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Online Data Backup

With the rapid increase in computer usage, the need for enough storage capacity has also increased manifold. Today’s computers have very high storage capacities to store the multitude of files that have become commonplace – movies and video files, audio files and songs, PDF files etc have become very popular. And the issue of storage pose a challenge when we find that computing best practices need that we create backups for our important files.

Online File Backup

Online File Backup Helps Prevent Frustration

In the yesteryears, we used to create file backup on different storage media, and sometimes even of the same hard disk that stored the original data. Hmm, not exactly very safe, but still, the choices were limited for most individuals or small businesses too.

The increasing trend towards online file backup is an answer to this problem of creating secure file backup.

What is Online File Backup?

Online file backup is basically a service provided by specialized third parties where the files on your computer, including the documents, videos and audio files, are transferred via internet, and stored by those third parties. Online file backup is a definitive answer to problem of secure storage of important data, which can be easily retrieved. You may suffer a hard disk crash, your computer may get stolen or you may delete your important files accidentally. In all these case, online file backup is the best way to protect your valuable data.

How Does Online Backup Work?

When you subscribe with an online backup service , the service provider will give you a small program or application that you will need to install on your computer system. The application will then guide you through the various steps and you will need to select the particular files that you need to backup. The application will then scan you computer, and create backups that will be stored in a remote location. After the initial setup, the process will become faster, as only new files or file modification will need to be backed up. You can set up the frequency for creating back ups – for best results, it is recommended that you do it as frequently as possible- even daily if significant number of files are created. The only requirement – you computer system needs to be on, and it should be connected to the Internet.

Online File Backup – Things to Remember

Before you look for the perfect online backup for your storage needs, just remember the  following brief points -

  • What amount of backup storage space do you need – Some services provide a basic online backup package absolutely free of cost, and start charging only when you exceed that limit.
  • There is no limit to the amount of data that you can store online, although you may need to pay more to store higher data amounts.
  • If you cancel your subscription with a particular service, then take care to get all you data transferred to some other location – you will lose access to backup data in case you cancel subscription, or fail to pay the renewal fee.
  • If you migrate from one platform to another, for example, from Mac to PC, or the other way round, you will definitely face difficulties in case you want to restore files from one platform to another platform.

Best Online Backup Services

The following is brief list of the leading online backup services. Click on the individual names to go to the website and get more detailed information. The list is arranged in no particular order. The author is not affiliated to any of these services, and the links are provided in good faith only. Exercise your due diligence before making any decision. Most of these services provide a free trial period, or free online file backup till a defined limit, so you can also avail of that facility before deciding to buy an online file backup package.





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