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Rakhi Ka Swayamvar -> Stop Cribbing and Enjoy!

Rakhi Ka Swayamvar

Hate her all you want, but you cannot ignore Rakhi Sawant.

After grabbing headlines with all sorts of controversies including the “Mika-kiss”, her relationship with ex-boyfriend Abhiskeh, and a dress of one-rupee coins (among other controversies), she has given herself the (appropriate) title of The Daughter of The Media. She is more known for her controversies and publicity stunts than her acting or dancing.

And now she is ready to get married the “Rakhi Sawant Way”. Well, more than ready, because she has already started her “show”, Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, wherein she is going to marry the groom of her choice. Sixteen prospective grooms had been shortlisted from the twelve thousand plus (yes, there were actually so many idiots applicants!) applicants.

Most people had dismissed the show as a publicity stunt. But that did not stop the show from raking in huge TRPs. Although a shoddy imitation of western TV shows like “I Love New York” and “Bachelorette”, Rakhi Ka Swayamvar has gained massive popularity within its first week itself (it remains to be seen whether the charisma holds till the end!). The “grooms” include men from all walks of life – small-time actors, a businessman from Toronto, models, an advocate, a marriage bureau runner (or whatever he is called – marriage broker?), among other professions.

Talking about the show Rakhi says that being from a middle class family, she only wants a “huz-bend” with whom she can share her love, sorrows and success. She dismisses the common opinion that it is a publicity stunt and says that she is getting married in the full glare of the media to let them know how true she is. And also, she says, to inspire young women of the country to be independent and make their own (marriage) decisions. Well, now that would create a lot many problems for us guys, if every girl starts a swyamvar when she wants to get married. But then again, I don’t know for how many girls Rakhi Sawant might be an inspiration.

So what happens on the show? Ah here comes the fun part of writing. There are these sixteen buffoons (oops, prospective grooms), of which only nine are remaining now, who perform various absurd (and dumb) tasks to impress Rakhi. Some of the participants are downright obnoxious, some too proud, some are there just for the heck of it. The show is hosted by (the very fat) Ram Kapoor (Can’t we at least have a good-looking host, given that the participants are.. err well.. not so?). Ram hands out various tasks like Love-Letter-Writing and then reading the letters out loud to Rakhi who closes her eyes and goes all Sharmili (shy, in English), bats her eyelids, and goes on a date with the person whose letter she finds best (and frankly, her choice wasn’t so good!).

Then there is this groom, Luv, who says, “Shri Ram ne Sita Ko Swayamvar Mein Jeeta tha. Is yug main unka beta Luv, Rakhi ko swayamvar main jeet kar le jayega.” (And it sounded as though he had been handed those dialogues just minutes before he uttered them!) I wonder what the Shiv Ram Sene has to say about it. But then they would probably say that a swayamvar is Indian culture anyway!

And another absurdity is that Rakhi does not seem to have any actual relatives. Because there is some fake bhaiyya who comes to the show to “help” make her decision easier. This Bhaiyya is introduced with so much exaggeration (Ram says “There is no need for any introduction. When you see him, you will recognise him.”) that I thought it would be Hrithik Roshan, but it turned out to be some one called Ravi Kissen. I was left wondering “Who?”.  A google search later, I found out that he was very famous in Bhojpuri films but little known elsewhere. But the point is that it would have been much more credible if Rakhi’s real brother had come and helped her.

I can go on about how funny it sounded when Rakhi had said that she had never been on a date and how it all looks like a well directed and well scripted and well dialogued serial rather than a reality show. But ah! Who cares? Just watch it and enjoy it! Watch the drama unfold!

I am a Rakhi Sawant fan. No, I don’t mean that I want to participate in her swayamvar (I have not lost it totally yet!), but I like her for the wholesome entertainment and hilarity she provides! Hats off to her. Stop complaining and just enjoy Rakhi Ka Swayamvar.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the background score!  They are Bollywood numbers, and 4 out of 5 are SRK ones. See there are just so many reasons why you should watch the show!

I have just begun watching the 8th episode on youtube. You can find all episodes here. (If you want a good laugh, read the youtube comments!). Wonder if there will be a “Rakhi Ka Swayamvar – 2” next season!?

Aside: What has poor Rakhi done to her nose and mouth? It makes one think of a female Michael Jackson (oops, R.I.P), and seriously deters her acting skills by making her unable to emote through facial expressions. Not that she possessed any acting skills to speak of!


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12 Responses

  1. RAKHI is a whore…….what SHIT …Poor ALLESH he will marry again…JUST Check ….
    FOr her too it does not make difference..I Know her she is bloody …

    • Remember what I said about respectful insults?

      As for Elesh’s and Rakhi’s marriage, time will tell if it is successful. We are no one to judge and comment on anyone’s character.

  2. mubashir u have done it again! itz just one of those freaked out days for me and i go about looking for your articles. thanks for the smiles and lofs :P :))
    keep writing!

    • Oh thanks… :) I’m so flattered and immensely pleased to know that ppl look for my posts. :) I will keep writing of course, even if u don’t want me to. ;)

  3. Manmohan will soon get evicted, I think Ilesh has good chances of marrying Rakhi.

  4. Oh the series is fun alright. And the men are useless, actually, if she seriously intends to marry one of them, shes better off single.
    Her nose n mouth? Well thats the fmaous Botox. You will see that by now she can actually use them and smile properly. The effect has worn off slowly, and only the benefits will be visible.

    Fun? Yes its fun! Especially nowadays with Drama unfolding every single day!

  5. Its all conterovercy by her. rakhi you are the qween of drama you are such a stupid girl in all world

  6. a collegaue says the same thing they watch it for thr entertainment value better than the so called comedy serials. I have’nt had the stomach to watch it.
    it sure seems to be a hit with the news channel covering her visiting a gooms place in Rishikesh

    • Ah, Archi, you are missing out on the excellent comedy and drama. Plus the chance to see Rakhi Sawant wearing more clothes than ever. Watch it from Monday.

      And the news channel went to the Rishikesh groom’s house? wow. I don’t like him at all. Talks too much. Very annoying.