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Samsung Continuum Phone – Review

The Samsung Continuum is arguably one of the best phones of 2010. The 3.4 inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 480×800 pixels in this phone is arguably the best screen technology so far with crystal clarity, colour saturation and vibrancy. Here, I review the hardware, software and performance of the Continuum.


The Continuum is powered by a 1GHz Hummingbird processor which opens applications rapidly. It is equipped with 336MB of RAM and has a microSD slot which expands phone memory to 32GB. An 8GB card comes along with the phone. The on-screen keyboard is tighter than normal phones because of the relatively smaller screen. The continuum also has another 1.8 inch ticker screen which is specifically designed to deliver updates and notifications. There is a dedicated camera button which is useful to users because of the fact that they need not remove the battery when they want to remove the card.


The phone has Android 2.1 along with Samsun’s TouchWiz theme. There is an option available to users whether they want to use TouchWiz or not. However, Samsung has a bad record as far as software updates is concerned. This may be a reason for the Continuum having Android 2.1 when the 2.2 version is out. The secondary ticker screen has been phenomenally implemented. It has a default layout of text messages, social networking notifications, RSS feeds, instant messaging and email to work with the ticker which is combined with a grip sensor to maximize usability. However, the ticker is configured to work only with email applications and not instant messaging applications.


The 1GHz and 336MB RAM keep the processor keeps the Continuum chugging right along. The user interface is also perfect. The 5 megapixel camera also does not disappoint because the colours appear vivid and the picture details are also clear. Video quality is also pleasing. The 1500mAh battery helps achieve about seven hours of talk time easily.


If you want an AMOLED screen with a relatively small screen size, then Continuum is the perfect phone. It is good to see that Samsung is offering devices in various shapes and designs with a uniform theme. The only problem is the software updates issue. The ticker screen is also unique along with the TouchWiz. All notifications and their potential utilisations make the phone look very useful, though the price tag of Rs.25000 make it expensive according to its utility.


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