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Sachin Tendulkar and the Power of Dreams

In life, you are always as good as your last success. With short term memories and fast happening accomplishments, a name that shined a while ago loses its sheen in moments and you need to outdo your best performance every minute to survive.  But seldom there come people who are remembered not for their last but their lasting success. And one name that repeatedly calls for attention in the category of these distinguished individuals is Sachin Tendulkar.

It is really paradoxical that this legendry cricketer began his cricketing career with a duck in his debut ODI. He was a boy of 16 then, not an age when someone becomes an international celebrity and not many really thought that he could do that. But thankfully there were people who backed the boy’s talent and taking one step at a time; Sachin became the most capable batsman of the century – in the whole world.

It is dreams that make you work harder

‘It is dreams that make you work harder’ this is what Sachin said when he scored 14,000 runs in test cricket recently and the life of this great cricketer proves that he sincerely believes in this philosophy. His dreams are not merely night time visions but solid goals that need to be accomplished and he works only to reach that goal.

At 16 playing with Vengsarkar, Gawaskar and Kapil Dev, at 26 finding it difficult to shoulder the captain’s responsibility, at 35 indirectly asked by experts to contemplate retirement, battling with injuries that could forever ruin his back swing, Sachin has made every challenge in his life look like a mere pebble in the road because his determination to succeed was always much stronger than the roadblocks.

Sachin is not God

Sachin Tendulkar is often referred to as the God of Cricket and while his accomplishments make this reference sound true, it is really his ability to conquer his human virtues that have raised him to that high an honour. He is not God but that man who has proven that the qualities like hard work, modesty, patience, and technical superiority do get rewarded. His capabilities as a cricketer are known to the whole world. But beyond a cricketing icon Sachin is that role model who has shown umpteenth of times how to be a good human being through his code of conduct on the field and off it.

There are matches when people breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Sachin walking into the field thinking that now India is saved. When he got out scoring inconsequential runs, people left the stadium being sure that India was doomed. His team mates have lost or gained their confidence depending on Sachin’s game of the day. Cricket despite being a team game has repeatedly become a one man show in many matches that India has played fans backing and hoping only for the master blaster’s glory.

And amongst all this Sachin Tendulakar has remained his calm and unfazed self. He has been a fighter who fights another day and who modestly takes the blame of a lost match although none of the other team members performed. He has been the optimist who always looks at the positive. He has been the saint who always speaks from the heart but never to start a controversy.

Sachin has proved that you can be god like by being human.

Dream on

The year 2010 has perhaps been the most prolific year for the cricketer, although it is again undermining the abilities of this player as he may go much beyond the unfathomable peak he has already achieved. At the age of 37 when most cricketer contemplate retirement Sachin Tendulkar became the first man in the world to score 14,000 runs in test cricket. He won the ICC player of the year award for the first time and also returned to the top of the world batting ranking first time since 2002. He made a double hundred this year in a test match, which is again a first for any cricketer and scored centuries in two tests one after the other.

And when asked what he plans to do now all Sachin could say was he is focussing on the 2011 World Cup.  He says, “Life would be flat without dreams. I think it’s really important to dream — and then to chase those dreams. I really believe in this because it’s this dreaming that makes me work so hard. I want to continue doing that because I’ve worked very hard the last couple of years on my batting,”

As long as he chases his dreams, the legend around him and cricket will keep growing.


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  1. Thank u Atula,impressive

  2. very well composed!! by the way, Sachin got a duck in his 2nd match als!!