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Twelve tips for personality development

Personality is defined as the cumulative traits in human character. It is very surprising to note that even the best looking person can have an ugly personality. Now-a-days personality development is the principal topic in the classes of communication management. Youth of our society have great interest in knowing things about personality development because they carry the notion that key to their success lies in improving the aspects of personality.

Failure of personality results in frustration. When you fail to communicate about the positive sides of your personality, it results in frustration. Frustration is the natural outcome of the failure of your personality.

Personality consists of your clothing, behavior, etiquette and amicable communication with others. It is helpful in expressing your hidden talents. You may be gifted but if your personality is not animated, the outcome will be disappointing for all.

A powerful personality attracts others like magnet. It creates a space for you in every one’s heart.

12 steps to improve your personality

  • Your dressing sense – Make sure you wear clothes fitting with the occasions. Suitable clothing fitting with the demands of occasions draws interest of people in you. A well-dressed person is liked by all.
  • Be gentle and soft spoken- Your voice is the mirror of your personality. Apply gentleness in it and avoid saying rude things. Appreciate the good things in other people. Your smiling mien is the first step to success. Keep your balance when you speak. Always steer clear of controversy. Be very selective with your words. This will bring appreciation from others.
  • Appreciate and praise others- While you appreciate others, it shows your good nature. In case you find good qualities in others, praise the persons without getting jealous. Encourage and congratulate others when you find they have done something really good. Appreciation and praise are the natural ways to create your position in the lives of people you love.
  • Hide your pride and egotism- Be cautious in hiding your pride and ego while you interact with others. Such evil traits naturally become transparent, while you rise in self-actualization. Keep your inner consciousness for this alive.
  • Avoid expressing envy and bitter criticism- Envy is the extreme end of admiration. So better if you admire people without getting envious. When you are jealous and angry, you ultimately damage your personality. Control your envy with out letting it out in your nature.
  • Stay away from deceptiveness, lies and cheating- Deceptiveness and other immoralities are not qualities of diplomacy. These qualities rather harm you without boosting up the prospects of your life. In the long run, you get reviled and defamed.
  • Be positive in your thoughts- Thoughts are the real foundations of your personality. Keep the thoughts positive and nature cordial. There are qualified individuals who do not get acclaimed for their talents because of negative thoughts. Healthy mentality and positive thoughts make your personality successful.
  • Keep away anger and irritation- Anger and irritation are the natural barriers in your personality for success. Unless you control such things, these become ingrained in your nature. Anger and irritation spoil relationships with others.
  • Serve and help others if you can- For social recognition, serving and helping the people in need are also a major step towards making your personality popular. It shows your sense of undertaking important responsibilities for the sake of social causes. Helping the poor, down trodden and needy human beings create your favorable image in the society.
  • Be punctual- Punctuality is helpful for a successful personality. It makes you one extra-ordinary human-being among others. You get noticed due to your promptness
  • Be mindful about the worth of time- Be mindful of the fact that time is money. Wasting time in unnecessary activities devalue your personality to a greater extent. Learn to make use of every bit of time in your hand.
  • Be conscious about your self- Understand your own self. Stay away from dropping names about people you know and your contacts. Your talent and merits can only bring you recognition and make you popular.
  • Adopt the good qualities from others- Make your best efforts to learn from others. Listen patiently to the words of worthy people to discover the content of life-building-material in it. Such thing is useful in making your personality popular.


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