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My Name is Khan!!

In today’s world writing a review about a movie which was released more than a week back would be labelled as laid back approach. But the fact is this is a movie which had such a bi-polar reaction that it amazed me and many a times I was almost about to question my reaction to the movie. Many of you might wonder what’s the big deal in having such kind of reactions from the crowd. Isn’t that true with most of the movies? May be yes. But till date, if I assume that I have asked 100 people about the movie, exactly 50 percent said it is the best they ever saw of SRK and another half said it was the worst that they ever witnessed. So you see there was a huge wedge between the two kind of reactions. And yes one more thing, I hardly found a reaction which was neutral. It can mean either two thing, either the TV serials have made us more melodramatic than ever before or it is really a movie which has a either or effect on the audience.

Whatever be the reaction, but it would be purely unjust to negate the fact that SRK did a splendid job. I myself is an Aam Janta, but I can say with conviction that SRK’s performance was of top notch.

It is very difficult to portray something which is so intangible a thing. I am talking about the Aperger’s Syndrome. It is disease in which makes you bereft of  emotions. Which leaves you with unexplained fears. Which leaves you with unexplained talent, sometimes. But all of this is pretty much intangible and you appear to be a normal person from outside. So to put that into a performance was immensely challenging I must say and I think Khan has really done a commendable job. Apart from that I feel the other actors did justice to their assigned roles. Kajol,  I thought could have done better in her display of emotion at the scene of death of her son. And somehow I felt that scene deserved a better treatment as it was one of the most important scene in the context of the movie. The kid did well in his role.

Some of the scenes were brilliant, like the one where the kid SRK pumps water out of the building block of his tutor.  The scene where SRK left the money with the fat lady who refused to allow entry ticket to him because he was a non Christan. But the best scene I must admit is the one where SRK proposed to Kajol after finding a place in the city which was unknown to her. That was very very romantic, I thought!!

Music is good I felt. Although I won’t rate it as out of the world. But it was very well synchronized with the theme of the movie and was at no point appearing as a disjoint set as is the case in many movies.

I personally felt,  it was an awesome movie. But then when I met with people who seem to have hated watching the movie for the entire 2 plus hours, I started to ponder. I started to think why people had such wide reactions for this movie. I don’t know whether I got the reason or not. But I felt people who liked the movie looked more into the main message of the movie and the pain associated with it. I mean it was funny to many people when SRK uttered endlessly ” My Name is Khan. And I am not a terrorist”. But if you just be a bit more reasonable and think through, mind you think through and not live through the pain and embarrassment that many like the protagonist in the movie go through. Then I bet you will find the movie to be very touching.

I felt people who disliked or rather hated the movie, must have been more engrossed about the realities and practicalities than the exact message of the movie. For them the dummy Obama was more important than the dedication and achievement shown by the president to reach the president of USA. So they derided that, may be.  Or may be the impractical events shown in the hurricane hit village were more ridiculous than the human side of things shown through it.

Please don’t get me wrong, every individual is an individual in their own right and everyone have their own right to think whatever they want to think about a movie. I just tried to figure out the reason behind such wide difference in the reaction of people about this movie.

If you ask me to rate it… Well I will give it 4.5 out of 5 anyday!!


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10 Responses

  1. Good review

  2. once again an engrossing and enriching review.

    Haven’t seen the movie yet. Will wait for the TV premiere,

  3. Well well well another heart touching blog…

    But didnt like the movie. Initially i heard people praising abt the movie.. so i went ahead 2 c.. acting wise SRK rocked no doubt.. but movie wise i felt it could have been 40 mins shorter.. typical Karan Johar stretching the movie stuff.. the message and the base of the movie was good but somewhere around Karan Johar stereotyped himself only with the movies like Kurbaan and New York.. I guess we had an overdoze of tis terrorist stuff.. i know many liked the movie. I would say the movie is better than any average bllywood movie, but ya my expectations were high, so somwhere around it failed to satisfy me.. well this might be because of the circ;ustances about my life too.. that i would discuss with you offline.. :)

    • Definitely agree with u Abhi that the movie cud be have been shorter.. But atleast we can say that it is far far better in terms of duration when u consider khabi akvida na kehna ;-).

      I think one of the reason why i liked the movie, apart from the others cited above, is that I expected it to be too bad based on my last experiences so that might have helped.

      • ha ha.. yeah.. it really depends upon wat we r expecting.. infact initially i wasnt looking forward to c this movie.. but thn after i got so many positive response from people around me i went ahead.. :D

  4. Another problem that I have when people view this movie upholding the cause of the so called minority. I feel it has more to do with the stereotyping that we humans and our society at large is very prone to fall for.. to know about stereotyping go here

  5. The problem some people have might not originate from the movie per se, but the theme and the senseless drama over the ‘minority, issue and the old ‘khan’ syndrome. SRK and gang have very cleverly made the vicim (US Govt) look like an oppressor and pooh poohed the concept of security as nonsense.
    Please see this page for a review

    • Yeah actually that is the whole point of contention. I liked the movie bcos as u said, I might have went there with lot of fear about the kind of eye bursting emotional drama that KJ always comes up with and I quite hate it. I felt this one was a bit low on that regard, however as u mentioned how can drama be out of KJ’s movie..But I felt SRK acted well. People will have different views about the theme and that is understandable.

  6. Very well written review.. even I have also heard mixed reaction about the movie and yet not decided whether I should see the movie in a Theatre or not..
    Neways your review has pointed out why people liked or disliked.. nice interpretation..thanks..