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Of Greens & Growth.. The Joy of Gardening

I have always wondered the benefit of  the most frequent visitors in my regular vegetarian meal. GREEN LEAVES . All my growing up years I cursed them so bad and loathed their constant arrival at lunch and dinner times. Well I know loathe  is a very grave term to use for food, still I hated them so badly that instant head aches were teamed up at their sight. However today, I smile whenever I remember those hard feelings I had towards these wonderful creations of God.


Stress and anxiety,confusions and commotions, have become such an integral part of our lifestyles that we rarely get time to look around and appreciate the beautiful nature around us.Similarly life has been no different to me except that I have a beautiful and rewarding addiction of photography and green happens to be my all time favorite color :).

I am also blessed with a lot of  free  time  these days because of which I have been able to dream on and get wonderful ideas about life, and here is one of them.With so much of our old garden left unattended and neglected I started the weeding out process and i ended up having a lot of empty pots.Hence went into them some coriander seeds(called Dhaniya in Hindi) and few left over twigs of Mint(called Pudina in Hindi).The weather this season is so rewarding for these kind of experiments that the plants started coming up real well and voila here I am today vigorously working on making a tiny-big kitchen garden in our small balcony. Well pots or containers may be difficult to obtain in a standard urban set up. So what can be the replacements??? For my kitchen garden I have teamed up everything from an empty shoe box to a discarded plastic vessel from my mom’s kitchen.

What is most rewarding about this entire ritual and repeated follow up rituals is the peace of mind it gifts you during and after the entire process.Ritual I say because unless all this is taken up with so much of dedication and regularity ,you won’t get a rewarding produce.Now you might say why do I care for a few green saplings at home when I get them from the market ready, :) so here I will list out points that are real advantages in taking this task up right away.

A tiny disclaimer thoughAll these ideas here are what I have been learning from life when ever stress takes up a new form to re-enter my life. And ya! I am finding them all beneficial to my mind   :)

  • Water +Mud+attempts to make the mixture soft and pliable are benefiting to Hands that over work all day in many forms.( can I say software professionals and their never ending affairs with keyboards, teachers who write a lot all day on the boards,willingly stay at home moms who over work their hands all day)
  • You employ your Mind to decide on how to go about it all.(here your mind’s occupied thinking about something that you are doing just for your fun ,no returns/deadlines to this task mate! ).Hence having no room for worries that bog you and your thinking resulting in stress.
  • You have a reason to get back home everyday to look at it’s progress than while away time after work at theaters and eateries with workmates and friends.
  • Small containers well protected from leaking will make excellent art pieces near your kitchen window or even the windows at any place in your home. Windows, I say because the wind sweeping over these aromatic herbs is such a pleasant thing to have around on a stressful day.And the color these herbs grow up with are so aesthetically appealing to eyes that they relax your thoughts at the first sight of them.
  • And last but not the least you have fresh leaves to pluck out for cooking .I have practically experienced the bliss of the taste they add to fresh cooked food.

All this I took up just as a past time to keep myself busy on one particular day and today it has become a part of my everyday life and it is very rewarding in regards with stress relief and fun filled past times.

PS: Am not a gardening expert.Hence suggestions and corrections are welcome for me to expand my kitchen garden .

I am not sure if my deduction about this is right but I understand now why green everywhere is associated with growth

Green is helping me Grow :) !!!


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5 Responses

  1. You have rightly depicted the joys of gardening.Gardening is certainly an intoxicating hobby- at least for me!I just need to have greens all around me. Forget the insects and worms getting in the house.

  2. Very nice article, refreshing. Keep it up.

    Best of Luck

  3. Nice one…… Hope I could find some time for the gardening stuff….

  4. It’s true.It’s true. We feel happy when flowers boom in the garden.

  5. yup, i agree. We have 2 flower pots which have almost dried up. But, recently they started sprouting up again and it made me feel so happy, looking at those fresh green leaves. Go green!!