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Powergorilla Portable Charger – All in one

People all over the world heavily rely on electricity and the whole of our lives pretty much revolve around the use of electronic equipment and things become complicated all of a sudden when they fail or stop working. There are also people who use a lot of gadgets which require charging. Moreover, no gadget has a 100% efficiency i.e. work away from the mains all the time.

In order to reduce the inconvenience of carrying different sets of chargers for each device, PowerTraveller have created a product called the PowerGorilla which is a portable lithium polymer battery sealed up in a case with rubber protection to ensure additional power for all the gadgets we use daily like laptops, cell phones, etc. It is used for charging various devices by various external connectors. A major advantage of this device is that it is portable and can be used anywhere and everywhere.

Design – The Powergorilla measures 8.7 x 5.1 x 0.6 inches and weighs 1.4 pounds. It is an aluminium slab having two rubber grips on both sides and there is a plug for charging itself and two plugs on the top for output. One is a USB port to charge USB powered devices like the iPod and the other one is used to charge laptops.

The unit is fit with a 2.5 inch screen which displays battery life and current power level. Users also have the particular option of changing the output voltage (5v, 16v, 19v, or 24v) depending on the device to be charged. The device helps save energy by automatically stopping the process of charging when gadget batteries are full. The charger is also provides protection from overheating and due to this, it is never hot to touch.

Performance – The Powergorilla is designed to be able to provide at least 2 to 6 hours of power for laptops and approximately 20 hours for smaller USB powered devices like cell phones and iPods.

Chargeable devices – The Powergorilla is specifically designed to work with laptop brands like Acer, Apple, ASUS, Dell, Gateway, IBM, Sony, and Toshiba and hence comes with numerous laptop adapters. There are three worldwide AC adapter clips for iPod, iPhone, Motorola, Nokia, PSP, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson phones as well as microSD and miniSD.

Conclusion – The Powergorilla charger is more useful than other power packs in the sense that it can charge both your notebook and other portable gadgets at the same time.  Seeing its utility in terms of the number of gadgets it can charge, it is quite a handy tool but looking at the cost, for $299, it is pretty expensive. The bottomline is, if you are somebody who juggles around with a lot of gadgets, then go for it.


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