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Say Nay Gay..

hsIn India section 377 is the most effective tool against child sex abuse. Not only that.

Huge number of poverty stricken Indian young men are being forced into homo-sexuality silently both in the name of myths and in the name of modernity. There is a belief amongst the rich that drinking sperm gives vitality and fresh blood, which is a non-sense. There are also beliefs like homo-sexuality cures STD’s, which is also a non-sense. But these myths do exist but are constrained to grow because of the illegality of the whole issue (Section 377).

There is also the fashion element that is spreading now-a-days on being on the other side of society, which is being actively aided and abetted by the media. This takes the form of support of homosexuals and ending up as a homo or bi-sexual.

Section 377 is the only known tool that has been stopping the growth of these myths and modern aberrations. Once it becomes legal for people to have consensual sex between adult males, it throws open the flood-gates for these myths and aberrations to prosper. Those who were afraid of the law and carrying out their canvassing in shady places will now come out in the open and carry out their activities openly.

Universally the time now has turned towards gay and lesbian movements. It is kind of being accepted that men can live men and women with women. So it is natural for Indian media to be carried away, as it sees itself as the harbinger of ‘liberty’.

What is the truth..?

All along the history of human race, trans-genders have existed and have been acknowledged. In several Indian mythologies trans-genders have been talked about with same respect that any normal gender is talked about. Shikandi and Alli in Mahabharath were eunuch kings and queens.

But this was never given the form of ‘homo-sexuality’ as it is being given today by media and pseudo-pandits on sexuality. Homo-sexuality would be an aspect of trans-genders, the not-so-fortunate gender of the human race. It is not the only aspect of them. In fact trans-genders have many other aspects other than homo-sexuality.

Several trans-genders have gained prominence in the later day history of India for art forms like music and dance. They have been well respected and acknowledged. The world did not look at them as ‘homo-sexuals’, for homo-sexuality is only one aspect of trans-genders. Trans-genders have much higher skill sets in several fields compared to normal genders, due to their unique genetic make-up.

Indian culture always treated the homo-sexuality aspect of trans-genders as their private issue. It was an issue of their bedroom privacy. What two living beings did inside their bedrooms was not an issue to be discussed in public. Instead it respected and adulated the artistic skill sets of trans-genders.

For sex between man and a woman is about communicating love, feeling the pleasure and thereby taking part in the evolution of intelligence on the planet. Hence sex was treated sacro-sanct. Higher the pleasure of sex, higher was the chance of reproduction. Thus higher the chance of evolution of intelligence.

But of-late this whole trans-gender issue has been hijacked and tweaked by the media and pseudo-sexual pandits into an issue of ‘homo-sexuality’.

The reason is to take homo-sexuality beyond the issue of trans-genders and apply it to all the genders.

The reason is to make homo-sexuality a form of entertainment, a form of aberration that can be marketed, invested, traded and made money on.

The reason is the media and businesses look at homo-sexuality as ‘a la vice’ trade. Like cigarettes, alcohol and sex on cinema, homo-sexuality can be marketed, invested, traded and billion dollar industry created.

Think about it. If a new class of trans-genders can be bred through the marketing of homo-sexuality, it would create a zillion dollar industry. In the process several normal genders have to be migrated to become trans-genders. And the best way to begin it is to ensure that homo-sexuals and bi-sexuals are accepted and adopted in the society.

This is the process that is going on currently. And it is dangerous to the whole human race. This is what seems to be the focus of several organizations who are working in this field.

What I have written may appear to be a piece of over-imagination, but humans have always exceeded their own imaginations over a period of time.

Hence If legalizing homo-sexuality means promoting it by providing an open space for it to grow in the society, it MUST be stopped.

Homo-sexuality between trans-genders is a different issue. It is not a crime. But then there is a concentrated drive by vested interests to create, nurture and grow trans-genders as a fashion and cultural item. Many normal people are being forced into homo-sexuality as a matter of choice for them.

And such people who are being directly and indirectly forced into homo-sexuality are not trans-genders. They are being indirectly forced into homo-sexuality as a matter of fashion, myths, modernity and sexual freedom, to taste something different.

Media is purposefully blurring the difference line between natural trans-genders and the people who are being directly/in-directly forced into homo-sexuality in the name of myths, modernity and fashion.

And this MUST be stopped.

Such a homo-sexuality, which is spreading as a part of modern culture amongst straight humans (non trans-genders) is against human Culture. It is against human family values that form the bedrock of democratic societies. It is against all human values and systems. It is against human evolution.

If homo-sexuality and all associated forms of relationships are allowed to flourish, then scientifically it is end of human evolution. And remember human brain can be definitely self-destructive. It can guide the whole intelligence evolution process on wrong path and destroy the society.

So we should say YES to rights of trans-genders in which homo-sexuality is a part, but NO to homo-sexuality between normal genders, say NO to marketing and propagating homo-sexuality as a cultural, modern or fashion element.

Hence legalizing homo-sexual acts of adults, even between consensual adults is wrong. It will promote these myths and modern aberrations, which are being held back by this law and eventually have the power to destroy humanity.

There need to be more qualifications in place to scrap this law or we need to simply keep this issue as an issue under the carpet, as our ancestors did. Let trans-genders live their life peacefully, but let us not create a market for being a trans-gender.



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  1. But there are many homoromantic asexual gays too who don’t want to have too much sex but only enjoy romance or compnay. How can you say that sex-drive fuels the same-sex love for these people?

  2. I read your article on the gay people you wrote 3 years ago.
    I believe sex drive is responsible for the typical homosexuality. Do you think masterbation through fantasy is the sure way out of this?
    Can a gay male spend a happy time with a woman and relieve of his homosexual desire through fantasy at the same time? What opinion do you have about this?

  3. Not all people in the West are the same though. I have read that several gay men and women have also managed to change their unwanted sexual desires through religious devotions. It is only religion which has curbed these people of many perverted sexual thoughts, not only homosexuality alone.
    Our nation’s fault for ages has been to condemn people with unwanted sexual desires as heathens and to relegate them. But one should remember that any form of desires are natural, so dismissing such people as worthless will only lead them to get frustrated with Indian culture of ignorance and respect the Americans.
    So, while there is an urgent need to respect equality of all mental desires, there is also a need to introduce moral science and religion in the curriculum of children so that they can utilize their sexual energies towards building the nation rather than engaging in the Western vulgarity.

  4. The fact that medicines don’t really cure these mental problems shows that mental problems can be done away with by useful diversification. I also think poojas,meditation do help. It may not be just because God comes to help but also because the mind is diverted for a great duration which automatically makes the mind forget the crazy whims. That is by far the best cure and the best remedy.
    I think it is better to accept Indian culture because today, hardworking Indians are far happier and mentally balanced than the Westerners.

  5. You seem to be knowledgeable person. I am happy to see a sagacious person like you who believes in pujas and spirituality in modern days. I think mental desires are transitory and can always be suppressed but it is slightly difficult because in modern days there are just too many sexually arousing or stimulating things around, so, sexual control is a problem for just anyone. And things are getting worse with the diversion of this sexual energy towards perversion.
    Please write another article giving suggestions on how to do away with sexual desires and lead a pure life. It would be of immense help for many people like me struggling from unwanted sexual stimulations and hypersexuality.

  6. Dear Sweety,

    In general the oriental cultures where knowledge is handed down generation after generation stress on prevention than cure. Towards this end they stipulate a whole set of do’s and don’ts which ultimately stifle the society, as the logical reasoning gets lost.

    In western societies this handing down of knowledge does not exist or has been lost totally. Or the methodology of hypothesize-test-analyze has been carried too far in every walk of life. While it has formed the basis of scientific temparament almost everything has to be learnt anew. So there is no prevention possible based on sagacious ancestral words. Only cure is possible, after all the problems come up and if current human knowledge finds a cure.

    While oriental cultures stress of self-control and sublimation of sexual energies in productive directions, modern day western cultures promote uncontrolled exhibition of sexual energies and tendencies.

    In oriental thought process unwanted things need to be suppressed and removed. Suppression and Removal involves concentrating on religion, social service, God, philosophy, Devotion/Bhakthi, Slokas, Poojas etc. People with such thoughts will be asked to divert their mind onto such things.

    In western thought process if anything is unwanted it needs to be treated psychiatrically or physiologically. People with such thoughts will be asked to pay more fees to doctors and spend more on medicines, without any specific result.

    Both cultures recognize Idle mind is Devil’s workshop.

    You can follow western or Indian culture. It’s upto you.


  7. I really don’t understand why fantasies/feelings are considered as inborn disorders. Feelings and desires can be of many types and can cover a wide range. I agree with TheBigThinkg that homosexuality is only a sort of extraordinary fantasy. But then, can TheBigThinkg explain to me why the US guys show it as a disease? Could it be right? What do yout think TheBigThinkg? Why do the Western people think everything is disease? I am more worried because I myself get aroused on thinking about many sexual things about women and now I am afraid if it is an inborn trait I cannot cure myself of.

  8. Dear Ritu,

    It is not my fear. It is an open secret that is happening in shady areas of the city I live, including most of its parks. Lot of magazine articles have come up on it recent times in Chennai.

    Also this is my personal experience, which I wrote 3 years back:


  9. Is it true that MSM trade is flourishing in gay activites? Or is it a fear of this writer that it may happen?
    India is cultured country and nothing like US can happen here. I m sure that only gays will get social status but nothing vulgar beyond that will happen in India.

  10. We have not asked anyone to live like us. Just like you understand our right to live life to the fullest, we also recognize others rights.We have just requested to allow us to stay peacefully. What can we do if people now start loving to imitate us?
    The very society which a while back talked ill of homosexuality is now imitating us. But we can’t help it, neither it’s our fault or even fault of media. It is the fault of fickle-minded people who don’t know what’s good for them.

  11. Dear Atul,

    I understand HC order fully. But HC has failed to note that any recognition given to homo-sexuality will make it difficult for Law enforcing authorities to curb child-sex and adoloscent getting involved in MSM trade.

    It is a very practical difficulty. We can legalize drugs also, so that we can reach to every drug addict. But then it will become uncontrollable, unstoppable for Law enforcement agencies.


  12. Dear Angry gay,

    I have no qualms with your living. Everytime, Life is an one-time opportunity. Live it to the fullest. But do not propagate your living method as the living method for future, by claiming recognition for it in the public.


  13. Dear Lipika,

    If according to you homosexuality is a brain defect or psychological disorder then there is no need for this debate. As science progresses cure will be found. There is no need to legalize anything at all.

    If not today, tomorrow’s science will cure it. But I don’t think it is a disease as you think.


  14. Dear Raja,

    In your set theory A is an imaginary set of numbers and B is a real set of numbers. So n(A^B) = Nil.


  15. Dear Sonia,

    Let there be diversity in sexual interests. But why should it be brought out in the public and promoted..?

    Scientists who have studied evolution pretty clearly know that bi-sexuality (2 genders) has promoted selection and elimination thereby accelerating evolution. Anything else is going back. And hence they should NOT be promoted by legalizing them and giving space for them to grow.

    Legalizing means giving space to grow and prosper


  16. Homosexual activity for illegal purposes is a crime like any other crime but for bedroom reasons,it is justified between consenting adults. Private affairs should be left private.
    As for the author’s concern about MSM trade,it will remain in hiding even after the decriminalization because it is crime. The HC has not declared any illegal market-oriented homosexual activity as legal just like there is ban on filming pornography in many places. So, I don’t see why the author should worry.

  17. Lol,I think women would be more safe if homosexual culture grows. The rapes and crimes of sex against women will be reduced considerably and they will get more empowerment. That means nothing but a sort of evoltuion in the country where females are unsafe. I think it is a great idea.

  18. The only request for gays like us demanding rights is to allow us to live with our own partner of choice. We don’t want any marketing or advertising. We want to just have a happy bedroom life.
    If people in MSM circles are exploting this thing, it is their problem. We have not told them to do that. We just want society to recognize our problems as a genuine one and if possible, also find ways to cure it. We don’t want unncessary comments which lack knowledge and credibility.
    I am gay and I am not proud to be gay and I don’t have homosexual fantasies and also don’t like anal sex. But,I just want to spend time with my boyfriend and be loved. It does not mean I want anything of sex from him, pure love is innocent love. Please don’t misunderstand people like us.

  19. Whatever it is, birth defect or environment, if the individual has a mental requirement for love, he should be allowed to get it.
    With alcoholics and drug addicts, it is different. No person has alcohol or drugs as primary needs but every person needs love from someone. Without this love,the enthusiasm to live a life is dark. Why do you need love from your partner? Can you live without it? Thus,it is wrong to allow drug addicts to thrive but it is right to allow the homosexuals get their love to prevent them from getting into severe depression and commit suicide.

  20. “Once you say it is a case of defect, it has to be addressed for cure apart from acceptance to facilitate smooth living. It should not be celebrated and propagated”.
    Yes, homosexuality has to be addressed for cure. But medical researchers and psychologists are reluctant to find a cure insisting they are inborn and cannot be addressed. So, which other expert will find a cure to homosexuality?
    The individual is left alone, helpless,forced to face the disorder for a lifetime alone with just nobody to address the issue. It is not that he desperately wants to enjoy the disorder, but what can he just do to be happy? It’s easy to ask him to avoid it but….
    How would you feel if you spend most of your time without your desired spouse?
    It may not be a birth defect always, as many say, that many boys who are heavily tormented by their male peers during childhood grow up developing innate hostility to guys and sexualize their need of love from males, hence,grow up to be gay. Yes, it may be due to environment also, but, who is there to help the individual deal with it? It’s too difficult to cure psychological stress than any physical ailment. as the causes,symptoms etc are all very intangible.
    The marketing is not correct, is obvious. But,atleast it will stop people from thinking gays as perverted.

  21. Lolzz, not all gays fantasize sexually….

  22. That s typical biased judgement 2 say there r no non-transgender gays. We all know there r many around us. No contradictory argument can convince anything otherwise just like no argument can convince anyone that the Earth s flat.
    lolzzzzz,Raja’s way of explaining it mathematically s really gr8.

  23. Dear Lipika,

    According to your own words, homo-sexuuality is an evolutionary partial brain defect like autism.

    According to your own words, as we accept autistic children and ensure they are able to enjoy lives as much as other, we need to ensure that brain-defect homo-sexuals need to be accepted and facilitated to enjoy life.

    Once you say it is a case of defect, it has to be addressed for cure apart from acceptance to facilitate smooth living. It should not be celebrated and propagated.

    But I don’t think homo-sexuality is a defect or dis-order to be cured. It is simply a case of sexual fantasy gone bit more awry. It is natural.

    My only point was it should not be legalized as it would amount to marketing it.


  24. Maybe one reason for the misconception between gay and transgender is the Hijra and Kothi community visible in the outskirts, many of whom are both. But that does not mean they converge always.
    You know the set theory formula? n(AUB)=n(A)+n(B)-n(A^B)

    Now: A=Gay
    AUB=GLBT Community as whole
    A^B= Gay as well as transgender

    Does that make sense now?

  25. There can be normal straight person who is not straight in gender or is transgender. There are many heterosexual males, for example, who wear gowns in closet.
    There may be normal gender people likewise, who have the atypical sexual interest. The terms should not be confued by one who respects diversity.

  26. 1)”You call my statement untrue, but offer no explanation to it. Instead u have gone on to lament about people being homo-sexual in their bedrooms. I also agree people can have any sexual orientation in their bedrooms. But that is not the reason for it to be legalized…”

    What further explanation can I give to convince you that gender and sex are different for an individual?
    And why should homosexuals keep their identity hidden in bedrooms when heterosexuals don’t keep that hidden in bedrooms?

    2)”I agree to dis-agree. Amongst straight genders homo-sexuality may be a figment of sexual orientation, a part of sexual fantasy, but no more. It cannot be justified to start a new creed called homo-sexuals”.

    Who has started the creed? You may think it’s the media. but no, it has always existed and it is God’s creation, just like God created transgenders.
    Also,there could be many people who don’t at all have sexual fantasies but still want a same-sex partner. It’s just that they desire love from same-sex just like you desire love from some opposite sex person. It’s their life they want to be to be happier and satisfied. Would you be satisfied if you did not get an opposite sex partner but were forced to spend your life with a same-sex partner?

    3)”This talk of homo-sexuals who are not trans-genders is either misleading or mis-conceived. This is called marketing”

    Can you offer any explanation behind this logic?
    Let me explain further. Think of a person who has a male body but wants to do all typical female jobs including female dress-up,nail-polish,sitting to piss etc because the brain is wired to be female in the wrong body. Such a person is a transgender.
    Now, suppose the brain defect is partial so that the sex coding stays normal, so that this person is attracted to women. So, this person would be a transwoman attracted to women. If the sex code was also abnormal, she would be attracted to males alongwith being transgender.

    Now, take the gay man’s case. He is comfortable wearing male dress, doing male jobs everything. He does not have deep desire to live as woman or even to cross-dress.But his sex code is abnormal, so, he has sexual feelings towards other men, and wants to be loved by males.Otherwise, in other circumstances, he acts and feels male. This is a gay man. If his sex coding was normal, he would have been just like any normal man.
    So, where do you think any correlation exists between being gay and transgendered? Why do you still disagree without further investigation?

  27. Dear Lipika

    Thanks for reading my article and asking questions sensibly. Though my article appears non-sensical to you, your questions have lot of sense.

    1. You call my statement untrue, but offer no explanation to it. Instead u have gone on to lament about people being homo-sexual in their bedrooms. I also agree people can have any sexual orientation in their bedrooms. But that is not the reason for it to be legalized..

    If you enjoy POT, it is not a reason for legalizing POT.

    2. I agree to dis-agree. Amongst straight genders homo-sexuality may be a figment of sexual orientation, a part of sexual fantasy, but no more. It cannot be justified to start a new creed called homo-sexuals,

    3. Media marketed cigarettes as a stylish element in the 70′s and major part of 80′s. Youth bought it. When its ill-effects were discussed, media and big-businesses hijacked the issue for another decade by inventing filter cigarettes. Filter cigarettes were touted as harmless. Then came cigarettes for women.

    Only when millions and millions of people died and it was awfully clear that cigarettes are injurious to health, the tide turned.

    Media can market anything. And people will buy it. If you tom tom that homo-sexuality is the latest fashion element young people will fall for it, no doubt.

    And media can make believe people that MMS only planned the Babri Masjid demolition. Why MMS..? It can make people believe or doubt that Mahatma had actually planned the demolition. It just requires few ground work to be done.

    And to hell with your dubious figures. When Indian population itself has not been census-ed properly, all your figures are figments of imagination coming or excel sheet engineering.

    4. This talk of homo-sexuals who are not trans-genders is either misleading or mis-conceived. This is called marketing.

    5. Just because man fantasizes with man does not become gay. There are 100′s of dark elements in each man’s closet. Don’t make all these into a rights issue.

    Then there will be animal sex rights club, another man wives club, self-sex club, man-machine sex club etc.

    6. Unlike the prostitution which is illegal and is flourishing undergound, allowing homosexual rights will promote open MSM trade with adoloscent young men openly.

    Actually this will legalize prostituion of a different kind, as young kids will be openly forced into sex under the pretext they are gay.

    As some people in the West project, sexual orientation is not just another issue of human likes and dislikes. Accepting it openly and propagating it has huge consequences for human society and as of now our society is not mature and intelligent enough to handle the repercussions of such a society.

    Like unabashed capitalism and communism, history will prove unabashed sexism also as wrong.


  28. And yes, another damn important thng….
    Why do you tell me that HIV is coming out of homosex alone? Doesn’t it come out of illegal call-girl prostitution so rampant in cities? Did you ever protest about that before? If you have, please give me link to any such article.
    Why should gay men and women keep their secret under carpet if heterosexual people don’t keep sexual feelings for their crushes under carpet? Just tell me that dear.

  29. Yep, over 80% of Hollywood is gay, that’s a known fact.
    Same might be with Bollywood but just that everything is being forced to be under carpet.
    The actors are just staging a 2-3 hr movie drama in normal heterosexual roles. But, imagine how horrible it must be internally for many to enact a lifelong drama without coming out?
    And what is a person’s fault if God has made someone dvelop crushes on
    same sex rather than opposite sex? If you are protesting about that and not accepting this fact that normal genders may be gay, you are in turn challenging God’s creations. So, how are you, as a votary of Indian culture, understanding God ultimately?

  30. That’s a great job by Lipika.
    Another thing to be highlighted here. Due to Indian hardliners, there have been many people forced to stay in closet about their sexual preferences. But, look at Hollywood. Many renowned actors and singers- Orlando Bloom, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Madonna,Dominic Monaghan,William Haines, Neil Patrick,Alan Cumming…. all have come out openly as being homosexual in their preference.
    But do you think they are transgenders like the Hijras out there? Just see the difference here and don’t just say they are claiming this for fashion. There is nothing between fashion and having sexual feelings for someone.

  31. Don’t think gay means fashion industry just because most gays, in order to escape from fear of normal public glare, run away to fashion industry. You should see the reality. These gays have brought about the glamour in the film industry and also fashion world as they were the ones to join thae industry but that does not obviously mean that being gay itself is fashion.

  32. No sexual relation or romantic love exists between opposite polarities and perhaps this is the reason why TheBigThinkg sees this as immoral.
    I would like to point out that even in a homosexual relation, there are two opposite polarities- like a soft feminine male and a masculine male; or a manly butch lesbian and a submissive compliant female. It’s just that their sexes are same, their internal minds are of opposite polarities. Don’t you get the idea that a man can have a soft feminine mindset and a woman can be masculine type?
    The male-female tie is seen in almost any relationship, so, why is that going against Indian culture which considers relation between a male and female mind as sacred? If it’s not sin for the masculine woman to demand high levels in professions like other males, what is the big deal with lesbian relation? Why the dichotomy?

  33. There are many gays who are asexual(neither gay nor straight) and are not interested in sex at all, they just desire a same-sex partner for romantic relationship. There are many girls who want to share life only with another girl without any sex, for example. Don’t you think they are being denied justice and rights just because everything is being considered a perversion and sexual obsession?
    And a gay lifestyle will help curb some of the exponential rise of population, it’s important for about 50% of the world to have gay lifestyle.

  34. I agree with Neelam.
    If a woman is modern, she would wear topless dresses and skirts to attract young men. She would be like a Rakhi Sawant. What would make her go to another woman for sex?

  35. “There is nothing like homo-sexuality in people who are normal genders except a media propagaged fashion that young libs like you jump in to tom-tom.”

    This is so biased judgement, I feel like crying.
    Why would I want to tom-tom on something just because it is made to be fashion? I don’t go to discos, metro plazas or shopping malls though that’s modern fashion. If I want to do something of fashion, I would go to these places rather than talk about something mundane like “modern sex”. Don’t think that being gay is modern just because the truth about this psychology is coming out in modern times. If you discover diamonds in South Pole, it does not mean these diamonds are modern or new.
    What makes you say this without further investigation? If you want to be honest and unbiased, go around in the towns doing further investigations yourself. I don’t think youths will call themselves gay if they aren’t (unless you bribe them). Rather,there are many of those who are but would deny, for fear of social relegation. There is nobody “normal gendered” so modern here who would claim he is gay even though he is not.

  36. I read your article once again carefully. Some of the most erroneous and nonsensical sentences in this article are:
    1)”Indian culture always treated the homo-sexuality aspect of trans-genders as their private issue.”
    This is so untrue. Not all transgenders are homosexual. They,just like the normal genders, could have any form of sexual orientation on the spectrum. There have been many normal genders who have been into gay sex in their bedrooms in India for long much before marketing even started.

    2)”But of-late this whole trans-gender issue has been hijacked and tweaked by the media and pseudo-sexual pandits into an issue of ‘homo-sexuality’”

    This is so untrue. There is simply no relation between homosexuality and transgenderism at all. They are different classes of minorities altogether.

    3)”Such a homo-sexuality, which is spreading as a part of modern culture amongst straight humans (non trans-genders) is against human Culture”.
    Not all normal genders are straights, it’s your myth and this is very very far from reality. The 15% of gays talked about in media circles, excludes the transgenders which forms barely a 1-2%. If you don’t believe the figures, you may not, but then it’s your choice. But do you think the media can be successful by highlighting fictitious things which simply never exist or can never happen? If a newspaper now claims that Babri Masjid was demolished by Manmohan Singh, do you think people just would believe that?

    4)”Media is purposefully blurring the difference line between natural trans-genders and the people who are being directly/in-directly forced into homo-sexuality in the name of myths, modernity and fashion.”

    Who told you that having gay sex is modern and fashion? Homosexuals just like transgenders have existed from time immemorial. It’s only that they were in hiding out of fear and now they are tired of living this hidden life.

    5)”So we should say YES to rights of trans-genders in which homo-sexuality is a part, but NO to homo-sexuality between normal genders….”
    No, homosexuality is not a part of many transgenders at all,for, many are born straights as well. I again advise and beg you to clear this misconception.

    6)”Let trans-genders live their life peacefully, but let us not create a market for being a trans-gender.”
    How can the gay transgenders (transwomen attracted to women) live peacefully if gay rights is denied?
    And again, marketing as gay does not mean marketing as transgender.Please clear this misconception. Gay males cross-dress or want to live full time as women; many are as masculine or even more than other males. It’s just what they are sexually attracted to.

    Now,you will again argue that these arguments are all media stuff, there is no scietific research etc. But remember as I said,marketing can never thrive on fictitious things, facts which can never be substantiated by others. This is not Chinese media which just claims anything as a fact. People must confirm a claim, and only then media can sustain itself.
    As for the poor people being forced and your concerns of prostitution, why don’t you make the same comments against the corresponding heterosexual crimes which are in far greater numbers? Please clarify that.

  37. Dear NoName, Lipika,

    Read my article and comment.

    Do not comment reading other’s comments.


  38. Dear Joseph,

    To be on other side, adultery is human defined. As long as it is kept between two people and not spilled over to affect the families it goes and gets over.

    I am not talking about adultery.

    Any method of sex apart from normal sex propagates viruses and diseases. Masturbation is the only known method that has been scientifically researched and proved as harmless if carried hygeniecally and within a limit. All other abnormal forms of sex carry huge risks in them (even between man and woman). They are still under research and investigation.

    My article did not stress of sexual risks of homo-sexuals at all.


  39. Dear Neelam,

    I think you have missed my article thoroughly. Go thru it again.

    Homo-sexuality is being propagated as a culture and fashion amongst the poor young population of India exploiting the economic status. MSM trade is thriving under the darkness. With this law it will thrive openly. Victims will be the mass of poor young people.

    Prostitution is illegal in India. If it is made legal will it not prosper more..? It is similar to 377. If scrapped adolescents will be brought into trade. There is no way to identify a person if he is 14 or 13. Not every Indian wanders with a birth certificate, social security no. or any such proof. So it is a free-for-all..

    There is nothing like homo-sexuality in people who are normal genders except a media propagaged fashion that young libs like you jump in to tom-tom. There could be sexual fantasies of all kinds with all people. But that is to oneself and have to be kept in closet. Every mind has dark corners.

    Quote on scientific research proof that is accepted on this issue. You are all simply being carried away.

    Sane voices are getting drowned in the chorus of insanity.


  40. Do you know that many women who want to be like males in jobs and professions are secretly lesbian in sexual orientation and love other women?

  41. I also fail to understand why only gay sex is considered a source of HIV epidemic when there have been just more number of cases reported from unsafe heterosex and also syringes. It’s outright biased discrimination of the whole matter, I believe, just because it’s not a common desire for all.
    If really, sexual crimes are to be banned, yes, stop all forms of sexual marketing. Stop marketing of pornography,bluefilms,sexually stimulating pictures in the web, everything.Be unbiased, universal. Don’t focus on just one aspect.
    Besides, decriminalizing won’t really bring any more HIV to society. Because gay sex has been going on in secret in many bedrooms for many years, so,if HIV was to spread so much from gay sex, it would have already spread. Legalizing the thing would only remove the fear/insecurity from the minds of these several helpless people who have no fault for what God created them and made them. Over 60 milllion people of the country are gay and it’s a consensus that about 10% of human population is gay evenly in just any region. Also, being gay is not the same as having sexual fantasies, because many straight people who are not gay also have regular homosexual fantasies. Being gay is an individual’s orientation and is a sexual identity which makes him desire a partner of same sex, nothing else. Legalizing the thing will make such people feel valid citizens equal before law. It’s not necessary that they will have more sex due to this any more than the straights. Do all heterosexuals have more sex just because that’s not legal offence? Being perverted is not the same as being gay.This is a trash opinion and needs further thought, I guess.

  42. It’s wrong to say that homosexual fantasies alone trigger a person to have gay sex. That’s not true. You could be one who has regular gay fantasies but don’t desire to do it in reality. Also, you may be the one who never has any sexual fantasy but are homosexual. Please recognize people, I beg you.

  43. I agree with Neelam. Homosexuality is not the only type of sex which is guilty of adultery. If you are so much concerned about dirty sex, make every form of sex (adultery,polygamy etc) illegal. Why don’t you comment against and favour a ban on the straight porns and MFM, BDSM porns as well? These are also harming many young school and college kids and perhaps a much greater number? My view is that anything sexual is harmful, not just gay sex.
    And do you know one thing? The more you repress your desires,the more perverted you become? Heterosexuals get to do that with their spouse, but what would the closet homosexuals do to get rid of their lust atleast once? Something of equality must be there.
    Also, not all people who have sexual fantasies are homosexual. You are wrong in saying that. There are many people who fantasize but don’t like it in reality. There are also people who never fantasize anything of sex but want a same-sex partner in their life. It’s not about fantasy, it’s about a desire of pure innocent love.

  44. But you should think of the grief homosexual youths get when they see their heterosexual counterparts living happily with their spouses. So, giving them rights is necessary. And yes, I think the HC has already mentioned that forced sex (whether straight or homo) is crime, so, I don’t see where this aspect matters to you. If MSM trade is going on under cover, it should be exposed and the people punished. But consenting adults should be allowed to stay as legal couples.
    And why do you say homosexuality per se is against culture and is against moderation? It’s not that gays are doing sex with just about anyone. It’s just that their partner sex preference is different. That does not mean something perverted. They desire love from same sex just like heteros like to get love from opposite sex. And it’s not a question of a few people, there are quite a large number of them who are leading unhappy lives due to the stereotype.
    I don’t agree with you when you say homosexuality leads to HIV. Doesn’t unsafe heterosex also lead to HIV? It’s only that homosexuals have do do all this under cover if they are not given rights, so the HIV aids do not reach them. If they are open, they would get them and there won’t be HIV. But how will they be open if all torment them for what they are doing? That’s the sole purpose of giving them rights they deserve.
    And if you are worried about the MSM trade and gay porns, why aren’t you showing the same concern for the corresponding heterosexual objects which are also done illegally? Just make that point clear. Is it that the sex of the partner matters when it comes to illegal marketing?

  45. Dear thra,

    I think you have a long way to go to understand societies in general. Americans are not rich (not during this recession) and definitely not rich because they are liberal. A significant and probably major portion of WASP gang which holds money in America is staunchly conservative and republican.

    I am not against human liberties. But liberties are not euphemisms for self-destructive, uncontrolled behavior.

    Culture is not regressive or self-destructive. It depends on what you define as our culture. Some of the salient aspects of our culture (cutting across regions of India) is diversity, unity in diversity, respect for elders, moderation in behaviors, tolerance, Large family/familial relationships etc..

    Homosexuality and public sexual orientations go against the spirit of moderation in our behavior under all circumstances. Self-Control, sublimation of our energies to productive purposes are all part of the way we are grown by our families.

    In India, Family is the basic unit of democracy. Not an individual.

    Propagating uncontrolled sexual behavior for individual liberties trampling the rights of other members of society is against the spirit of our culture.

    Indian parents will sacrifice themselves for their kids. They will remain bound in relationships even if they don’t like each other for the sake of their kids. American’s wont.

    For Indian siblings taking care of their parents in old age is their duty. Getting their sisters, daughters, sons married to someone is their responsibility. Getting a job for their sons/daughters/relatives is their task. In America, you can’t find this system.

    Excpet under exceptional circumstances an average middle-class Indian family (majority of them) takes care of elders themselves. For an American old age home is the natural choice.

    Our culture and value systems are definitely better and protect our society atleast as of today.

    Propagating individual liberties as more than our duties and responsibilities is against our culture.



  46. Dear Minu,

    Sexual fantasies cannot be the basis of demanding rights and reservations from society. Then for every fantasy someone will demand legal protection.

    I am not going to stop people from having fantasies and orientations. But these cannot be the basis for exploiting innocent people by facilitating MSM trade and child sex legally.

    Once legal protection is given, whatever is happening in darkness will start thriving out in the open.

    Once upon a time there was this thought process in U.S. that experimenting with drugs is not a bad idea. That time, the point was one should not become a junkie.

    After a lot of struggle the Americans understood that experimenting with drugs is a real bad idea. Then they changed the concept to ‘Just say No’ to drugs the first time.

    Now it is happening with homo-sexuality. Gay rights associations are taking the Americans for a ride. Already they have taken the Europeans for a long ride.

    Till the real scientific discoveries come out or diseases caused by HIV and HPV break out in epidemic fashion amongst these people, which has to be expensive to get rid off, the ride is not going to end.

    India cannot bear this expensive experiment. Hope its culture and commonsense protects it.


  47. Dear Minu,

    Sexual fantasies cannot be the basis of demanding rights and reservations from society. Then for every fantasy someone will demand legal protection.

    I am not going to stop people from having fantasies and orientations. But these cannot be the basis for exploiting innocent people by facilitating MSM trade and child sex legally.

    Once legal protection is given, whatever is happening in darkness will start thriving out in the open.

    Once upon a time there was this thought process in U.S. that experimenting with drugs is not a bad idea. That time, the point was one should not become a junkie.

    After a lot of struggle the Americans understood that experimenting with drugs is a real bad idea. Then they changed the concept to ‘Just say No’ to drugs the first time.

    Now it is happening with homo-sexuality. Gay rights associations are taking the Americans for a ride. Already they have taken the Europeans for a long ride.

    Till the real scientific discoveries come out or diseases like AIDS and HPV break out in epidemic fashion amongst these people, which has to be expensive to get rid off, the ride is not going to end.

    India cannot bear this expensive experiment. Hope its culture and commonsense protects it.


  48. Can TheBigThinkg tell me what is the use of preserving culture which is regressive, traditional,does not embrace individuals who dare to challenge norms?
    I don’t really know the history of Africa and neither am I interested to know of it. It’s useless if the church or the temple priests don’t learn to accept people. Human beings are not robots who should be expected to follow a set of codes;they have feelings and emotions of love,hatred etc which are manifested through sex. If you make people do whatever they want (in fantasy as well as reality), they can be more productive as their minds will be happier-they will be able to give more to society out of the happiness of freedom they get. So this will be constructive to society rather than anyway destructive?
    It is because of this that USA is liberal with various types of people and see how rich they are. I now get how USA is getting richer and richer.

  49. Just yesterday, I passed by a group of girls who happened to be saying that this gay rights decriminalization is going to further empower women more. You know how? Girls would no longer be forced to marry men who are their tormentors- they no longer require men to do anything. They can adopt babies and live together alone.
    What does this indicate? The world is soon going to get homosexualized and males are going to be redundant.This would make the males start living together alone too in this century. This is the dirty offshoot of Western culture. Change sex, have free sex or do anything possible for your luxury. I wonder where we are heading.

  50. Sex is power, sex is passion, sex is life. The fellatia, roal-sex and everythig in sex is healthy.
    Sex is so wonderful. Control anything in life but why sex? That is something which ignites your mind. Why just not let it loose in whatever way you like?

  51. Different things arouse different persons sexually. I for example, get aroused by leather contact, that does not mean I should make leather my spouse.
    What culture is this? Is this what being rich and modern is- give vent to your hidden mental pleasures? Your comments are making me get tensed about making too much money in future. I would prefer a simple corporate job to a fashion industry. No need of money if you can’t keep individual self-control.

  52. @Anonymous,
    You seem to be a fool or a hypocrite, I must admit.

  53. @Minu
    I agree everyone has a right to fantasize anything for mental or sexual pleasure in bedroom. But is money the reason for not wanting to change sex? No, not for me. I am a firm deputy manager and money isn’t a factor for me.
    The thing is I don’t believe in big aesthetic pleasures just because I have money. Money is not meant for that. Money is just like a prize which you automatically get when you do something for society. It has to be kept as a token, not spent for indulgence. Do you see big corporate managers in gay bars just because they are wealthy? Quite a lot of them may be gay,animal sexuals, transgenders, anything. They just do their service for society, not to earn money for glamour or fun. Get your society basics right.

  54. A simple question to Anonymous:
    Don’t you think you are poor and cannot afford a sex transition, so you are making these comments?
    If you like being female, you have full right to change your sex.

  55. Well, I sometimes get sexually aroused on imagining myself as a sexy woman. From what I have studied in websites, I know this is autogynephilia- paraphilic tendency to get aroused on thinking oneself to be female. Do you all know the remedy the US experts suggest for this? Outright body transition from male to female!!
    Can you believe it? For a fantasy, they don’t suggest psychological remedies, rather advise people to change their bodies and sex.How ridiculous. They think life is fun just because money is there in the pockets.
    They are brutes, ****cking are the Americans & their adherents here, not TheBigThinkg. In fact, people who have problems with their bedroom fantasies should address this issue through self-control and personal mental reparations and it’s possible to avoid enacting things in reality and not being your mental slave. That is the fundamental difference between a human and an animal.

  56. What this ****ing bullshit about society?
    I don’t believe in this. Please, TheBigThinkg, don’t you support giving fundamental rights? There are some people who don’t want to realize their fantasies in reality but there are also many who do. Will you let these people die of grief? Or, what would you do to quench their sex hunger?
    Today, money is something many people earn through effort, but who gets the desired sex they love?

  57. Dear Suraj, Jai, Namitha and Rani

    Thanks for ur comments.

    Hope this has been an useful discussion.


  58. Dear Pankaj,

    You seem to be the ultra-modern avatar of homo-sapiens. Are you the early offspring of super-novae..?


  59. Dear Sujata,

    We don’t live in such a simple world as u described.

    Read my response to others in particular where I talked about society.

    Though society is sum of all of us individuals it is more than sum of its parts. Societal rules will be different from individual needs and aspirations. At times personal liberties will need to be curtailed.

    What is staring in U.S and Europe as a simple gay rights issue can dominate the next century as the biggest sword of destruction over human evolution.

    Like in the case of cigarettes where it was marketed as good for health at some places and was not told about its harmful effects for nearly half-century, this homo-sexuality fad is being propagated.

    Hence for the sake of society it needs to be curtailed or if you wish closeted to deepest darkets corners of human minds and allowed to live there for eternity.


  60. Dear Neelam,

    I think you have mis understood me. I had talked about trans-genders also. I have distinguished transgenders with marketing of homosexuality for propspering MSM trade.


  61. Dear Raja,

    Aap ka swagat hai. Bahut Bahut shukriya.

    Hamare desh me aap kahi bi piss kar sakthe hai. Lekin kahi bi kiss nahi kar sakthe. Suna hai america mey ulta hota hai. Hum abi thak americanize nahi huey.

    Simple. Your comments lack a sense of Indian society and culture.


  62. Dear Minu,

    Your comments display how cho chweet you are..

    If everybody does everything of our own, then why have a society..

    Let’s have fun la..


  63. Dear alter ego,

    I accept whatever you have written.

    So what..?

    If I am a man, I may also fantasize having sex with man. So what..?

    Why should I publicize it and ask everyone to follow it..? Or why should I tell others that it is not wrong..? Why should I do it..?

    One may fantasize sex with neighbor’s wife, national leaders, cine-actors etc. So should all these fantasies and orientations be given legal status..?

    Because the logic is ‘We should come out of the closet’. Why people have to come out of the closet..? In fact every one of us have so many dirty things in our closet. Let us keep these small dirty things to ourselves.

    This can go on extending to animal sex, machine sex, self-sex etc.. Is this not sheer non-sense..?

    For society to progress, we need to keep official things simple. Man and Woman. Nothing else. Everything else is illegal.


  64. Dear Thra,

    Read my article.

    I have no doubt that everyone will have their own sexual fantasies and orientations. If not they have not been using their brain..

    But there is nothing wrong in controlling these fantasies and orientations and if possible engage with them with your own spouse or otherwise keep it to yourself.. or else even masturbate..

    And it is definitely wrong to make them an issue of choice and to ask for societal recognition.

    Already I know the MSM trade is growing in cities and lot of urban poor young people have become victims of this trade. It is happening in the dark as it is illegal.

    With legal sanction this trade which used to be a shadow business will come out in the open and will grow further with more and more adolescents. And it would take on very many other forms openly.

    India has a huge young, poor population waiting to become fodders.

    Most of the liberal young people over in this site do not know the history of nations and how they have got suppressed. Read the history of African nations. Most of them lost their pride and life when they lost their culture.

    Their culture has been won over not by war, but by music, free-sex and drugs from affluent nations.

    The culture of India has been the sword that has been protecting us, guiding our youth from going astray. Once it is lowered with laws such as this, money-making-media will combine with liberal blokes to lap up whatever is left of us.

    While I am against in-tolerance and I believe in diversity and unity in diversity, I am against using liberty as an euphemism for sanctioning of destructive, uncontrolled behavior.


  65. Dear Pinky,

    The rights that you are talking about have no boundaries as time goes. It is everybody’s personal right to have sexual fantasies in their minds. But it is another matter to demand soceital recognition for their right.

    All the free-wheeling young liberal jokers over here first have to understand what a society is and why man is a social animal..

    Homo-sapiens are social animals by evolution and that behavior has helped evolve their intelligence further. The very concept of social animal is to curtail some of personal rights that could harm further evolution of society and ensure that further evolution happens in an orderly protected fashion.

    So society means we are giving up something. Not we are demanding something from it. It means compromise. Compromise for the sustenance of things and suppression of things that could destroy the society.

    Uncontrolled human organization based on unlimited sexual fantasies and orientation would lead to destruction of social fabric.

    And hence….

    So learn to live in a society…


  66. “Many normal people are being forced into homo-sexuality as a matter of choice for them”.
    Are you referring to the Bollywood homosexual activities? Well,don’t forget, that there are many of these are hypocrites who actually enjoy the gay sex and then complain of molestation or force to gain public exposure, just like many women love to claim they were raped even though they consented to the sex.
    You appear to be a narrow-minded person who understands only a few aspects of marketing. Just about any person loves to market himself by lies, remember that. So, how much is the truth about this “force” and how can you confirm this unless you are knowing what is exactly going on in the victim’s mind?
    Besides,why do you say that those who have homosexual feelings should hide their feelings when the heterosexuals keep engaging in polygamous relationships,porns and teenage sex? Doesn’t marketing also exist in heterosexual bluefilms to a much greater extent?Stop everything illegitimate of sex if you are concerned about society so much.

  67. “I think sex of a person is a societal issue and transgenders should be treated with full respect and freedom”.
    My question is why only transgenders? Why do you confuse transgenders with gays? What makes you ever think that normal gendered people cannot get sexually attracted to same-sex? Just think of a straight transwoman as a simple girl who is attracted to males while a lesbian transwoman to be a simple girl attracted to women. Why do you want to specify your view although it’s not what people actually are?
    And unless rights are given to these people, they will be forced by society to do things in bedroom which they simply don’t like to. This may generate marketing, but doesn’t a normal rape case also generate marketing? What are these NGOs doing in the name of spreading rights of women? Encouraging in turn many girls to rape men. Do you know that? Marketing is an offshoot of just everything. But that does not mean snatch rights of people in bedroom. Parents can’t force teenagers to do things against their wishes,so,if a girl wants to marry a girl,LET HER DO THAT! IT IS HER RIGHT.

  68. You have not yet mentioned why you love to be a sophist and also don’t want to clear the basic facts about gender-identity and sex of a person.
    Gender is all about what you feel from deep inside, sexual attraction is about whom you are attracted to sexually. How can you even say that only the transgenders are homosexuals and normal gendered are all straight marketing themselves to be transgender?
    A lesbian is a girl who feels woman from inside but does not experience sexual attraction to men. A transman is a man who is wrongly born in female body, so wishes to transition his body to male one. These are two different persons and their sexual orientation has nothing to do with it, they may be same or different, anything. And nobody can become another type just by influence. If a normal male goes to do gay sex even for money, he is actually a homosexual in closet. Please stop commenting on things you aren’t aware of.

  69. Firstly, I again say that about 20% of people have homosexual feelings and needs and whatever be the reason, they would be happy with that. Secondly, you are wrong with basics.
    A person who feels female inside despite having male body may not be sexually attracted to men at all. Sex and gender identity are two different concepts and please don’t say these are just stuff of magazines and the web. Real people have experienced this. I have also heard of men who get sexually aroused on imagining themselves as women but they are not transgender or even gay. So,if you are allowing only transgenders to stay peacefully, it means you are only supporting those with identity crisis, which is ridiculous, because they are much less in number than the 20% gays and lesbians who are cringing in closets out of fear and social torture.
    Besides,if people were not like that in reality, the marketing wouldn’t have been successful as well. If a salesman portrays that he has a device for going to moon, do you think people will believe that?

  70. TheBigThinkg, you are wrong in claiming that homosexuality among normal (non-transgendered) human beings is inspired. You don’t know anything about gender and sex. Transgenders have gender conflicts (while they may also be straight or not) while homosexuals have just sexual conflicts ie., they are romantically or sexually attracted to members of their own sex.
    How can you say it’s inspired? It’s totally natural. Also,supporting homosexuality among transgenders means indirectly giving rights to lesbian transwomen (women in male bodies attracted to females) and gay transmen (men in woman bodies attracted to males). I don’t understand why you say that. Please get these terminologies correctly, unless you want to prove you are saying something utterly nonsensical here.

  71. I don’t mean to say so, Namita. If an individual does not hurt others, he can freely follow his kink, that’s democracy and being modern.
    And why does TheBigThinkg say that a lot of straight people have been “forced” to do gay sex? That can never happen. Those guys must be having gay tendencies too, nobody can just force anyone in a democracy.
    Gay sex is fun and let that happen among consenting individuals as well as for marketing. What will TheBigThinkg by stopping the plain marketing in a democracy? If the sex business attracts people and it brings money and economic growth, why stop it? Go ahead.

  72. By what Minu says then, we should allow rapists to rape women and sodomists to rape men as well, it’s their choice,right?

  73. If a woman wants to have sex with animal, it’s her choice. If a man wants to crossdress, it’s his choice. If a straight male does homosex for money, it’s his choice as well.This is modern democracy and the media is right in asserting rights of people. I don’t see why TheBigThinkg is trying to choke fundamental rights of citizens and expects that all women should marry men and vice-versa.

  74. Doesn’t TheBigThinkg know that many so called “normal” males cross-dress in private for sexual pleasure and comfort? Just sneak into many bedrooms, you would see a lot of transgenders and transvestites apart from the Hijras on the streets. This is nothing abnormal, this is modern lifestyle, accept it.
    If women can wear T-shirts,pants and jeans in public, why not let the men wear gowns and sarees openly as well?
    And if these so called normal men do gay sex, what’s wrong with that? It’s an Americanized society. If you don’t believe in modernity, why do you write in English and not Hindi?

  75. Kya Sab ho raha hain?
    Lesbo porns kaun nahi dekhta? Ye sab chalta hain. Fucking guys, it’st their choice- the gays and lesbos. And if normal people do gay sex also,it’s their choice, why restrict them?
    And if two males do oral-sex openly, what’s the big deal? They love each other. Why does TheBigThinkg have a problem with gay-sex done openly? Be a little modern. You are too traditional puritan ha ha ha.

  76. TheBigThinkg is right. It could well be that over 90% of people have homosexual fantasies at some stage of life?
    I had lesbian attractions in childhood, because I lacked love from female peers at that time and many girls used to tease me. But as I made more friends with women at a later stage and got approval from them, I was able to do away with my homosexual desires and also desire to be a man.
    Everything can be addressed through psychological counselling and therapy. It’s just that some western people are blocking the road to psychological therapy claiming everything is innate and inborn etc. They do this to make more people indulge in gay sex and pornography for a bigger marketing. They are ruining this world.
    I hope TheBigThinkg does something to address the real needs of GLBTs who wish to reform and become true heterosexuals. Believe me, it can be done, and as a mediaperson worried about this issue, you should take the lead.

  77. There is nothing called as homosexuality or heterosexuality and there is nothing of gender as well. Actually,anyone can be bisexual or bigendered under favourable circumstances.These are myths created by some mad researchers in USA and the media which is always on the hankering for profits.
    So, yes, I support TheBigThinkg when he says that anyone can be made to become homosexual due to marketing reasons. This is because just about anyone has the capacity to do gay sex if the mental taboo or block is removed through lure of money. Wouldn’t a man enjoy homosexual activities if he is paid in crores for a porn scene,for example?
    And it’s wrong to assume that straight people can never have inclination for homosexuality. I have heard many so called normal people watching lesbian and gay porns at night time in their bedroom and doing nasty things with themselves like masterbating. The sexual culture should be repressed with proper education. Giving rights to people in this way is making the world sexually obsessed and less religious and moral. Contrary to what TheBigThinkg, even the bedroom issue should be paid attention to, because the people who are doing sexual activities are ruining their lives and nothing else.
    As for the true homosexuals, yes, that’s a problem which can be addressed through many non-sexual ways as Jai says. It is true, that a person’s genetic codings can make him inclined towards being homosexual, but that can be changed through self-control and also platonic matings with same sex. It’s possible but the gay activists are not allowing this to happen with the excuse that it is a born disorder.

  78. Homosexuality is not an inborn trait necessarily as gay actvists claim. There have been lots of people who have successfully reformed themselves of homosexuality. Homosexulaity occurs either due to fear/hatred of opposite sex people or receiving lack of love from same-sex peers in childhood.These are just mental problems which can be addressed through psychological counselling and getting platonic non-sexual love from same-sex adults in adulthood.
    It’s not a medical problem and there is no gay gene at all. These are all claims by profit making scientists and researchers and also the marketing media. These people are only making lives more difficult for the homosexuals willing to reform by saying that just about anything abnormal desire is inborn. I hope people stop loving money and begin loving morality more. It’s good to recognize that homosexuals are not perverted beings but it’s wrong to claim that they are inborn and so, should be allowed to engage in gay sex. Media as well as government should try to address the issues through setting up of good psychological counselling centres. If Bipolar depression and panic attacks are not inborn ailments, then why is homosexuality?

  79. Transgenders may be homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. Sex and gender are different identities of a person. There are also pansexuals, metrosexuals,pedophiles and zoosexuals (people who get attracted to animals). There are just as many types of people as there are people in this world. But does that mean legalizing just about anything in this world?
    It must be remembered that sex is a form of perversion while gender identity is something very fundamental to existence. So,a woman in a male body who is forced to wear male dresses and grow hair/beards or do male jobs faces an identity crisis just because he is trapped in wrong body. But gays and lesbians have sexual problems. A homosexual male may loathe to be a male only for sexual reasons, but he is comfortable as man in other fields. So,legalizing homosex means allowing perversion to thrive in this world while giving transgenders rights means to give them recognition of their due identity. In that respect, the HC ruling should remove the letters GLB from the GLBT rights to get away from supporting perversion.
    I think we should all support TheBigThinkg if we love our country more than sex.

  80. I disagree. Human beings should be allowed to do whatever they want. Yes, there are a lot of people who want to have sex with animals, why not let them do that? It’s their life, it’s their choice.
    And why would a heterosexual ever allow himself get dragged into homosexual activities just for money? If he really goes there, it directly implies he is also homosexual or bisexual. Nobody does anything just for money,there is some love associated with the task you are given, you cannot be forced to do anything if you are matured adult.
    If I am forced to do sex work for marketing, for example, I would call the police or do just anything if I don’t want sex really, nobody can force me just because I am a girl. And if I don’t do it, it means I love sex and so I accept it.
    So, the choice is upon the person, not marketing.

  81. With full respect to all those supporting this decriminalization, I wish to say that I am a woman who frequently get lesbian fantasies- it’s fun to love a girl and be loved. But, they are daydreams many enage in just for relaxation,extra pleasure.But fantasy and reality are very different.
    If you ask me, that whether for this reason I would want gay rights, I would say -NO. All human beings are basically animals under cover. So, they can just have a wide range of desires and fantasies. It does not mean that if we have the fantasies, we break civil code. Afterall, rules and religion exist for what? They are there to prevent people from falling prey to innate mundane desires, so that we learn to give to society rather than to take everything in the name of whims.
    Decreminalizing homosex would only add to problems for all of us, including closet homosexuals too, because then, we would not get the scope to reform our minds but instead we would get full opportunity to resort to our bestial whims just anytime. Just see those Americans. They are all perverted beings with no religion- they are just like beasts nowadays, taking alcohol, drugs, doing unlimited sex….
    And I would like to add that there is nothing at all called being gay or bisexual. Everything is just a mental desire which can be overcome through a lot of efforts in getting the right desires met in legitimate ways. You would understand what I mean if you read this website.
    The media is just like that. You disclose one private fantasy of yours and they would start demanding rights for marketing. It’s immoral but that’s what marketing is all about in modern society. It’s upto the people to do socially acceptable things. Remember, the perverted Western people have got a lot of money but they are the unhappiest beings in this world. It’s better we Indians retain our own culture.

  82. You don’t believe that women in men’s bodies may be attracted to women as well? Well, just go through real life accounts of true transsexuals who are no longer out in the closet before commenting on anything. You may go through this one:

    This is not a magazine article, and nobody has paid money to these people to make such claims. I don’t support giving rights to everyone for marketing,but,atleast please, believe in facts. If people like you don’t believe facts, the lives of these people will get more miserable.

  83. Dear Joseph,

    I also accept different sexual fantasies and orientations will exist. Like your 10,12% (why not 50% or 70%..?) I can also talk about a 8% people who have sexual fantasies and orientation with animals. These 8% people are hiding in the closet out of fear nothing else.

    These thing exist and are very common. Just open your eyes from the slumber of ignorance.

    We should make sex with animals legal. We should give them equal rights.


  84. Dear Raja,

    I didn’t challenge any medical concepts. I don’t what made you write that..

    What medical concept are you referring to..?

    Can you quote me one official globally accepted research paper or hypothesis document that support your medical concept..? It should not be any web or magazine report..


  85. Dear Neelam,

    I am sure your knowledge is limited to what you read in the web and magazines.

    Thanks for ur comments.


  86. Dear Pinky,

    Sorry I did not follow ur comments.

    My point was simple.

    I know lot of people who are straight but have been forced into homosexuality for money and in the name of fashion/culture.

    I think sex of a person is a societal issue and transgenders should be treated with full respect and freedom.

    I think sexual orientation is a bedroom issue. So many people will have different sexual orientations. But all these need not be legalized, talked about as rights issue. It is plain marketing.


  87. Dear Pankaj,

    I can only ask you to read an article and try to understand it before commenting.

    I had differentiated between transgenders who are homo-sexuals and normal genders who are forced inot homo-sexuality in the name of fashion/economics/MSM trade etc..

    First get language basics. Then sex and gender basics follow.


  88. Dear Nikhil,

    With lot of respect I can only state that you are living in the world created by media. So this 15% is your imagination. You can also make it 50% or even 100%.

    Having sexual fantasies is common for everyone. But it is a tragedy to create a caste/creed out of people having similar sexual fantasies. Soon there are going to be animal-sexuals, who have sexual feelings for animals and anotehr HC will declare that animal-love is legal.

  89. It’s not a difficult question to answer whether there is anybody who has normal sexual identity but has same sex orientation. Yes, it’s a fact and I bet India’s percentage can be as high as 10-12% or even upto 20% as nearly 2 out of 10 people experience homosexual fantasies and feelings. They are just hiding in the closet out of fear, nothing else.
    And yes, don’t forget there are also people who are wrongly sexed but have sexual attraction to the right gender. Yes, there are females in male bodies who are attracted to women. They qualify as lesbians because they are actually women attracted to womenm, with just male bodies. These things exist and are very common, just open up your eyes from the slumber of ignorance.

  90. Rights should be given to all as India is a democracy. And the concept may be a media issue, but the entire fluidity in terms of gender and sex of a person cannot be denied. There could be several heterosexuals who could also be bisexual or transsexual, who are just staying in the closet out of deep fear of rejection. At least these people get a new lease of life and liberty when the court gives them rights andmakes them feel equal before eyes of law. Who are you to challenge medical concepts?

  91. There could be many men trapped in female bodies to be sexually attracted to men and many women in male bodies to be sexually attracted to women. Gender and sex are different, the experts say. It is also possible for a normal gentetic girl to be attracted sexually to other girls and same for boys. Gender as well as sex of a person lie on a spectrum and there could be just about anything in terms of a person’s sexuality and gender.

  92. I agree. Gender and sex are entirely different and both should be given rights. There may be a Hijra transgender who is attracted to women, while there may be a masculine man who gets attracted to other men. It’s a fact and it applies to girls as well. It cannot be a bedroom issue alone- facts have to be known so that same-sex couples as well as transgenders live their lives in full luxury as normal people. Why should people stay in hiding for something which is not their fault? And besides,nobody could be unintentionally dragged into homosexuality by media. If a person has capacity for homosexual attractions, only then would he be led to do that.
    From what you have written it appears that you seem to know that there are many people who are homosexual or have potential of having same-sex attractions and are just afraid that once they come out, the civil society would look different. But,when people stay happily and in full luxury in their lives with full freedom, how can you say the society is uncivilized? If it’s a homosexual rape, it’s a different issue. But, don’t you think such crime exists to a much extreme degree among heterosexuals? How would you stop that?

  93. Do you even know what you are talking about when you are saying homosexuality among transgenders should be legalized? You are unknowingly asserting rights for homosexuals, ha ha ha. For,a homosexual transwoman is a lesbian attracted to women and not men. When a male-to-female transgender is attracted to men sexually, she is a heterosexual. How funny. before writing big articles, first get the basics of sex and gender right.

  94. Who gave you the wrong information that all transgenders are homosexuals and that all homosexuals are trans? It is completely wrong. There are several women in men’s bodies who are not attracted to men at all and get sexual attraction to women. And sex and gender are two very different issues and the fact is that several normal gender people are gays and lesbians while many transgendered people aren’t homosexuals. There are just different kinds of people as there are number of people. Forcing everyone to obey a bunch of stereotypes is like making them enact a lifelong drama. Just because the fact has been discovered and propagated by Western thinkers does not imply that the homosexuality concept is Westernized. You have to admit the fact that as much as 15& of India’s population could end up being genderqueer or gays in closet who are just being forced to do something they aren’t wired to.

  95. Dear ‘No Name’,

    Thanks for ur detailed comments.

    In fact if u go thru my article, I have not advocated criminalizing homo-sexuality or any sexual orientation at all. I am not sure from where you understood it like that.

    My point is sexual orientation is a bedroom issue and it cannot be made as a rights issue. When it is being made into a rights issue, it is only for marketing and business.

    Transgenders sexual identity and orientation issues are well understood. But the current attempt is to create people with new sexual orientations in the name of homo-sexuality.

    Are there anybody who have normal sexual identity but have same sex orientation..? This question is difficult to answer. But even if they exist it is a private issue and not a rights issue. From the society’s viewpoint it is inmical to evolutionary process and has to be illegal.


  96. Well while I don’t agree with you outlook; i.e. I don’t think Homosexuality or Homosexuals should be criminalized – I mean where is the criminal element there – two consenting adults doing their thing certainly not criminal!

    However, this brings up other issues – for example what if the two consenting adults were related by blood for example mother & son, or father & daughter, or even mother & daughter, or father & son (after all section 377 will soon be removed) meaning Incest – would Incest also become Legal like Homosexuality because just like Homosexuality being an act between consenting adults should supposedly (according to sections of society) be made Legal then should Incest between consenting adults ex Mother and Adult Son also be made Legal.

    Look there are a whole bunch of can of worms waiting to be opened if we take a decision purely based on emotions. Also, I do understand that some are saying that Homosexuality is not a choice rather a result of birth and biology ie a Gay Gene. But seriously if there was a Gay Gene then it should have weeded itself out due to lower rates of procreative intercourse among homosexuals over generations. Also, just because something is genetic doesn’t mean that its OK – ex diabetes, myopia, hypertension, etc

    What about those who are bisexual do they have a BiSexual Gene or those who are Pan Sexual or Poly Sexual or even those who are into BDSM or Beastality are there specific GENES for this too.

    Last but not the least, Homosexuality is entirely different from Transgender issues. Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Pansexuality etc are all issues related to Sexual Orientation where as in the cases of Transgendered people there is no issue of Sexual Orientation, most of them see themselves as being Straight (sure there might be exceptions) No the issue with Transgendered people is not of Sexual Orientation but rather one of Gender Identity.

    So its not that simple; remember there is almost no scientific, objective or rational basis for looking at this one way or the other and mostly people’s outlook is based either on personal experience, outlook or just raw emotions.

  97. Dear Alter ego,

    While I respect your sentiments, I don’t accept your substance. If somebody ‘feels’ homo-sexual, I would say let it be a hidden feeling. No need to publicise it, popularize it and propogate it.

    If one third of world turns homo-sexual evolution will end. So this CRAP argument of all homo-sexual propagandists that all humanity does not become homo-sexual cannot be accepted.

    The whole world does not consume drugs. The whole world does not smoke. The whole world is not into prostitution.

    I am writing this only because we cannot allow certain things just on the basis it affects only a portion of human race and will never envelope the entire human race.

    This does not mean I am treating drug abuse and homosexuality as same. I know one is disease and other is not. Homosexuality of transgenders is a natural phenomena. Homosexuality of normal genders is an inspired phenomena.


  98. i respect your concern for the misuse of the same sex union matter…
    but the truth remains that there are several normal genders who are definitely gay, or homo-sexuals….and that has not been forced or been thrust upon them…thay have taken it up willingly, because they know that it is what they want…these homosexuals have faced severe social backlashes, and still stood firm…i guess that makes them immune from such allegations of adopting this lifestyle only for convenience and unmitigated pleasure…it is understandable that this law may cause some problems, but still, it would not be correct to extend the rights of choosing and abiding by one’s sexual orientation only to trans-genders…normal people should have the same rights to choose as to what they like….as for the case of evolution, the whole world is not turning homosexual….its only a minority that suffers, or say, possesses this condition….i dont think that sexual liberty, as in legalising homosexual unions, will pose as a threat to that…..

  99. Dear thra,

    Thanks for ur comments.

    LoL.. I don’t mind being called a sophist. It just depends on which side lasts and which does not.


  100. LOLz. You are a sophist. Why are you wasting your mind so?