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Nadi Astrology Secrets – II

In Nadi or Thumb Astrology the palm leaf inscription of an individual are spotted out on the basis of that individual’s thumb impression. The ancient sages had classified the thumbs of entire mankind into more than 1008 categories. The Nadi palm leaf inscriptions are arranged according to these categories.

The basis of the accurate forecasts depend on the facts that whoever specifically destined by the heavens to receive guidance for a better future shall visit the Nadi Astrologer and the reality that thumb impressions are unique and correspond to only the destined one. A similar assumption is used in forensic science that no two person on earth have similar finger prints.

Speciality of Nadi Astrology

The Naadi Shastra is different from other mundane methods of fortune telling. In other systems of fortune telling your name, date, time and place of birth are required to calculate the outcome that mostly fail to connect with your life but a Nadi reader requires only thumb impression of yours and tells you everything with a remarkable spark. The interesting thing is this that Nadi readings are decoded for the first time for you only, provided your thumb impression get matched. So there can be no manipulation and no altering of records, authored by ancient sages possessing supernatural abilities. Only Nadi astrology gives you the details about your previous birth, possible reincarnations, sins committed in your previous births, it tells volumes about your brothers, sisters, children, health, illness and also prescribes the remedial measures needed to cure the effects of karmic sins of the previous births.

Chapters of Nadi Granthas

The Nadi Granthas (books) explain each individualNadi Astrology Manuscripts’s life into sixteen chapters called kandams. Each chapter contains various aspects of life in a way very similar to the Vedic astrology’s 12 zodiac houses.

  • Kandam 1- Contains the various names that affect the native’s life like parents, spouce, siblings, uncles, other important relatives, profession and also describes a general list of future predictions for all the 12 houses.
  • Kandam 2 – It deals with the Monetary issues, family speech, eyes, education and future savings.
  • Kandam 3 – It tells about Brothers and Sisters and their role in the native’s life.
  • Kandam 4 – It’s all about Mother, House, Lands, Vehicles and overall well being.
  • Kandam 5 – Another chapter that details about the native’s own children, births and loss of children and special talents one may have.
  • Kandam 6 - Describes the enemies, diseases, debts and litigation.
  • Kandam 7 - It’s related with marital life and the problems & issues associated with it.
  • Kandam 8 - Any threats to life, longevity and the time of death.
  • Kandam 9 - It’s all about father, inherited wealth, luck and the spiritual issues in one’s life.
  • Kandam 10 - It deals with the business, occupation and the success & failures related to.
  • Kandam 11 - Profit, money, gain, re-marriage.
  • Kandam 12 - Expenditure, loss, Travels abroad, self realisation and the possible next birth. There are some special chapters or kandams as well that deal with specific issues of life.
  • Kandam 13 – also called Shanti Kandam and deals with correction of the past life issues, past karma and last birth. It describes the remedial measures as well to engineer the negative karma.
  • Kandam 14 – Diksha Kandam- it teaches the native the secret knowledge to clear the past life’s bad karma.
  • Kandam 15 – Aushadha kandam deals with health and healing from the present and future illnesses.
  • Kandam 16 – Dasa Bhukti kandam, deals with various planetary periods which are going to affect native’s life in future.

Additionally some Nadi Granthas contain another kandam which is called Prasna Kandam that contains the answers of all the possible questions the native might ask.

Modus Operandi

After taking the thumb impression the Nadi readers identify the particular category of the mode on the thumb and select the corresponding set of palm leaves. The time taken to pick up one’s exact leaf depends upon the identification of the thumb impression. Some impressions are identified easily and the corresponding leaves are found soon. Since this system of astrology classifies entire mankind into 100 categories, on the basis of their thumb impressions, hence it’s possible to locate even the impressions of other nationals as well.

The Nadi Astrologers take the prints of the palm of the right thumb of a male and left thumb of a female and, after finding some possible leaves they start tallying them by asking several questions. Within some minutes a situation arise when they find all the answers already written in the leaves and they tell the native’s whole life history from birth, including past lives, present issues, near and future events and several secrets hardly anybody knows about.

The most amazing fact about Nadi Astrology is that a native reads one’s Nadi leaf only at a predestined time in life. Strangely, the ancient sages calculated it thousands of years ago. Untill recently getting a Nadi Reading was very tough because too much traveling was involved. These days with the advent of communication revolution and the Internet, the Nadi Astrologers have also evolved new methods of delivering Nadi readings. You may now know about your destined readings sitting at your home just by sending them the scanned image of the person whose prediction is required. Go, check it yourself whether ancient seers recorded your past, present and future to help you live better.


I have written this article to explain about the ancient Thumb Astrology system of fortune telling. I don’t want to claim that the reader whom you would visit is the genuine or not. You may verify it from the list of the Nadi Reading Centres given in the book  Naadi Predictions authored by Wing Commander Shashikant Oak pricing only Rs. 95 (Diamond Pocket Books, Delhi).

Remember almost 60% of Nadi Astrologers active these days are mere cheaters unfortunately. The most authentic & the primary centre for Naadi Astrology is in Vaitheeswarankoil, near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu (India).

Usually the cheating Nadi Readers exploit a native on the basis the results of Diksha Kandam or Chapter-14, by pressurizing them to invest huge money to perform expensive pujas. Its better to ascertain whether the details given in this kandam tally the readings of some other Nadi reader or not? Also do remember that not all Nadi Readers are unscrupulous.


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    i am kannan. after reading your nadi astrology secrets II, i came to know that i can able to know my nadhi fortune through internet.
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  3. Hello, Dr. Mrudulla,

    That original “Naadi Predictions” book by the one and only Shashikant Oak is also available as a ebook; following is the link

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  4. How can i go to the real nadi astrology center with these thalapatras. How much do they cost..?

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    Please go to and you can find the book ” Naadi predictions” for ordering. It normally takes 8-10days.

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  7. I tried to get the book mentioned by you-NAADI PREDICTIONS-but failed miserably.Even Emailed to DIAMOND POCKET BOOKS,Delhi but no reply from there also.
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