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Precautions and Harmful Effects of Tattoos

To prove his love for Mumtaz, Shahjahan did not tattoo his body; he built the Tajmahal; but the modern lovers sacrilege their bodies for expression of love. Stupidity has no limitations. This combustible generation of the internet era, acts impulsively first, and thinks later. Tattoo is such an art, such a permanent ‘embossing’ on the skin, often prominent part of it, which cannot be removed by a magic wand. The process of removal is more painful and involves huge expenditure, often ten times more than the cost of its embossing.  Tattoo creation is easy; destruction very difficult. The removal process in reality is the covering up process with further intricate designs, to hide the original tattoo. Laser sessions may be required to lighten to camouflage it.

Types of tattoos - Religious symbols, important mantras, girlfriend’s name (not safe, if one has more than one girlfriend), famous and romantic quotations etc.

The crazy film stars with Tattoos- Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, Usman Afzal, have the names of their girl-friends/boyfriends tattooed in the conspicuous parts of their bodies. Sanjay Dutt’s body is full of tattoos.

The business of tattoo

Tattoo artists are having the field day. This craze is catching g up. The new clients and those who want to strike off the name of their ex- intimate ones. The latter are charged 10 times the price for engraving news tattoos. Cover up is difficult and for each tattoo different plans will have to be chalked out, depending upon the design and the location on the body. The covert-up design that is practicable and popular is the dragon due to its intricacy, shape and size. Also the darker colors are used.

  • Teenagers go for tattoo in the first flush of enthusiasm and regret not too in the distant future. One goes for the tattoo because one has seen the seniors doing it. What is a tattoo? You are injuring the skin of a particular part of the body deliberately.
  • The pierced part takes about a year to heal up totally.
  • With the engraving of the tattoo, skin discoloration is permanent.
  • Perfectionists and quacks are in every profession. If substandard and non-sterilized equipment is used, or the procedure is carried out by an inexperienced hand, many issues like allergies, bleeding, infections that may lead to hepatitis, tetanus and HIV can happen. Granulomas and keloid formation are other possibilities. Is tattoo not a dangerous luxury? Yes, if cases go wrong.  Pain, swelling and redness of the spot and around the tattoo are common. Some people experience allergic reactions after years of having a tattoo.
  • Donation of blood is not permitted for one year for tattooed teenagers.
  • Some States have passed laws banning high end tattoos for those less than eighteen years of age.
  • When the craving for tattoos is intense and the teenager can’t resist it, it is better to have it done with the practitioner with proper certification and the one who is licensed to practice tattooing. Check the credentials carefully and get details about the past case and check with such beneficiaries. This is the best course, as certificates and air-conditioned premises are no guarantee for perfect execution of work. Your safety is more important than your beauty and the artist is scratching your body.
  • It is better you have some knowledge of infection-prevention techniques.
  • Sterilized guns are preferred over piercing guns. The latter can damage the body tissue.
  • Ensure that the artist wears sterile, latex gloves that are disposable.
  • The first signs of infection need to be taken seriously and antibiotic treatment should be availed. After every session, apply alcohol on the tattooed portion and around.
  • Temporary tattoos are preferable instead of the permanent ones. The former lasts for 4 weeks and will provide an opportunity for an individual to review. The intense craze for tattoo may vanish altogether.
  • One should be clear about the irreversible consequences of a tattoo.
  • Tattoo ink consists of heavy metals like lead etc that relate to birth defects and cancer.

Is the craze for tattoo a permanent phenomenon with the younger generation? It is better to watch the situation instead of being judgmental about this new development that has seized the psychology of the combustible youngsters, both male and female.

Reconsider the decision for a tattoo. If possible, reject tattoo.


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  1. i dont know why they spoil the god-gifted skin and body this way!..i shall forward this article to one of my cousins who is crazy about tattoos..