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Suggestion: Buy target Rs. 290 , Stop loss at Rs. 265

Open             283.00
High              288.00
Low               283.00
Last Price    284.50

Fig. 1: Price - Pantaloon

Fig. 1: Price - Pantaloon

Fig. 1 shows the price movement bar chart for Pantaloon Retail. The chart shows a trend line (blue) with the latest price. As can be seen that with the last session movement, the price has broken the trend and has started moving upwards. This indicates that the price might move upward in the coming sessions.

Fig. 2 - Price-Volume - Pantaloon

Fig. 2 - Price-Volume - Pantaloon

Fig. 2 gives a side-by-side view of price and volume. As can be seen that volume has shown a sudden jump when the price crossed the trend line. This proves that the movement is a true movement and not a whipsaw.

Fig. 3: ADX - Pantaloon

Fig. 3: ADX - Pantaloon

Fig. 3 shows the ADX for Pantaloon Retail. The current value of ADX is 39.2, which is well above the threshold level of 25 meaning that the stock is currently moving in the trending phase, and thus trend followers can be used to depict further price movement.

Fig. 2: Price-Volume - Pantaloon

Fig. 4: Price-Volume - Pantaloon

Fig. 4 shows the price of pantaloon retail along with 3 other lines drawn alongside the price. These are the weighted moving averages with different durations. The moving averages are arranged in a format, that adds further interest to this graph. WMA(4) is below the other 2 lines, this means that the short-term trend is downward. However, it can be seen that the blue line is about to cross the black line, therefore marking the change in the current trend. Thus indicating Bullish trend in the coming sessions.

It is advised to the readers to buy the stock at the current level, with a target price of Rs. 290. The stop loss is suggested at Rs. 265.


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