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Naming Newborn Kids According to Astrology

The most important issue before the parents and the close family members after the birth of a baby is finding a name for that divine creation, male or female! Every parent desires that the name should be unique which would be appreciated by one and all. In India, amongst Hindus, astrology plays the prominent role in the naming process. Let the baby be born in any part of the world, the Hindu families will take recourse to astrology, the traditional system, before finally coming to terms with the name of the baby.

Planet Earth, the abode of human beings, is but one celestial body in the vast cosmos. The destinies of those born here are guided by the planetary positions at the time of birth, it is firmly believed. So, the name needs to depict the ideal traits and qualities of the child taking into consideration the time of birth. The name represents the intrinsic values the child is supposed to have been blessed with by the Divine Power.

The implications of naming as per astrology

The name is given according to the birth star or Rashi. Naming ceremony is known as Namakarana. It is usually done on the 10th or 12th day from the day of birth. Some religious texts are for giving two names to the child. One name for identification of the child, and the second one is the secret name. The detailed procedures are recorded in Guhyasutras. Astrology specifies three ways of naming a child: a) According to the day on which the child was born. This is the least preferred method. b) According to the letters corresponding to the Janma Nakshatra or Janma Rashi of the child. This is the second best option.  c) Letters corresponding to the Lagna of the child’s horoscope, which is considered as the best choice. Once the name is decided as per astrological calculations, it is supposed to settle many other ancillary issues on the basis of the birth chart, like the lucky numbers, dates, colors, gems etc according to the name. The curiosity about the baby does not end with the naming ceremony. Its strength, weakness, financial prospectus, remedial measures for problems if any—all these tags will remain attached to the name. Astrology also goes a step further. It allows certain changes in the original name, with due consideration for traditional angle. It is believed that such minor changes will result in immense benefits in many aspects of life.

The naming process:

The naming of the child has a secular aspect as well; that is to say, many countries have prescribed time frames as for registration of births, so the naming procedure cannot be postponed indefinitely as per the convenience of the parents or other members of the family. As for finding suitable first syllable (letter) of the name, the science of Vedic astrology prescribes certain guidelines, on the basis of classifications given in the previous paragraph.

Know the lagna(birth sign) of the baby through the astrologer, who can even give it to you over the phone on the basis of the particulars given by you relating to the time of birth etc The suitable letters as per lagna are:

Lagna                               Letters

Mesha                              A, Aa, Sha

Vrushaba                         E, Ee,Uu

Mithuna                          Uu, Sa

Kataka                             Ga, Ea, S

Simha                              O, La

Kanya                              A

Tula                                 Ka, Ga, Da

Vurshika                        Cha, Jha

Dhanu                            Ta, Dha, Nha

Makara                         Tha, Dha, Na

Kumbha                        Pha, Bha, Ma

Meena                          Ya, Ra, La, Va

Alternatively, you can name the child as per Janma Nakshtra or according to the day of birth for which suitable combination of letters are prescribed in the science of astrology.


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17 Responses

  1. Kindly suggest best hindu baby girl name with date of birth 12th June, 2011; time :05;44 p.m. at?

  2. what shd be the name of baby girl born on June 3rd,2011,13.00

  3. Dear Sir,

    My son born 19th May 2011, time : 17.47, Place : Adoni, Andhra Pradesh,
    please suggest a good name according to astrology

    thanks & regards,
    Raghavendra G.K.

  4. our kid born on 1/05/2011 boy .
    so i wan to know wht name, future?

  5. Dear Chandrakantji, thanks for the Very good write up,its very interesting. my baby boy born on 21st April, 2011 at 14:40 , pls suggest a good name for him according to astrology.we like one name “YUG” need your valuable inputs n suggestion on the same. thanks

  6. Hi, can u pls suggest a name of my baby girl born on april 7,2011 at 5.42pm

  7. My niece is born on 13 april 2011 at 13:50 , could any one suggest a good name for her according to astrology.

  8. Very good write up Chandrakant, I must say it’s crisp, brief and very to the point. Try to advice readers about re-engineering names using numerology and even calculating what effect a particular name might cause.
    Very Good one.

    • Thank you very much Ashok Kumar Sharmaji. It’s nice to hear from a highly enlightened person like you. I will try to note your points in my articles on astrology, to follow.

  9. There is an alternative think of Govinda (or any name/form of God u perceive) and put any name that comes to your mind as the most pleasant to yourself.

    • Thank you very much for your suggestion Santosh G. True inner feelings lead to the best always.

  10. My son born on 19/8/2005 and i name the child as KIRAN. Is this a good name for him?

    • Dear Vighnaraj,

      This is a specific question. Kindly consult your family astrologer, showing him the copy of the horoscope of your son.

      To me, the name seems to be fine.Good Luck!

  11. my son born on 19 aug 2005 and i name the child as KIRAN. Is this a good name for him?

  12. Yes Mr.Varadarajan, that will be done in my next article.

    Thank you for your comments.

  13. Very Interesting story. Please could you include the how to name the baby on the basis of the ‘Birth Star’