapping the child is considered a less harmful punishment everywhere. It may be argued that it is for the good of the child. But do we realize what kind of physical and mental affect slapping can have on a child? Getting slapped in school is more devastating, because the child is away from the security of parents. More sensitivity is required on the part of teachers, particularly for kids up to the age of 10 years.
Whatever the reason for slapping may be, it is an outcome of anger .Anger in any form is a negative emotion. It is a form of aggression, which a child can pick up too. And certainly we do not want negative aggression in our kids when they grow up.

Secondly, when we are angry we are not in control of our reactions. When slapping, the hand can hit any part of the child’s face. Eyes, nose, ears are the particularly important ones. There are children whose nasal bones/blood vessels are delicate. If the force of the slap is near the nose, it might start bleeding. Many children have earache during cold and cough. If a child has blocked nose and he is slapped on the cheeks, the pressure can lead to earache.

Best example of hurting the eyes is that of our veteran actress Lalita Pawar. She had beautiful eyes in her youth. During the shooting of one slapping scene, her co-star slapped her hard unintentionally, damaging the muscles near her eyes. The life long damage is for all of us to see.
A teacher has many children under her. She cannot know every child’s physical traits, so it is best to control one’s negative emotions and be safe.
Children are not only physically delicate but mentally too. Wrongful punishments during childhood may find dangerous expressions in later years. Often the outspoken children pass on the blame to the innocent ones. The teacher may not bother to find out the reality & punishes the quiet, innocent child. Quiet children are usually very sensitive. They feel so hurt, that they are unable to even speak out the truth. But being sensitive, the punishment always remains in his mind. There are many ways other than physical punishment, to make a child understand his mistakes. Wrong ways need to be treated, but with love, care and understanding. Parents and teachers have to be really smart when dealing with kids.

After all, if we sow love and understanding, we will reap the same too.


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