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Say Nay Gay..

hsIn India section 377 is the most effective tool against child sex abuse. Not only that.

Huge number of poverty stricken Indian young men are being forced into homo-sexuality silently both in the name of myths and in the name of modernity. There is a belief amongst the rich that drinking sperm gives vitality and fresh blood, which is a non-sense. There are also beliefs like homo-sexuality cures STD’s, which is also a non-sense. But these myths do exist but are constrained to grow because of the illegality of the whole issue (Section 377).

There is also the fashion element that is spreading now-a-days on being on the other side of society, which is being actively aided and abetted by the media. This takes the form of support of homosexuals and ending up as a homo or bi-sexual.

Section 377 is the only known tool that has been stopping the growth of these myths and modern aberrations. Once it becomes legal for people to have consensual sex between adult males, it throws open the flood-gates for these myths and aberrations to prosper. Those who were afraid of the law and carrying out their canvassing in shady places will now come out in the open and carry out their activities openly.

Universally the time now has turned towards gay and lesbian movements. It is kind of being accepted that men can live men and women with women. So it is natural for Indian media to be carried away, as it sees itself as the harbinger of ‘liberty’.

What is the truth..?

All along the history of human race, trans-genders have existed and have been acknowledged. In several Indian mythologies trans-genders have been talked about with same respect that any normal gender is talked about. Shikandi and Alli in Mahabharath were eunuch kings and queens.

But this was never given the form of ‘homo-sexuality’ as it is being given today by media and pseudo-pandits on sexuality. Homo-sexuality would be an aspect of trans-genders, the not-so-fortunate gender of the human race. It is not the only aspect of them. In fact trans-genders have many other aspects other than homo-sexuality.

Several trans-genders have gained prominence in the later day history of India for art forms like music and dance. They have been well respected and acknowledged. The world did not look at them as ‘homo-sexuals’, for homo-sexuality is only one aspect of trans-genders. Trans-genders have much higher skill sets in several fields compared to normal genders, due to their unique genetic make-up.

Indian culture always treated the homo-sexuality aspect of trans-genders as their private issue. It was an issue of their bedroom privacy. What two living beings did inside their bedrooms was not an issue to be discussed in public. Instead it respected and adulated the artistic skill sets of trans-genders.

For sex between man and a woman is about communicating love, feeling the pleasure and thereby taking part in the evolution of intelligence on the planet. Hence sex was treated sacro-sanct. Higher the pleasure of sex, higher was the chance of reproduction. Thus higher the chance of evolution of intelligence.

But of-late this whole trans-gender issue has been hijacked and tweaked by the media and pseudo-sexual pandits into an issue of ‘homo-sexuality’.

The reason is to take homo-sexuality beyond the issue of trans-genders and apply it to all the genders.

The reason is to make homo-sexuality a form of entertainment, a form of aberration that can be marketed, invested, traded and made money on.

The reason is the media and businesses look at homo-sexuality as ‘a la vice’ trade. Like cigarettes, alcohol and sex on cinema, homo-sexuality can be marketed, invested, traded and billion dollar industry created.

Think about it. If a new class of trans-genders can be bred through the marketing of homo-sexuality, it would create a zillion dollar industry. In the process several normal genders have to be migrated to become trans-genders. And the best way to begin it is to ensure that homo-sexuals and bi-sexuals are accepted and adopted in the society.

This is the process that is going on currently. And it is dangerous to the whole human race. This is what seems to be the focus of several organizations who are working in this field.

What I have written may appear to be a piece of over-imagination, but humans have always exceeded their own imaginations over a period of time.

Hence If legalizing homo-sexuality means promoting it by providing an open space for it to grow in the society, it MUST be stopped.

Homo-sexuality between trans-genders is a different issue. It is not a crime. But then there is a concentrated drive by vested interests to create, nurture and grow trans-genders as a fashion and cultural item. Many normal people are being forced into homo-sexuality as a matter of choice for them.

And such people who are being directly and indirectly forced into homo-sexuality are not trans-genders. They are being indirectly forced into homo-sexuality as a matter of fashion, myths, modernity and sexual freedom, to taste something different.

Media is purposefully blurring the difference line between natural trans-genders and the people who are being directly/in-directly forced into homo-sexuality in the name of myths, modernity and fashion.

And this MUST be stopped.

Such a homo-sexuality, which is spreading as a part of modern culture amongst straight humans (non trans-genders) is against human Culture. It is against human family values that form the bedrock of democratic societies. It is against all human values and systems. It is against human evolution.

If homo-sexuality and all associated forms of relationships are allowed to flourish, then scientifically it is end of human evolution. And remember human brain can be definitely self-destructive. It can guide the whole intelligence evolution process on wrong path and destroy the society.

So we should say YES to rights of trans-genders in which homo-sexuality is a part, but NO to homo-sexuality between normal genders, say NO to marketing and propagating homo-sexuality as a cultural, modern or fashion element.

Hence legalizing homo-sexual acts of adults, even between consensual adults is wrong. It will promote these myths and modern aberrations, which are being held back by this law and eventually have the power to destroy humanity.

There need to be more qualifications in place to scrap this law or we need to simply keep this issue as an issue under the carpet, as our ancestors did. Let trans-genders live their life peacefully, but let us not create a market for being a trans-gender.



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111 Responses

  1. Gender and sexual orientation of a person r 2 separate issues. A person can be transgender but may be gay,straight or bisexual. An person may be normal gendered and may be gay, straight or bisexual. Also, both gender n sexuality like in a spectrum and are non-binary.
    Please clear this misconception b4 posting such articles.

    • You are hell confused about human sexuality and gender. I dont think you have done any background study before posting such article.

  2. It depnds on how u see the picture. Gay men dont run aftr women, so in a way, they dont have one type of sexual perversion which straight guys have.

  3. Gays have every right to follow their temptation if every heterosexual person gets the right to follow his sexual temptations. Resisting the right will mean snatching away equality of citizens. Gays are what they are, they are born as such and no medical cure exists to change them.
    As for those who say gays are perverted,why are they oblivious to the fact that all straight people are also perverted? Infact just about any human is born to be perverted in someway or the other.
    I hve a good word to say abt gays. gay mean dont run after women as do the hetero sexual predators, and lesbians are not running aftr men as prostitutes are.

  4. we sent lut,when he said to his ppl “verily u approach men lustfully ,beside women .u r indeed a ppl who transgress all modesty”.
    surah :-7 al araaf verse no 81

  5. I hope you write an article soon for controlling sexual fantasies. Also, give the link to that here itself.
    It would be good if you saved me and several others from ruining our lives. All websites I have been going through till now have been saying that homosexuality is inborn and cannot be eliminated. Worse, many gays in the West are also in the way of transitioning their bodies to satisfy cross-gender paraphilias further. I am getting too much afraid with the mind devils and also the Western theories and propagandas about sex.

  6. Dear Rose, Rani

    Thanks for ur comments

    Dear Sweety

    Thanks for ur suggestion. Let me write an article on ways of sublimation of sexual energies. Some which I practised, some which our ancestors have handed over, some which I have heard.


  7. Dear Ritu,

    For young people to get into homo-sexuality, sex drive could be a factor.

    For married males having gay tendencies, sex drive may not be a factor. They have to divert their mind from sexual fantasies, concentrate on their women or get into religious chores or social work and avoid environments that promote their gay tendencies.


  8. Dear Zara,

    Probably they got into that situation due to some other conditions beyond them.


  9. Dear Neelam,

    From Nandhu, I learnt that high sex drive combined with illiteracy of sex caused his condition. Also when he wanted to be out, he was trapped into it for money and fun.

    After having been deep into it, I can’t expect him to say it is wrong. But he was very clear that he has strayed on to a path, which he will not stray again, given a second chance. Alas he does not have a second chance. Within his limits he lives his life to the fullest.

    I respect him and wish him all the best. But I want to ensure that future does not stray like him.


  10. From the article of your personal experience,you have seen gays in real life and still don’t believe there are normal-gendered gays? Please tell me why this is so.
    Your friend was a gay and was non-transgendered. I don’t think he became a gay just due to high sex drive. If so, you also had sex drives, why didn’t you become gay? I fail to understand.