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Tips for Reorganizing and Redecorating your Home

Home is where the heart is. The heart is where your imagination is! And imagination can work wonders anywhere. Whether it’s a small house, apartment or a bungalow, a little imagination can enliven your home. Small changes in the general set up of the house can give an all new fresh look to the interiors.

Simple tips to Reorganize and Redecorate your home

1. Wall color scheme- Colors around us have an impact on our moods. There are colors full of energy like orange, red, yellow etc., and there are soothing colors like light green, blue, peach etc. When you plan to paint your house change the previous color scheme. You can opt for different colors for different rooms. Generally, shades of green and blue are good for painting the bedrooms. These colors have a soothing, calming effect on our brain, which helps us to relax.

The drawing room where you receive guests and friends should have some energy.

Shades/combinations of yellow and red are preferred for painting the drawing rooms. Dining area needs to be a happy as well as soothing place. This room can have shades of peach, pink, purple, yellow. There are two options in the color scheme for decorating your drawing rooms. One is, you can paint all four walls of the room with the same color. In such a case, select light shades. Second option is that of contrasts. Paint one wall in a bright shade and the rest of the three walls in a light contrasting shade.

For example, if the wall which you want to highlight or the most visible wall can be painted in orangish peach, while the other walls in cream. The cream (or any light color) reduces the impact of the bright color (used to highlight a particular wall) and gives an impact of spaciousness. Keep the ceiling white.

2. Wallpaper- Wallpapers are an economical and quick way to make interesting changes in decorating rooms. Like paint you can use wallpapers of any color and print on all four walls of the room or on one particular wall which you intend to highlight.

3. Green Plants Bring in nature to your room. The natural green color of plants is not just soothing, it also gives a cozy feel to the room. During summer plants give a cool feel to the room. If the room is too small to accommodate plants, you can place plants in the verandah and windowsills, which are visible from the room. Small balconies with less floor area can have plants in hanging baskets.

4. Artificial plants and flowers- While fresh flowers and plants are indeed beautiful, they require maintenance and cannot be kept for long. Artificial flowers can easily replace the nature’s element in the room. You can change the look of the room by placing fresh green plants during summer and artificial plants and flowers during winter months.

Artificial flowers also give the freedom to mix and match with the room’s color scheme.

5. Light- Different types of light from different angles can be used according to the occasion (purpose of using the room). For special occasions diyas, candles and lanterns in the room add to the traditional ambiance. To decorate your house, brighten up unused corners with tall artistic lamps/lampshades.

6. Furniture arrangement - For a change, alter the placement of different furniture and other items in the room.

7. Upholstery and furnishings- Keep more than one set of upholstery. Every set comprising of sofa covers, cushion covers, table linen, carpet, curtains etc. should be of a definite matching color scheme and different from other sets, so as to provide a different look every time.

8. Pictures, photographs & other curios- You can keep changing all the things on display from time to time to showcase all the interesting things you have. When furniture placement is changed, the pictures too should be moved accordingly.

9. Different use of mats and carpets- Rugs, mats and carpets with interesting patterns can also be used as a wall decoration. These can also be put up behind sofa sets, deewan etc. to protect the wall behind as well as to provide a different look to the furniture.

10. Staircase- Whether inside the house or outside why forget the staircase? Brighten it up with lights, decorative pots and plants, wind chimers, paintings, photographs and other curios. Traditional terracotta items in earth color go very well with green plants. The staircase wall can be painted with interesting geometric patterns or murals. Or you can paste small items like shells, stars on a brightly painted staircase wall.

11. Interesting Partitions- In place of the usual curtains and traditional partitions between drawing and dining rooms, place a book shelf in between with books on both sides. Or a line of tall plants can also be placed as partition.

Spread your imagination to every nook and corner of the house for new and creative interior decoration ideas. The decoration/ arrangements of the house, both interior and exterior, is a reflection of your taste, creativity and your basic nature.

A beautifully decorated home, done with love shows your warmth of nature. Whoever enters the house feels welcomed and always leaves with a happy feeling.

The more interest and effort you put in, in decorating your house, the more you will love it, and wherever you go you will find your home to be the best.

After-all you have put your heart in it and it’s your own heaven of dreams!


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  1. Very nice article as you have listed almost all ways of decorating and livening up our homes….do keep telling us more innovative ideas of decorating and some useful tips of how to use odd things to decorate living rooms, study, drawing room etc.